Friday, October 31, 2014

she can't reach...

after giving katherine a bath
and washing her hair,
she insisted on wearing her
"boy clothes"
(cutoffs and a tee shirt).
i had just started combing
her hair
when my aunt knocked
on the door.

sue came in with a halloween
gift for katherine,
a darling, halloween sweatshirt.
katherine couldn't wait 
for me to take off the tags
and put it on her.
she was giddy!

after putting the sweatshirt
on her,
i finished combing her hair,
parted it,
pulled the top part 
over to the side,
and put a band in it.
like clockwork,  
katherine immediately
ran her hand up to where
i'd banded her hair.

katherine: mama, i need a bow,
one that matches!

i looked at sue
and just shook my head...

me: well, let me go get 
you one!

sue laughed.

katherine always wore
a bow...
boy clothes or girl clothes
and it had to match!

i returned and
clipped her bow through
the holder and katherine
twirled around
modeling for us.
abruptly, though,
she stopped twirling
and looked over at me
arching her eyebrows.

katherine: i'm going to go 
get mabel to show aunt sue.

we had just brought
our sweet, stripey 
"mabel kitty" home
to live with us. 
katherine was chomping
at the bit to show her 


katherine was gone
for a few minutes. 

me: katherine, what are you doing?
katherine: i'm coming...
me: what's taking you so long?
katherine: i had to do something first!

in an instant,
there stood katherine
with mabel in tow.

sue: awwwweee, she's so cute,

katherine grinned,
a big, proud, cheese-eating

i noticed the fur on mabel's
head was wet.

me: katherine, why is mabel's
hair wet?

katherine handed mabel to sue,
came over to me,
 cupped her hand
around my ear,
leaned into me,
and whispered in my ear...

katherine: i washed her hair.
(thinking for a second, 
i knew katherine couldn't
reach any of the 
water faucets in the house.)
with what?
katherine: ummm...
me: with what, katherine?
she leaned back into me
and whispered.

katherine: with my tongue...

i pulled my head away
and looked at katherine
like, WHAAAT???

katherine: she can't reach.

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx