Tuesday, October 21, 2008

guess who's been baking on the lane???

i know the suspense is probably killing you;

a clue...

(aerial view)

(side view)


yes, my "domestic diva" struck again on saturday night:/

in her defense,
i suppose this could be construed as a joint effort???
this is what happened...

katherine had a bunch of kids coming over saturday night
to watch movies, eat pizza, and play rock band.

right as the doorbell rang, i was walking through the kitchen
to grab my cell phone, which was ringing.
i noticed that katherine hadn't cleaned up the spaghetti
when she was straightening up for her company.

anyway, i answered my phone and proceeded to place the pan
in the oven...

outta sight, outta mind; right???

i knew that i was going to order the kids pizza and hotwings,
so that meant that the oven would not be in use.
(or so i thought;)



alas, katherine decided to bake cookies
yet failed to check the oven before preheating...

hence, now i need to purchase a new dutch oven and colander:/
you just never know what a night on the lane will

love and blessings,
dani xx


Jan said...

I have done that before too. It is so smelly sometimes. Plastic and heat just make a stink. Glad you got it out in time though. We all have the chef flops sometimes. Interesting looking glob that it made. Hmm... very science like.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Oh that's funny! I have not done that one but I have had some real doozies--and I consider myself a darn good cook ;)

Tabitha said...

Oh Dear!!
That is definitly something that I would do ha ha !!
I quite often melt things on the cooker tee hee!!
Katherine would be in good company over here with me!
love and hugs XXXXX

Amanda said...

Oh dear! Even the dog wouldn't eat that :D
I wouldn't have guessed that was spaghetti until you told me haha!!
Take Care and please don't let Katherine set the house on fire!!
Amanda x

Robin said...

LOL! Tell Katherine that she's not the only one who's done that!

I stuck a cookie sheet of rice krispy treats in the oven (it was cold) to hide them from Pip so she wouldn't eat them all at once.

That night I pre-heated the oven. About 20 minutes later black smoke was streaming out of it..Note to self: black rice krispies do not come off a cookie sheet. Cookie sheet and all went in the trash! Haha!

Bren's Life said...

Love that plastic smell huh! I have done that too. But tried to grab it out without using anything. Ouch!

Cheri and Jesse said...

LOL!! That's too funny. A few years ago my SIL put ALL of her Christmas cookies in the oven to get them off the counter. She fogot about it and turned it on. The burning smell quickly reminded her. Now that truly stunk, literally and in the sense that all of her hard work went up in smoke as well!!!

Lesson learned, NEVER use the oven as a hiding spot for messes or stuff that's just simply in the way! =) Hugs!

Hannah said...

I totally love how she denied knowing anything at first, and it wasn't until later that she told you the whole story :P
Our Kaphy...what shall we do with her??

Love you!

Shannon said...

I can't help but laugh. It happens to the best of us...including myself.
On the bright side....you get a new dutch oven and strainer:)

Kellan said...

Oh, I bet that stunk!! Funny though.

Take care - Kellan

Anonymous said...

Oh my heck I've done that so many times. She's officially been inducted into womanhood now!

SuzanSayz said...

Wooh Hooh!!! Your blog is giving me a second chance apparently. For the last several days I have not been able to get the comment box to come up. I've also had your whole blog freeze up on me two times. Last week itt happened with my DIL Lisa's blog and now yours. I suggest you send your naughty blog straight to bed with no dinner. Oh and I think no dessert for a week as well.
Glad to be back in the fold Dani!!!!

Does it come in pink? said...

I can't comment on the dinner disaster because I'm the wife who often boils the potato pot dry!
I've been trying to comment on your story about Chicco but it wont' let me. There's no where to click to leave a comment.

Anyway, I'm glad all went well. The poor kid must have been petrified as would your 'Kitty' and John and yourself.

Will be checking back for a progress report soon,