Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a trickle of consciousness on the lane...

happy square root day!!!

(today is the 3rd day of the 3rd month of 09;)


weight watchers seemed to be a "piece of cake" (a rather oxymoron'ish start to my trickle, huh???;), until i fudged just a little on fat tuesday... since then, sticking to my diet and keeping my eyes on my goal weight has been extremely difficult.

i supposed the 40 days of lent is going to be a really tempting time for me, too:/


katherine and i had a girls' night last night. we popped a big bowl of smart pop popcorn, cranked up her electric blanket, and watched the 3 hour season finale of the bachelor...


this season's bachelor has really been the best ever, in my opinion. HOWEVER, when all was said and done last night, i was pretty sure that the poor bachelor has some very real personal issues... he may not be the catch he has seemed to be.

by the end of the show, katherine nor i was rooting for him:/

if you watched, what did you think???


my family hasn't physically attended church for quite some time. i (having gone nearly 3 months shingles free) have been gearing myself up to return. so, yesterday after i picked up katherine from school, i mentioned returning.

puzzled, katherine looked at me and asked, "mom, i don't get it. why would you want to go back to church when the people there only judge you for believing IN GOD???"

(it is true that if you mention "born again", the HOLY SPIRIT, etc... many do cringe:?)
(though both are the essence of Christianity and VERY good things!!!)

katherine is a very black and white kind of thinker...

and, i had to think quickly (in black and white).

i responded (i think in a positive way;).

what would you have said??? (really, i am asking!!!)


i'm thinking more and more every day that we should have sold all our stocks the day the dow climbed back up over 10,000 the last time. i actually urged john to do so; but it fell on deaf, denying ears.

day in and day out, it feels like i'm watching a real-life episode of "deal or no deal" watching as people are holding out turning down a $50,000 offer from the banker only to take home the $5 case...

INTERNET, this is real life!!!

I AM NO GAMBLER; thus watching is just a little sickening.

thank goodness i have faith that GOD will provide... because i have a feeling there are many who are going to need His providence in order to survive this one!!!



the seven girl scout cookies i binged on last night after watching the bachelor were sooooooooo good, thank you, elizabeth kelsey:b i had 3 tagalongs and 4 samoas; i would have had 4 of each, but there were only 3 tagalongs left in the box. sometimes, i suppose, less is more in the big picture, ha, as i didn't add any pounds, whew!!!


"hello, americans"... i'm going to miss paul harvey:[[[[


wow, what i was sure was just going to be a trickle turned into a pretty steady stream, huh:)


this is dani berrong, GOOD DAY!!!

ps... love and God's blessings:D


:Jan the crazy lady: said...

Wow Dani. What a post.

I loved Paul too. So positive and always just there. He was non wavering. True good honest character. The good ole boys. Like Mr. Moss.

I saw a shirt yesterday that read "there probably isn't a God, so don't worry and live your life". I hope that was the correct phrase.

But it made me so very sad. Now about your daughters question. I would explain that believing and having faith in Christ, is action. We show only Him that we are willing to follow Him. Not the others who surround and watch. They learn of your true faith in Him by our actions and such, but we are only really here to please Him. He is our judge. And thank goodness for that.

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

I thought for a minute that krispy creme was a bird. LOL.... That was funny.

dani said...

that was a great answer, jan:) i'm hoping to have a really packed arsenol before i bring up the subject again!!!
ps if there were a krispy kreme bird, i'm sure it would be my favorite as well:b tee-hee!!!

Lisa said...

What a post! You've got a lot on your mind :)

first of all I want to thank you for the sweet picture of Elisabeth on your sidebar and the request for prayers on her behalf. Thank you thank you!

On a different subject....you've got my mind on girl scout cookies! Yum! I better go hunt me down a box!

Love Jans comment to you. She is a wise woman!

Christy said...

Mmmmmmmm...girl scout cookies.

SuzanSayz said...

NO Lisa NOOOOOO!!!! Don't give into the temptation of Girl Scout Cookies!!!!!

I enjoy floating down your "stream of consiouness" with you Dani.

I don't ever watch the Bachelor, but Elisabeth Hassleback on the view does. It's so funny because every year she declares that she is done watching that show, and then next time it starts back up she starts watching again.
The clips I have seen of it on the view however don't look good to me at all. And I agree, I think that guy has some real problems.

Tabitha said...

What a wonderful post Dani ~ I am so glad that it was such a great big trickle!
I think that those Girl Scout cookies sound yummy!!
I love this glimpse into your everyday life and thoughts!
Love and big hugs my friend XXXXXX

Bren's Life said...

Wow Dani!
What a post. I am having a hard time concentrating becuse Josh is behind me talking. So forgive me if I am not thinking straight. Glad you had fun with Katherine. Glad your shingles is gone. Glad your thinking of going back to church.
And I like what Jan said.
It doesn't matter what "People" think. It's your relationahip between God & you that counts.

Ginny said...

Are you gonna tell us what you told Kat? I'm curious as to why she feels that way/why she receives that message?


MoziEsmé said...

I've managed to avoid Girl Scout cookies so far - maybe cuz we grocery shop at 10 p.m. The stuff we miss...

Love that kitty photo!

And thanks for letting me know about square root day - I needed a reason to celebrate.

Got no answers for you!

Amanda said...

Do you think you could post some of those cookies to me?!
I'm glad you are feeling a lot better now and are ready to go back to your church ~ i have enjoyed reading this post and other peoples comments.
Amanda x

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

You are really thinking these days ;)
We listened to Paul Harvey on the way to school, even two weeks ago. I cried when I found out--he had such a comforting voice and I loved the rest of the story :)

On church--it's God's house and you are there to praise HIm. Maybe God wants you there to help those who seem to going to church for the wrong reasons?

Stocks--ugh!!!! I am really worried we will see 5000 :(

Did not watch the Bachelor but happy you and Kat had fun!

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

You and I think alike. And I concur to what Jan said.