Sunday, March 15, 2009

my journey...

part I: i'm a "show-me" kind of person!!!

i hope this will give you a little insight to who i am spiritually:)

"God, if you love me there will be a prize under this rc cola cap..."

at the age of 9, i peeled back the the piece of plastic inside the bottle cap to reveal a 25 cent "prize". the real prize was that God showed me that he loved me!!!
(i never cashed in the bottle top...
as my request was never about its worldly worth;).


"yes, GOD, i will die for you!!!"

at the age of 19, several months after having seen the movie, the seventh sign, i had a dream. in it, i was the woman in the scene (the same as the movie) in which Christ asked, "will you die for me???".
in my dream, i replied, "YES, i will die for you!!!" i awoke changed (a little).


"GOD, i need You to show me that my mamaw is ok and is with you!!!"

at the age of 28, my grandmother (my unconditionally loving rock of my life) died. i looked to the heavens and plead with GOD to show me that she was with HIM. three days later, i returned from the cemetery.i sat alone on my deck totally devastated by my loss.
it was at that moment that i looked over to see that a flat of geraniums (i had purchased in may but had never planted nor cared for, which had been totally dead since the middle of june) had miraculously ALL bloomed
that early september morning.


"preacher, i know i would die for GOD;
but i don't know how to live for HIM.
will you help me???"

at age of 30, i had nearly bottomed-out due to the loss of my grandmother, really bad health (strokes, rib removal, hemorrhage), john having to often travel abroad, and depression due to the aforementioned!!!
on a whim, after dropping katherine at school, i stopped by my church to talk to our new preacher.
"preacher, i know i would die for GOD;
but i don't know how to live for HIM.
will you help me???"
"dani," said my preacher, "you need to go home and pray about it."
angry feeling that my preacher hadn't helped me (AT ALL), i returned home.
that night, i thought, "what the heck?"...
i started praying... going back as far as i could asking Him to forgive each and everything i could remember... i fell asleep. the next night, i picked back up where i'd left off the night before... this continued for 3 nights. as far as i knew, my slate was clean and the path to GOD cleared.

nothing... just as i though:/

THEN, a couple of days later, i sat in my bedroom floor.
IT happened (though i didn't know exactly what "IT" was).
i felt NEW, FULL OF JOY, (weak in the knees), and WHOLE !!!
i had been born again of the HOLY SPIRIT, which i knew nothing about because in our church the HOLY SPIRIT had never really been preached.

however, with my hands, i opened my bible, with my new eyes i read, and soon with my new SPIRIT of wisdom i understood exactly what had happened.

i have never been the same again:)

thank YOU, GOD:D


love and GOD's BLESSINGS,
dani xx

ps. i am not perfect... far from it;
but i am a child of GOD,
and when i die, i know where i'm going.
i hope you do too:)


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Amen! It is wonderful when we feel and are filled with God's presence. Perfect post for Sunday!

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

Love this post Dani. You had shared that you had a major experience in your bedroom like I did. I love that we share that :)

You are a wonderful child of God and I know that He is very pleased with your love you share and your testimony of faith.

Thanks for your kind words today as well.

Amanda said...

You truly are a beautiful person, inside and out. I am blessed with your frienship,
love and hugs,
Amanda x

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

His transforming love is so amazing isn't it Dani? I loved reading about your journey.

Tabitha said...

Totally beautiful post Dani.
I haven't always felt that god has been walking along with me ~ but then certain things have happened that make it clear he is there ~ just not necessarily blowing a trumpet and waving a flag to make his presence known ~ but he is there!!
You have actually inspired me to post something on my blog ~ something that I have not shared with anyone else before (regarding my father and when he died) ~ I too hope that I know where I am going!!
Thank you for this Dani ~ thinking of you and sending much love ~ Tab XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh Dani...I loved that post! It was so honest and from the heart! I think God has used you as a vessel to those that needed to hear those words from you...straight from that beautiful heart the God has filled! Way to go girl! And if we never see each other in real life...let's hang out on our "lanes" in heaven!!

SuzanSayz said...

You have referred to this before, but sharing the whole story made for such a lovely read on the Sabbath.
Thank you Dani.

MoziEsmé said...

Loved these evidences of God at work - caring for each of us individually...

Sally said...

Beautiful post; simply beautiful.

E and T said...

Dani, it is beautiful to learn how your relationship with God has developed and evolved. Truly beauty full.

Lots of love and hugs

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Thank you for sharing that. The Holy Ghost {how I refer to him} is very important in my life. He is my guide and my comforter.

Shannon said...

This is so beautiful.