Monday, October 19, 2009

mosses monday XXXVIII...

apparently, mosses was NOT READY!!!

(2 days prior, the intensive care doctor
had given mosses only 2 days to live...
as his vital organs were ceasing to function.

however, the doctor never took into account
mosses' will to live... nor God's omnipotence.)


as soon as i walked outside the hospital doors, i turned on my cell phone and called john, "guess who is awake and talking!"

there was silence.

"john, are you there?" i asked.

john responded, "i'm here..."

"john, i just came from seeing mosses... john, he's awake and talking! his kidneys are functioning! he wants a toddy!"

john was stunned. he had warned me several times not to get my hopes up...

"well, i'll be," he finally replied.

knowing mosses' family would want to spend time with him, john and i waited until the latest visiting time to return to the hospital that evening. i was just hoping mosses would still be awake.

at 8 pm the automatic doors opened allowing visitors back in the intensive care unit. i wanted to run to his room, but, instead, i walked at john's side.

when we FINALLY arrived at his door, the first thing i noticed was that mosses was NOT in his bed!
the bed was empty and made?

in slow motion, i anxiously turned my head toward john only to witness a big grin forming across his face. i turned back around to see that mr. moss was not only awake... he was out of his bed sitting in a chair.

further, there was no ventilator helping him breathe; there were no ties on his wrists restraining him.
he was just sitting there looking up at us!

"it's good to see you're back with us, young man..." john said as he gently patted mosses' shoulder, "feeling rough?"

mosses smiled, shrugged his shoulders, and tilted his head, "well, john, not too bad for a share cropper's son."

mosses' voice was raspy at best, but we understood every word.

i knelt down on the floor in front of him. "mosses you are such a blessing to..."

placing his hands on both sides of my face,
he interrupted, "no, you...
i cannot tell you right now, dani.
my voice...
my throat...
but, when i am able to,
i am going to tell you all about where i've been."

"ok," i replied, "i cannot wait to hear all about it, mosses!"

i never spoke any truer words...
i couldn't wait to hear mosses' story.

john and i only stayed a bit longer that night. we knew that mosses was tired... it had been a BIG day for our dearest friend.

"sweet dreams; i love you mosses..." i said to him as i kissed his forehead.

"well, bless your heart, dani, we love you, too."

(to be continued...)

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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Amanda said...

Hi Dani!
I cannot wait to find out where Mosses had been ~ i find near death experiences simply fascinating.
Much Love,
Amanda x

Anonymous said...

How lucky he was to have so wonderful friends like you all. That is very rare for young folks to care so much for older folks.

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

WHAT?! You can't end there! I can't wait a week. :)

I know how they sound after they take the ventilator out. Jeff's sister's voice was so week and wobbly.

SuzanSayz said...

Dani, I really admire how respectful of his family you always were. Although I bet he would have grouped you among them if ever asked.

Elise said...

Oh, another week till find out where Mosses had been. I cannot wait to hear the next installment Dani.

Sally said...

You know how to keep us in suspense! Mr. Moss was a tough guy, wasn't he. Thank you for sharing the Mosses with us. :)

Tanya said...

I can't wait to read the next entry Dani!! You know you're going to have to have this story made into a book it's too beautiful not to!

Love Tan xx

PhotoChick said...

Happy Tears!

What a beautiful entry, Dani! I can't help but wonder about where Mr. Moss was -- it's just the way he said we... Is it possible that he was he somehow with Mrs. Moss...??? Perhaps he was in a dream with her; or perhaps he had a glimpse of Heaven? Oh, Dani I cannot wait to hear more!!!

Cristin@ Serendipity said...

How about a Mosses Friday?

I love how you share this sweet story ... What a blessing you've all been to each other...

MoziEsmé said...

It does sound like a momentous day for him. Tell more, please!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

That is amazing! Can't wait to hear his story!