Monday, March 30, 2009

mosses monday XXIII...

spring faded into summer
and summer to fall...

mr. moss decided to have a birthday party for mrs. moss at the rest home. he had jean invite her friends and family. many came... mostly friends from church.

though she had no recollection of the fact that it was her birthday nor the names of the people gathered around her, mrs. moss was delighted!!! she beamed and attempted to carry on conversation.

it was quite apparent that deep inside she knew that we were there in her honor and because we loved her.

i choose to believe she had a very happy birthday!!!


fall faded into winter
and winter to spring...

on the saturday before easter, katherine and i went to a gift store downtown and bought mrs. moss a stuffed easter mouse dressed with bunny ears and a bag of spring-colored, white chocolate melt-aways (soft, mint-flavored, white chocolate discs that mrs. moss loved).

as katherine and i rounded the short hall leading to her room, we found her setting, as always, in her wheelchair in the hall amongst another 4 or 5 women who were also alzheimers patients. they all stared at us as we approached. however, mrs. moss smiled and held out her hands to greet us. she knew we were there to see her:)

katherine gave her the easter mouse, i fed her a few mints (little pieces at a time), and she held katherine's hand in one of hers and mine in the other...

i always loved when she held my hand:)


spring faded into summer.
and summer to fall...

dear mr. and mrs. moss,
i just wanted to extend a very
happy golden anniversary to you
both!!! you two mean the world
to me... God must love me for
He allowed me to happen onto

unfortunately, i will not be able
to physically be there with you
to celebrate, but i will certainly
be with you in spirit. that being
said, i am looking very forward to
being there with you to celebrate
your diamond anniversary!!!

happy anniversary, my loves!!!

all my love,

in the fall of 1987, i sent the above note inside a beautiful 50th anniversary card to the mosses. i hated that i had to miss their anniversary celebration and only hoped that there would be a 60th that i would be able to attend.

well, in the fall of 1997, i did just that!!!

even though it wasn't what i had pictured all those years prior, both mr. and mrs. moss made it to their 60th. the celebration honoring those 60 years of marriage was very intimate and only included the mosses' nieces and nephews, their secretary, their day-sitter/driver (jean), and my little family.

the gathering was small but very sweet!!!

it was always sweet spending time with the mosses and their family.


fall faded into winter
and winter to spring...

in the early summer of 1998, i stopped by the rest home to visit mrs. moss. as usual, she was sitting in the hall in a line... i saw her before she saw me. i could see in her face that something was different. her eyes were cloudier than the last time i'd visited, her skin was grayer in color, and she looked lonely.

i wondered if the change in her was due to her missing... him.


(to be continued...)

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps you will find earlier entries in ascending order on my side bar entitled, "our love story":)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

a mixed bag...

it's me, dani:)
i hope you haven't forgotten me!!!

(i'm back out, about, and among the living;)


i remember a poster that used to hang in the infirmary at murray state university when i was going to college:
it read...

"a cold lasts 7 days unmedicated.
medicated, it only lasts a week."



kat and i had a girl's afternoon on wednesday.
after gathering her from school,we went to b-dubs
(buffalo wild wings), katherine's favorite little pub.
after lunch, we went shopping for shoes for the
military ball. no luck:/


wednesday night was performance night on american
idol. the show was great!!! there is a guy on
this season's show that is AMAZING; his name is
adam lambert.

anyway, this week was motown week, and smokey robinson
was the coach for the contestants as well as one of
the guest entertainers.

adam chose to perform "tracks of my tears" by
mr. robinson. it was so good, it brought tears
to smokey's eyes; as well it brought the motown
legend to his feet for an ovation:

what do you think about mr. lambert???


on friday evening, john and katherine accompanied
chico to his military awards ceremony. chico
received several individual awards including
"high academic achievement". he was proud of
himself. we were proud of him, too:D
he was happy that katherine and john went with him...
as his parents both had to work friday night.


