Monday, December 5, 2011

mosses monday XLV...

"i am so thankful that i had this chance meeting.
i am thankful for all things that remind me of mosses..."

as you know from my last post,
i see mosses occasionally;)

i see him in the antiquated fella who is still very much alive...

in the man who is more gentle,
in the man who moves a little more slowly... a little more deliberately,
in the man who is more generous,
and in the man who has more gumption
than his body should allow,

i see him in the man who is



several years ago dawn called and invited me to go see a movie and have lunch with her.
"what do you want to see?" i asked.
"let's go see the holiday," she continued, "the one with jude law."
what girl is not up for two hours of jude law!!?!?

"sounds good to me; it's a date!"


that friday afternoon we arrived at the theater.
she bought buttered popcorn and a diet:
i bought jr. mints and a diet...
we made our way to our seats just in time for the movie to begin.

we patiently awaited for jude law to grace the screen...
to see his perfectly sculptured body,
to hear the heavy, british accent in his voice,
to look into his paul newman'esque eyes.

the movie began.

jude law was scrumptious...



it was this man who stole the movie and my heart.

(meet arthur abbott played by eli wallach)

from the moment i laid eyes on him,
he was mosses!

arthur was kind,
and brilliant,
and humble
and endearing
and cute,
and funny,

not only was he mosses...

kate winslet,
who played opposite wallach,
was me!

(meet iris simpkins played by kate winslet)


while on holiday in los angeles,
iris met mr. abbott.
she was so taken by him,
instead of doing normal, touristy things,
she chose to spend her time with arthur,
who stole her heart...

not in a romantic way,
you see,
but in a very soulful kind of way.

iris took to heart his every word.
arthur was a wise man;
he had lived a very long life.
he knew the ways of the world.
he explained to iris that she was important
that she should be the star of her own life.

in turn, iris helped arthur to realize no matter his age...
he was still important.

iris shared dinner with mr. abbott.

iris helped arthur reacquire his strength.

their relationship was mutually beneficial.
he helped her to find her inner strength and independence.
she helped him find the man he had forgotten he was.


my relationship with mosses was much the same...
it was a relationship of building each other up.
when i was with him, i was my best person.
when he was with me, i think he was his best person.

i think we were in love...

i know i was:)

not in a romantic way,
you see,
but in a very soulful kind of way:)

in the end, iris found romantic love in a funny guy she met while on holiday...

arthur found relevance.

and jude law...

yeah, he was the icing
on the proverbial cake;P

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

ps you will find earlier entries in ascending order on my side bar entitled,
"our love story":)


Sally said...

How sweet, Dani! You almost had me in tears. We could all use a Mosses in our lives.


dani said...

i totally concur, miss sally:) much love, dxxx