Monday, October 20, 2008

mosses monday VI...

i pulled my little, green datsun into the circular drive, which ran alongside mr. and mrs. moss' home, recognizing only a couple of the cars. i parked and reached for their Christmas gift, a book of poetry i had written for them.

"a pearl untouched...
a jewel of the sea.
a heart touched by many...
a jewel of me."
(dani 1988 excerpt)

i opened my car door, got out, and made a mad dash toward their door. it was so cold that day, and the wind coming off the ohio river was brisk and cutting.
it didn't help i was wearing my pink corduroy walking shorts...

before i could even ring the bell, mr. moss opened the door.

"bless your heart, dani, come in here," he greeted me with a big, warm embrace.

"merry Christmas!" i exclaimed as i pulled away and began making my way into their den and over to their Christmas tree where i knelt to place my gift among the others.

after doing so, i stood and turned around to see mrs. moss arms wide open offering a hug.

"i'm so glad you could join us," she said in her gravelly sophisticated voice, "here, let george take your coat."

as soon as i removed my coat, mrs. moss took my cold hand into her warm, soft hand and began to introduce me to their family. of course, i already knew mrs. moss' sister, nellie, and mr. moss' sister, "buzz", from many, many sunday lunches; but it was so nice to finally put faces with the names of their niece and nephews, their spouses and children, respectively. i had heard so many wonderful things about these people. i was not disappointed!
they were all so warm and welcoming.

"dani, do you like country ham?" mr. moss asked.

"i love ALL food!" i answered with a giggle and a big smile.
i was smiling because i was happy.
i was happy to have been included in the moss' holiday, family celebration.
i was so thrilled and content to be there.

watching as mr. moss sliced the country ham, as mrs. moss carefully removed the cheesy grits from the oven, and as nellie spooned the turnip greens from a pot into a bowl,
i asked if i could help.

mrs. moss gave marlene
(nellie's daughter-in-law) and me
the task of filling the tea glasses with ice.

after the table was set, 
we held hands in a circle,
and mr. moss blessed the food.
while we dined we talked, laughed, 
and enjoyed a delicious, authentic, kentucky meal.

after our bellies were filled, we all sat in the den listening to the wind blow outside, watching the fire roar in the fire place, and chatting. everyone, i suppose, was a little curious about me. so, i obliged them by answering their questions...

it was the first of many merry little Christmases
i would be blessed 
to spend with my mosses...


(to be continued...)
love and blessings, dani xx
ps you will find earlier entries in ascending order on my side bar entitled, "our love story":)


Jan said...

What a heart warming Christmas you spent there. What a lovely family those Mosses. I love ham too. I loved the menu items you mentioned. So unique to us westerners. You are so blessed to be part of such wonderful people. It was a very homey and wonderful time. I can just feel that about what you wrote.

Jen said...

I love this story- my two year old just came up to my computer, looked at your picture and said, "there's mom!"

Cristin said...

I'm always amazed at the ability others have to touch our lives -- and leave us better just through knowing them...

Amanda said...

I love the picture at the beginning of the story ~ is that Katherine in the baubles?
What a warm and special christmas you all had together ~ that's what Christmas is all about :)

Little Sweethearts said...

What a beautiful gift you brought with you Dani, I'm sure the Mosses will have cherised it!

It sounds like you spent some wonderful Christmasses together.


linda said...

Christmas with the mosses...I'm sure there was nothing better.

How wonderful that God placed you in their lives and vice sersa. It sounds like it was such a loving and cherished relationship for all of you.

I always enjoy mosses monday. Thank you Dani for sharing them with us.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I love that Christmas magic--you captured it perfectly.

I like having something to look forward to on Mondays--keep up the story!

Tabitha said...

Oh I just love the sound of that Christmas ~ what a special time!!
Loving these Monday updates sooo much!! I just don't want the story to end!!
Hope all is well with you ~ sending love across the miles XXXX

Shannon said...

I'm so eager to hear the next story.
I too love the thought of country ham, even though I do not eat ham,
I have helped put a "ham to sleep" and when you mentioned the menu it makes me feel are warm and tingly inside....
You are so precious Dani and the Mosses were so lucky to have you in their lives.

dani said...

jan, do you have "country ham" there??? is is sugar cured (very very salty)??? it is a food of the south as are the grits and greens, yum... comfort food:b
it was a sweet, homey scene; i just wish i had video or pictures; but i neglected to take them...

dani said...

ha, jen:)
do we look very much alike??? i know our coloring is different but our features???

dani said...

they certainly left me better, cristin:) but, i have been very sad today... this insert was a tough one; it left me missing them bunches.

dani said...

it is exactly what Christmas is all about, amanda; and, yes, that is baby katherine in the baubles:) foreshadowing things to come!!!

dani said...

they did love it, tania... i loved giving them a part of myself:) i have it around here somewhere... as mr. moss didn't want anything to happen to it.

dani said...

you know, linda, honestly as an adult, there were no better times than that spent with the mosses on Christmas eve afternoon... from this first year until the last year john, katherine and i spent with mosses and his sitter.

dani said...

i love that you look forward to mm's, lisa... i look forward to sharing. it makes me feel good to keep them alive in this small way:)

dani said...

tabitha, it was soooooooooo sweet. they were all sooooooooooo sweet. i have been so sad and nostalgic today; but i wouldn't trade that memory for the world:)

dani said...

shannon, i hope i was a blessing to them... i KNOW they were a blessing to me... all that comfort food makes me feel all warm and tingly inside to... as does the thought of their warm house on a winters' day while watching the ohio flow along...

Bren's Life said...

Your monday stories are just so sweet. I just love them. Do you still get together with the family?

Does it come in pink? said...

Oh my Dani,

I've been away from blogs for a while but I'm back and can't wait to read all of yours I've missed. I'm closing down my old blog and only using this new one from now on. So you'll have to get used to this being me!

Now I'm off to read all of your posts,

Love Em

Lucy said...

Dani, You painted such a realistic picture of this wonderful Christmas that I felt like I have seeing it in a movie. How wonderful to have such special memories of good times shared with extraordinary people.
Love and hugs

Robin said...

What a perfect day. Reminds me of the ones we spent with my grandparents on Sundays. A wonderful home cooked meal, Lawrence Welk on the tv, and lots of laughter.

Thanks for sharing :-) Blessings!

dani said...

r, i had those sundays at my grandparents, too, until i was 12. i think that is what made that Christmas so special, it reminded me of something i was missing...

Tanya said...

How beautiful!!! such beautiful memories Dani!! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely memories, Christmas is such a gorgeous time of the year, but to spend it with beautiful people who touch your lives forever... the best gift of all!!!! I missed hearing your fav. Christmas song.. which one was it???

t. xxxx

dani said...

hey, t:) it was "have yourself a merry little Christmas" (instrumental)... i love it!!!
love you, too:D