(photos by mike lawrence)

yesterday was an interesting day on the lane...
(the weather forecasters had been saying all
week that we should expect a couple of pretty
big storms to come through the tri-state area
on saturday.) however, when i watched the late
news on friday night, the meteorologist said
that he believed the most significant storms
would track south of henderson.

NOT the case!!!

at about 3 yesterday afternoon, the sky turned
dark and very ominous. thus, i turned on the
television to see what the weather situation
was (if there were any severe weather watches
or warnings...


the local news advised...
"go immediately to the lowest level of your
house. put as many walls between you and the
outside walls as possible. if you have them,
don bicycle helmets. (and finally, get
under a heavy, sturdy object."

so, i grabbed maggie and the radio, whistled
for the cats, and gathered katherine and her
friends. downstairs we went and stayed until
an "all clear" was given. we were lucky here
on the lane: the tornado went around us.
however, those living just 5 miles south and
west of the lane were not so lucky:/

as a result of the tornado that touched down
there, those neighbors experienced "significant
structural damage" . that area of henderson
was declared a "state of emergency" before sunset
last night. it remains so today with civil
defense workers going door-to-door checking
in on those residents living amongst the

please keep those affected in your thoughts and prayers.


well, that's my week in a nut shell...
i've missed you all and hope you've had a great week:D

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

feelin' the love...

and feelin' a little better:)

thank you, loves, for your well wishes!!!

(katherine in destin 1996)

over the past 5 days, i have accomplished very little (other than damaging the bank account) here on the lane. if not at my fingertips, it has not been completed, ha!!!

speaking of "at my fingertips", it is quite scary what a girl can do with her laptop, the internet, and her credit card, NO???

since saturday morning...

*i have organized a vacation*

given that john has taken a new job within his company, he told me to take katherine to florida without him for her break next month. he is going to be swamped at work!!! therefore, i got online and found a perfect condo on the beach in destin, florida where my brother, katherine, chico, maggie and i will be relaxing for a whole week in april. my brother nor chico has ever been to florida. (and, if anyone is wondering... those two will be sharing bunk beds, lol;)

as this is kind of last-minute, i was thrilled to find an available place on the beach and especially one where i can take my maggiepie!!! my brother usually keeps her when we are out of town.

anyway, we are really looking forward to the sun, sand, and ocean!!!


*i have shopped*

the prom and the military ball are almost at hand.
thus, katherine expressed a need for a new bathing suit...

"what does one have to do with the other???"
you may be wondering...

well, one of her dresses is haltered, and the other is strapless,
so, she needs a bandau (strapless) bikini so as not to have tan-lines.

last night, i found and ordered her two suits.

further, she NEEDED some new shorts:?
i ordered those as well.

WHEW, kitty katherine should be set, now, for spring and summer!!!


all in all, that's what i've been doing these past few days.
(well, "that" plus sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose:/)


are you going on a trip for spring (fall in australia, huh) break???
are you there now???
have you already been???

if so, i hope you safely enjoyed/are enjoying/will enjoy it:D

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

Saturday, March 21, 2009

sick and...


(thank GOD for puffs;)

i was talking on the phone to my brother yesterday, and, within that 20 minute call i went from feeling fine to not feeling well at all:( my nose started getting stuffy, my head started to hurt, and i finally just told him i was going to let him go because i barely had any voice left. it was the weirdest thing:?

needless to say, my grandiose, weekend plans of painting and projects were dashed...
maybe next weekend!!!
(katherine's projects will have to be completed next weekend as we will be gone the following two to florida for spring break.)

i hope you all have had a great weekend:)
it may be a couple of days before i post;
but, i shall return:D

much love and GOd's blessings,
dani xx

Friday, March 20, 2009

random thoughts about the weekend at hand...

i hope it will be a productive one!!!

(look familiar???)

katherine has three projects on which she needs to get started...

building a "to scale" island for her honors science class,
designing a roman costume (toga party, right???),
and... brainstorming a roman art project.

(any ideas???)

it's roman project night, tonight...
tomorrow is the island project day...


i, too, have a MAJOR project, which i have already begun...
scraping, sanding, priming, and painting the woodwork
and walls in our master bedroom, powder room, and closet.

i've actually done all the scraping and sanding...

it's paint time!!!

i'm going from yellow to a medium toast color...
i'm never going to want to get out of my bed, now!!!
but, i do think i will like it better.


well, so... the gophers lost yesterday.
i guess i'm now rooting for western kentucky
(and ohio state for lisa, of course).


today is the first day of spring in the states.


and have a great day:D

love and GOD's blessings,
dani xx

Thursday, March 19, 2009


what IS wrong with this picture???
(lol, other than the dork who is modeling;)

well, i'll get to "the rest of that story"...


it is said of most of us who live in the state of kentucky
that we bleed blue...
that doesn't however mean that we are blue bloods...

(just ask anyone north of our border, ha!!!)


no, our blue blood originated with the birth of the kentucky wildcats men's basketball program (whose colors are (kentucky blue) and white) in 1903 at the university of kentucky, which has grown to be the winningest team in the history of college basketball in all-time wins, in all-time winning percentage, and also in leading the nation in ncaa (national collegiate athletic association) tournament appearances!!!

further, our team (most commonly referred to as "big blue")always has boasted a number 1 ranking in the nation in home game attendance!!! those in attendance are only a very small percentage of a tremendous number of fans known as
"the big blue nation"!!!


those of you who live abroad probably associate kentucky with...


no, seriously, either with fried chicken (kfc) or the derby, right???
well, here, in our state the aforementioned really pale in comparison
to our college basketball...

so, you can only imagine the outrage with the new (2nd year) coach this year
given that our team was not invited to the ncaa tournament due to very
poor performances by our team... (this is the 1st time in 18 years
that the university of kentucky wildcats have not been invited...
and then only because of violations not because of poor performance.)


two years ago, the uk fans ran then coach, orlando,"tubby", smith, out of the
state because of his "poor performance" as a coach.

in his 10 years at uk, tubby's "poor performance" included:

one national championship in 1998
a perfect 16-0 regular season conference record in 2003
six Sweet Sixteen finishes(ncaa)
four Elite Eight finishes (ncaa)
five SEC regular season championships
quickly accruing 100 wins (second only to adolph rupp)
AP Coach of the Year

anyway, tubby left uk and took a position as head
basketball coach at the university of minnesota...

minnesota was thrilled to have him...
given that in one year tubby took the "golden gofers of minnesota"
from a losing season of 8–22 in 2006–2007
to 20–14 in 2007–2008
to 22-10 this year!!!


in turn, the athletic department at the university of kentucky
hired dizzy billy gillespie...
to coach us out of our RUT(?).

well, mr. gillespie coached us to a (21-13) season
and dug us right out of...
("out of" something, alright; but it wasn't exactly our rut!!!)

being invited to the ncaa championship tourney:/


HOWEVER, guess who IS going to be there???

you guessed it;)

tubby and his golden golfers!!!


now, you know "the rest of the story"!!!
(pertaining to the above photo;)


love and GOD's blessings,
dani xx

ps. whose hat are you wearing during this madness of march???

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pictionary, mancala, and connect four...

oh, my!!!

(please excuse the mess; it happens;)


on new years eve, katherine & co. were bored...
WTHeck??? right???
i jokingly told her to get out some old games for them
to play...

she did!!!

so, the four sat down at the dining room table.
first, they played pictionary then pass the pigs.
they actually played for a couple of hours:)

now, you know from earlier posts that katherine has
several gaming systems, all the new games
for which she has asked, as welll as gadgets (ie rock band, the sims,
the old/new guitar heroes... not to mention a new laptop, ipod,
a new tv, a new cell phone, and every hand held gaming
unit made since she was about 6. (by the way, i do not
mean to sound boastful here; (she has accrued these items
over years and years of birthdays and Christmases.
further, she, like her
mother, just never rids herself of anything;/)
i'm just trying to convey that they should NOT have been bored!!!)

since the beginning of the year, i have been pleasantly
surprised to find katherine & company sitting in the floor
playing other old games like mancala and connect four.


john and i went out to dinner with some friends last night
to celebrate st. patrick's day. later, katherine called
to ask if it was alright for chico to come over while we were
at dinner. i told her it was fine, but they better behave, ha!!!

not long after receiving her call, we finished our dinner
and returned home.
when we came in the door, we found katherine and chico
sitting in the middle of the den floor playing mancala
with the connect four game awaiting its turn to be played.

i don't know about you; but my heart sings...
when i see joy stemming from low-tech enjoyment
in high-tech days such as these:D

love and GOD's blessings,
dani xx

ps. do your children/grandchildren play board games???
what were your favorites when you were young???
mine??? i loved chinese checkers, clue,
monopoly (though i never finished a game),
tip-it, the dating game, mousetrap, checkers,
etc... heck, i think i may have loved them all:)

oh, and lastly, i wanted to share this...

(a pic of my girls from yesterday;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

irish blessings...

st. patrick's day marks three beauty full events in my life...

march 17, 1990 - the day john and i officially got engaged... THE RING!!!

march 17, 1992 - the day katherine elizabeth was conceived... THE ROMANCE!!!

march 17, 2000 - the day john and i renewed our wedding vows... 10 YEARS!!!

in 1990, john being john (the romantic devil he is, lol!!!), said, "come on, let's go for a ride." so, out we went, jumped in his truck, and drove away from his house. when we got about three houses away from his, he tossed a small box over to me
as he said, "here, i hope you like it:)"

i unwrapped the box to find...

an engagement ring!!!

me loving john being john the romantic devil he is (at least in his own *special* way), loved the ring and loved, loved, loved him even more!!!


in 1992, john and i celebrated st. patrick's day in more ways than one;)

oh, the romance!!!

for a long time, i was pretty sure that katherine was conceived that night. anyway, a few years later i happened onto a website that calculated due dates/conception dates... so, i entered her birth date and clicked "enter"...

yep, i was right; she was, indeed, a full-term st. patty's baby:b


john and i celebrated our 10 year anniversary in 2000. i wanted us to renew our wedding vows; and, i wanted our preacher at the time to perform the ceremony. however, there was one problem. ric, our preacher, wasn't going to be in town that day... as he was going to be at the kentucky state boys' basketball tournament.

believe it or not, john told me that would be no problem... we'd just drive to lexington, and ric could perform the ceremony there between basketball games:D
so, that's exactly what we did!!!


there just happened to be a big methodist church a block down and across the street from rupp arena (where the games were being held). we renewed our vows that friday afternoon and spent a very romantic weekend at a quaint little inn in lexington.


is saint patrick's day a special day for you and yours???

i hope this one will be:


love and GOD's blessings,
dani xx

Monday, March 16, 2009

mosses monday XXII...

mr. moss' niece, susie (of whom we think the world) brought by a few photos of the mosses on friday.


i thought i'd share a few of them today...

(mr. and mrs. moss, the way i choose to remember them:)

(mosses celebrating his birthday; how about that view of the ohio:)

(mosses in his den on the court sitting in his leather chair:)

(mosses eating lunch at ralph's; the waitresses loved him... i did too;)


love and GOD's blessings,
dani xx


(to be continued...)

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps you will find earlier entries in ascending order on my side bar entitled, "our love story":)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

my journey...

part I: i'm a "show-me" kind of person!!!

i hope this will give you a little insight to who i am spiritually:)

"God, if you love me there will be a prize under this rc cola cap..."

at the age of 9, i peeled back the the piece of plastic inside the bottle cap to reveal a 25 cent "prize". the real prize was that God showed me that he loved me!!!
(i never cashed in the bottle top...
as my request was never about its worldly worth;).


"yes, GOD, i will die for you!!!"

at the age of 19, several months after having seen the movie, the seventh sign, i had a dream. in it, i was the woman in the scene (the same as the movie) in which Christ asked, "will you die for me???".
in my dream, i replied, "YES, i will die for you!!!" i awoke changed (a little).


"GOD, i need You to show me that my mamaw is ok and is with you!!!"

at the age of 28, my grandmother (my unconditionally loving rock of my life) died. i looked to the heavens and plead with GOD to show me that she was with HIM. three days later, i returned from the cemetery.i sat alone on my deck totally devastated by my loss.
it was at that moment that i looked over to see that a flat of geraniums (i had purchased in may but had never planted nor cared for, which had been totally dead since the middle of june) had miraculously ALL bloomed
that early september morning.


"preacher, i know i would die for GOD;
but i don't know how to live for HIM.
will you help me???"

at age of 30, i had nearly bottomed-out due to the loss of my grandmother, really bad health (strokes, rib removal, hemorrhage), john having to often travel abroad, and depression due to the aforementioned!!!
on a whim, after dropping katherine at school, i stopped by my church to talk to our new preacher.
"preacher, i know i would die for GOD;
but i don't know how to live for HIM.
will you help me???"
"dani," said my preacher, "you need to go home and pray about it."
angry feeling that my preacher hadn't helped me (AT ALL), i returned home.
that night, i thought, "what the heck?"...
i started praying... going back as far as i could asking Him to forgive each and everything i could remember... i fell asleep. the next night, i picked back up where i'd left off the night before... this continued for 3 nights. as far as i knew, my slate was clean and the path to GOD cleared.

nothing... just as i though:/

THEN, a couple of days later, i sat in my bedroom floor.
IT happened (though i didn't know exactly what "IT" was).
i felt NEW, FULL OF JOY, (weak in the knees), and WHOLE !!!
i had been born again of the HOLY SPIRIT, which i knew nothing about because in our church the HOLY SPIRIT had never really been preached.

however, with my hands, i opened my bible, with my new eyes i read, and soon with my new SPIRIT of wisdom i understood exactly what had happened.

i have never been the same again:)

thank YOU, GOD:D


love and GOD's BLESSINGS,
dani xx

ps. i am not perfect... far from it;
but i am a child of GOD,
and when i die, i know where i'm going.
i hope you do too:)

Friday, March 13, 2009

shacked up...

i had a very good reason for not posting yesterday...
and the day before that.
i was curled up reading a book;)

i know... that doesn't sound like a very good reason:
but, it was a book about a father, THE FATHER, THE SON, and

no, it was not the bible but a book entitled,
the shack.

i picked this book up for the first time on valentines day...
as i was looking for a book to get for my valentine.
my attention was quickly drawn to a book, the associate, which was sitting right right next to it on the shelf in the book store.

john loves john grisham.
john grisham wrote the associate.
john is my favorite associate (tee-hee, "corny" i know).
so, i bought him the associate!!!

anyway, since that day, the shack has been calling out to me.
no one said to me that it was good, that i should read it...
no, no it was nothing like that.
yet, i felt like i was supposed to read it.

on tuesday afternoon, i left home a little early en route to pick katherine up from school. since i had a few minutes to spare, i stopped by the bookstore to purchase this book.
it was the last one on the shelf;
and it was mine:D


now, i am not going to go into much detail about the book today. however, i will say, that it is a good book. i read about 1/3 of the book on wednesday.
after doing so, i was neither so sure...
a.) i had actually heard it calling MY name
b.) that i had made a good choice in purchasing it.

for, i found it to be...
1.) very wordy.
2.) a little "campy" (if you will).
3.) slow.
4.) "out there".
5.) and not written well for any level of believer.


HOWEVER, a friend of mine called yesterday morning. while we were talking, i mentioned that i was reading the shack. she said she was too. i told her my thoughts about the book. since she was a little ahead of me in her reading, i asked her opinion. she said she thought it to be a pretty good book.

maybe i was being a little too critical???

so, when i got off the phone, i opened my copy back up to the page where i'd stopped reading on wednesday and commenced...

when i did??? it wasn't long before i felt as though GOD was talking directly to me!!?!?
through william young's words,
HE answered questions i had recently been asking HIM,
and HE even answered a prayer or two!!!

it was as if, GOD told william young to write this book to me and for me and, furthermore, to bring it "special delivery" to my doorstep with instructions for me to read EVERY word!!!


i don't know if this book would "speak" to every one in the same way.
but, with the knowledge that it could,
it would be remiss on my part not to tout it.
if the shack is calling YOUR name,
buy it, read it...
then come back and tell me about your experience:)

if you've already read it, what were your thoughts???

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

garden party...

do you remember this POST???

well, i have been "shopping"...


my garden party attire:)

garden party
garden party - by princessmeah on

i decided to go flowy and comfortable
so that i can totally enjoy my day among
the beautiful flowers,
my fella,
and friends...


have you shopped yet???
go HERE , register, and "create"!!
this is HOW you do it:)

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps. so far, tabitha, her princess lauren, and tania have reserved.
you can click on their names (respectively) to see each ensemble:)))
i cannot wait to see yours!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

mosses monday XXI...

mr. moss LOVED to eat!!! lunch was his favorite meal... as it was the BIG meal of the day for him. it always had been!!!

if i remember correctly, when the mosses were first married, they lived in a tiny apartment very close to the middle school where mrs. moss taught math and less than a half a mile from the bank where mr. moss worked. it was at that time that they hired mrs. johnson to be their maid and cook.

everyday, mrs. johnson rode her bike to the mosses apartment, tidied it, and prepare a "meat and potatoes" kind of lunch for them... (both came home to spend lunch together). mr. and mrs. moss always bragged about mrs. johnson and particularly her cooking:b

further, they adored mrs. johnson. mrs. moss said many times that mrs. johnson came rain or shine and rarely missed a day of work with the exception of when she started having children... and even then, she wasn't away from her duties for long. mrs. moss did say that they had to share her occasionally with her church. mrs. johnson was the organist for her church and had to leave early some days when she had to play the organ for funerals.

on those days, mrs. moss said mrs. johnson came to their home (on her bicicyle) dressed to the 9's in her funeral attire... donning a black crisp dress, hosiery, heels, hat, pearls, pocket book, and a pair of spotless white gloves. mrs. moss said she didn't know how mrs. johnson managed to do all her work, prepare their noon-time meal, and remain spotless with every hair still in place; but she did!!!

(i always loved picturing that scene:)


anyway, mr. moss NEVER lost his appetite for life, love, nor his noon-time, meat and potatoes meal. he loved for us all to go to ralph's (a family style restaurant famous for its breakfasts, barbecue, and plate lunches) for lunch. then, after mrs. moss went to the rest home, his sitter/driver (who i will refer to from now on as "jean") drove us all from the court (after toddies and "doo-dads", of course) to ralph's for lunch.

along the way, mr. moss never failed to twist himself around in the front passenger seat where he could see katherine, who was sitting between john and me in the back seat of his rather large fleetwood.

"angel," he would begin... "i think i am going to order french fries with syrup and pancakes with ketchup, today!!!" then he'd wait for her reply.

"no, you're not, mosses," my three (almost four) year-old daughter would counter rather sing-songily. "I am going to get french fries with KETCHUP and pancakes with SYRUP!!!"

then they would both laugh and laugh...

that silly little conversation was entered into
by both as if it were the first time...
EVERY TIME, tee-hee!!!


since macular degeneration had taken its toll on mosses' eyes, "jean" read the daily special to him from the menu. the only things more special than the daily specials were watching mr. moss' face as he... heard each choice (it was obvious that he was salivating and hanging on jean's every word), decided what he was going to eat, and then watching as well as listening to him tell the waitress (each waitress, respectively, treated him like royalty) his order:)

i miss the simplest things most, i think.


(to be continued...)

