Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the last time...

yesterday marked an end of an era...
it was the last time i will ever take


to martin studio for "mr. steve" to take her picture.

katherine turns 18 in december...


(2011 senior class officers)

"now, i better not see this picture up tomorrow on facebook!" mr. steve said as he turned around and caught me photographing him photographing them...

i only giggled (noncommittal(ly).


our first portrait session...

katherine was only 6 weeks old.


we returned...



when i took katherine only weeks before her 10th birthday, i decided that would be the last session until she turned seventeen.

i wanted her senior pictures to be special.


and they were...


thank you, martin family,
you have blessed our little corner of the world for over 60 years with utmost integrity, love for community, and high-quality photography!

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

go, martin studio.