Monday, September 30, 2013

mosses monday XLVII (continued from XLIV)...

he was back nearly to his same old self
but with a new sense of purpose...

which God had bestowed upon him.


mosses never spoke again
about his experience with God,
the effect of their encounter
was very apparent.
at the age of 90,
he put two, new projects
into motion.
he decided to gift (respectively)
both his and mrs. moss'
childhood, country churches
with endowments for growth.

it was quite apparent
mosses wasn't ready to go
and that God had answered my prayer

God, if he is ready to go,
take him...
but if he is not ready to go,
please, leave him,
and leave him whole!

by granting him a stay,
which gave him the opportunity
to dig up his proverbial buried talents 
and use them.


i don't know that mosses
ever saw the fruits of his gift
to his, church home.
the gift he gave to  mrs. moss' church
was put to immediate use. 

niagara united methodist church
invested mr. moss'
endowment in adding a gathering area
to their small church.
they allowed
mosses to play a part
in all aspects of its erection.

i hadn't seen him that alive
since before mrs. moss 
had been diagnosed with alzheimer's.

he was back,
he was whole!

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

ps. you will find earlier entries
in ascending order 
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Sally said...

I always enjoy the "love story". Thanks for sharing, Dani. xoxo