Saturday, February 23, 2013

that and this...

there's that...

at the end of last semester,
katherine declared her major.
she decided she would like to teach
at the elementary level.

so, last monday was her first day
in the classroom at evansville's
harper elementary.

she was there only minutes
before being proposed to by carlos.
carlos is a darling, little, curly-headed boy
who happens to be a student in the first grade class
in which she has been placed.

i asked her if she accepted his proposal.
she said she told him she was too old for him.

that didn't deter little carlos though...

poor little boy with a teacher crush;)


and then there's this...

i usually give up something for lent like
sugar, chocolate, etc...
or go on a fast of some sort.
however, after realizing that valentine's day
and a planned sleepover fell in the days
after lent started,
i knew better than to do that.
so, i failed to plan anything for lent this year.
after a weekend of feeling badly for my lack of planning,
i decided to try to do something instead of nothing.
i decided, better late than never.

therefore i prayed about it and came up
the idea to video blog my walk with God.
i have a new video blog entitled,
my lenten project.
i'm only 4 days into it.
if you would like to catch up
you may click

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx