Monday, October 26, 2009

mosses monday XXXIX...

placing his hands on both sides of my face,
he interrupted, "no, you...
i cannot tell you right now, dani.
i've got no voice,
but, when i am able,
i am going to tell you all about where i've been."

"ok," i replied, "i cannot wait to hear all about it, mosses!!!"

i never spoke any truer words...
i couldn't wait to hear mosses' story.


over the next few days, i visited mosses frequently. each time i visited, i had high hopes he'd tell me the story. but it didn't happen; he mentioned nothing. at first i assumed he was just waiting until we were alone... as there were always others visiting when i was there.

as time passed, mosses continued to heal; he got stronger and stronger. however, he was becoming more and more confused with each visit. one of his nurses mentioned could be suffering from icu syndrome, a condition that causes clouding of consciousness, restlessness, disorientation, etc...

hence, i wondered if he even remembered the story he had wanted to share with me. the thought i may never know made me really sad. however, i could not be too sad because the greatest gift was that he was alive and getting better!


after church on sunday, i arrived at the hospital for the noon visiting time. the icu doors opened, and i made my way back to mosses room. he looked great!

"hey, mosses, how are you feeling today?" i greeted him.

"well, dani, bless your heart..." he said as i kissed his forehead.

"mr. moss didn't eat much of his lunch," his nurse informed me.

i looked over at mosses; he was situating himself in his bed.

when the nurse left, i asked him if he was still hungry. he responded he was and he just wasn't fond of what they had brought him for lunch. i thought something must have been up, for mr. moss normally had the appetite of a strapping young man.

so, i asked him if he wanted me to see if i could go and pick him up a plate-lunch from his favorite restaurant.

"well, now..." he started, "that would be mighty nice, dani."

poking my head out his door, i asked his nurse if that would be a problem. she said it wouldn't and she would allow me to bring it in and stay with him through the 2pm visit.

when i asked mosses what he'd like to have for lunch, he told me that he wanted bean soup and cornbread. THEN, he told me he wanted to go WITH me!

in response to my attempting to explain to him that he could not leave the hospital, he explained to me we would just SNEAK!!!


not knowing how to handle the situation without upsetting him, i plopped down in a chair, which was located next to mosses' hospital bed.

"God, what am i supposed to do now?" i silently prayed.

"now then, dani, can i help you with your coat?" mr. moss was confused.

"i've got it, thank you," i replied. "you are going to have to be really quiet while i wheel you out of here."

i went on to describe we were getting on the elevator, then in the car, that we were driving, and that we were at the restaurant.

mosses slid one of his legs out from under the covers as if he were going to go into the restaurant with me. i told him he would have to wait in the car...  the restaurant was crowded... people waiting in line for a table. i told him to just wait there... i would get his lunch to go.

"golly muggins, i cannot believe there's such a crowd this time of the day..." he said.

"sit tight, mosses," i'll be right back; do you want me to leave the car running?"

i looked over at mosses to find that he'd drifted off to sleep.

"thank you, GOD!"


i rushed out to go to ralph's.
about 15 minutes later, i returned to the hospital bearing beans, cornbread, and a slice of chocolate pie.

"can i get anything else for you?" the nurse offered.

"he would love a cup of coffee with a straw and a few extra napkins," i answered her. "thank you."

when he heard my voice, mosses stirred.

"i have everything you ordered plus a slice of chocolate pie."

the nurse brought mosses a cup of coffee and wheeled his hospital tray over in front of him. then i proceeded to place the food on the tray. "would you like for me to help you, mosses?" i asked.

"i'd appreciate it, dani," he answered.


mosses ate every bite...
pie and all!

about the time i got everything cleaned away, mosses' family trickled in to visit.

"well, hello there, george... dani," susie said.

i smiled at her, "hey, susie!"

"george, are you just now finishing up lunch?" she asked.

mosses cut his eyes over at me and proceeded to tell her and the others i'd sneaked him out of the hospital and had taken him to ralph's to pick up his lunch!
they cut their eyes at me.
i was going to have a little explaining to do...


(to be continued...)

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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Sally said...

Awwww, Dani, you are the best. **hugs**

SuzanSayz said...

What a blessing that he could go for a ride with you without ever leaving his hospital bed. And how clever of you to realize that it would work.

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

I love this story. It should be made into a movie. The whole thing, not just this entry. :)

You are just one of the sweetest people Dani.

Cristin@ Serendipity said...


Elise said...

Beauty full.

I am still very interested to hear what he told you about where he had been (in relation to your last post Dani).

a happy heart blog. said...

You have such great attention to detail when writing these. I love that you are recording these conversations. Take care :)

Amanda said...

I love it Dani! I wonder though if you ever found out where mosses had been?
Amanda x

MoziEsmé said...

I can just see you sneaking him out... :)