Monday, March 16, 2009

mosses monday XXII...

mr. moss' niece, susie (of whom we think the world) brought by a few photos of the mosses on friday.


i thought i'd share a few of them today...

(mr. and mrs. moss, the way i choose to remember them:)

(mosses celebrating his birthday; how about that view of the ohio:)

(mosses in his den on the court sitting in his leather chair:)

(mosses eating lunch at ralph's; the waitresses loved him... i did too;)


love and GOD's blessings,
dani xx


(to be continued...)

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps you will find earlier entries in ascending order on my side bar entitled, "our love story":)


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

The first pic is my favorite too!
Wonderful you had these to share.

Cheri and Jesse said...

Truly a BEAUTIFUL couple!!! I love them too!

Amanda said...

What a beautiful selection of photograph's. They both look so happy, and have such sweet and kind faces too.
Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.
Amanda x

Sally said...

I'm beginning to look forward to Monday, Dani, thanks to you! Great pictures; I know you were thrilled to get them. :)

(adding you to my "roll" so I won't miss a thing!)

Lisa said...

What sweet memories :)

Tabitha said...

It is so nice to have faces to put with the stories ~ wonderful photos Dani and such nice memories.
Love and hugs Tabitha XXXXXX

SuzanSayz said...

They look exactly right! You've done such a good job bringing those two sweet people to life for me, that I practically felt like I recognized them!
I'm so happy that you had your mosses.

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

Love the faces to the names. I wasn't to far off of what they may have looked like either. So cute and loving looking for sure. Mosses are the best.

Cristin@Serendipity said...

I think that is the first picture of Mr.& Mrs. M that I've seen...lovely!