Sunday, May 14, 2017

eh, energy and peeing alone is over-rated

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this was on my facebook feed this morning.
i read it, thought about it, and smiled.
you know, 
other than the sacrifices 
peeing alone
have never really sacrificed myself 
for my katherine, 
but i have made every attempt 
to be a good mom.

i know the blessing of my girl!


~ i got my girlish figure back 
after she was born...
kept it until i decided 
to eat, pray, love,
and enjoy life.

~ she slept in her own bed (always)
through the night 
from the time she was 2 weeks old
to this very day.

~ she was well-behaved 
an addition to 
(not a distraction from) 
my social life.

~ john will be the first to say 
we spent a fortune on her...
we never did without.

~ i never missed a hot meal. 

~ making memories
(not losing memory) 
is an on-going theme 
of our relationship.


~ i never had a whole lot 
of sanity
to sacrifice
in the first place!


so, on this day,
instead of being celebrated,
i chose to celebrate 
my blessing... 

i love you, 
katherine elizabeth berrong!

mom xoxoxo