Thursday, December 9, 2010

well, now, let's see...

one tree is up
adorned with lights
and decorated with the baubles
i bought at the pear tree
(i'm not sure how many years ago?).

two more are awaiting
(my getting the living room
patched, sealed, and painted)
one with baubles my mother gave me...
the other with family decorations
that come with 20+ years of marriage:)


saturday, my kitty kat turns 18!
where has the time gone?
so strange...
but true.

she and 15 of her friends are celebrating
by enjoying a late dinner at the bonefish grill
followed by cold stone creamery cake...
on the lane.

two friends will be missing,
will, who now resides in florida
chase, who now resides
in heaven....


katherine will take the act
on saturday morning...
for the last time.
she has really been working
to get her score up a couple of points
in order to be in the running for an
academic scholarship from
the university of evansville.

john graduated from u of e
the year katherine was born!


i've watched only 2 of my new
Christmas movies...
it happened on 5th avenue
capote's a Christmas memory...
loved them both:)


love and God's blessings,
dani xx

Friday, December 3, 2010

adding to my collection...

you are thinking pajamas;
aren't you!!?!?

well, you are partially correct, ha;)

i do have 2 brand-new pairs of flannels
awaiting my donning!



the collection to which i am referring
is my Christmas movie collection.

for the past several years in mid-november,
i've gone online and have ordered various
Christmas movies to add to my ever-growing
collection of vhs's and dvd's to enjoy
throughout the holiday season.

over the years, i have seen many of them
(and many of the classics, repeatedly).
though, thanks to internet i have found
a multitude that i have never seen at all..
never have i even heard of them.

this year i ordered such popular ones as:

Christmas in connecticut
holiday inn
a Christmas carol

a few with popular Christmas scenes:

meet me in st. louis
an affair to remember
love affair

several oldies but completely new to me:

the shop around the corner
it happened on 5th avenue
beyond tomorrow
holiday affair

a newer one i somehow missed along the way:


and last but not least...
the one, which i was thrilled to find:

truman capote's, a Christmas memory!


is there a Christmas movie on this year's list
of which you are particularly fond
(or a rare gem i am missing)?

if so,


love and God's blessings,
dani xx