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps you will find earlier entries in ascending order on my side bar entitled, "our love story":)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

it's that time of the year, girls...

to choose our fabulous frocks, our killer shoes, our exquisite jewelry, and our special perfume, and plan our date!!!

who will be driving us this year, amanda???
will it be ty sporting a shiny black bently???
(or possibly pitt in a red porsche???)

you know...

unless you pass the task onto someone else,
this is your responsibility:)


oh, to be the one responsible for collecting our hunk of a driver
and choosing the perfect virtual car to take us to this year's gala!!!

in 2008, we attended a lovely champagne brunch...

this is what i chose to don LAST YEAR:

champagne brunch
champagne brunch - by princessmeah on

this year i think a spring garden party is in order!!!


now, all you have to do is go HERE
and register. then pick out your virtual attire
for this event and invite all your friends to
join in the fun:)

finally, let me know (via comment)
when you have chosen what
(or should i say, "who")
you will be
wearing, and i will do the same!!!

have fun!!!

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps. if you need help with polyvore,
just let me know. it seems like a few did last year...

i will get you started.
once you have created your account (registered),
click "create".
you will then be given tabs from which to choose:)


click HERE for instructions for how to post your creation:)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

directions for saving and posting...

your polyvore set:

once you have completed your "set"
(dress, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc...),
click "publish" on the left side of the page,
(give it a title), etc...
then on the tabs on your right click "sets".
click on the set you just created.
then click on "view details".
this will take you to a new screen.
on the right side of your page click on
"embed on your blog".
a pop up will emerge with your code:)
copy and paste it into your post,
and you are set to share!!!

dani xx

Friday, March 6, 2009

i'm BENIGN!!!

(my girl on our way to dinner:)

i picked up katherine from school yesterday afternoon, and we went out for an early dinner... as john was going to go watch our high school's regional basketball game an hour away from home. we were eating and talking when my cell phone rang.

i don't usually take my cell phone into restaurants with me unless i am expecting an important call. well, yesterday i was. i had waited all day for the call from my dermatologist about the excision she had done on my back a couple of weeks ago.

i answered, "hello???"

"dana?, this is (insert name) calling from owensboro dermatology." (it still makes me go :/ when people mispronounce my name.)

"yes???" i said.

"i just wanted to call and let you know that the doctor..." (this was where she started reading what the doctor had advised me to do in regards to the places on my face...). after reading these directions to me, she reminded me that i have recheck appointment in two weeks.

then there was silence...

"and what about the place on my back???" i inquired.
(that WAS the reason for my call-in to the doctor, yesterday:?)

more silence...

"oh... it's benign," she finally answered... like, 'no big deal...'.

it wouldn't have been a very big deal to me either except that the last time i had had an excision, i had to return for a re-excision...
as the results had NOT been benign.

i was immediately beyond thrilled that i didn't have to go back to the office for anything more than a recheck:D

"ok, thank you." i said; and then i ended the call.

thank You, GOD!!! i thought to myself:)

after i told her my news,
katherine gave me a high five;
and we finished our meals:b

love and God's blessings to you ALL, too,
dani xx

Thursday, March 5, 2009

three things thursday...


(katherine and chico)

yes, chico is still in the picture (ha, pun intended;).
yesterday, suz asked about chico. i sent her an email letting her know that he is, indeed, still around and had actually just walked out the door to go back to track practice right before i read her comment.
the guy in yesterday's photos is jacob,
one of katherine's very best friends!!!





these two have been behaving lately...
so, they are no longer "for sale", lol!!!

(award from hannah)

thank you, hannah!!!

i'd like to share this award with all my blog friends (i'm not very good with rules)!!! and i hope you all have a great thursday:DDD

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

today's "lent in my belly button" is up HERE!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

wordless wednesday...

ever seen a rocking pig???


how about panties built for two???

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

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of "lent in my belly button":D

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a trickle of consciousness on the lane...

happy square root day!!!

(today is the 3rd day of the 3rd month of 09;)


weight watchers seemed to be a "piece of cake" (a rather oxymoron'ish start to my trickle, huh???;), until i fudged just a little on fat tuesday... since then, sticking to my diet and keeping my eyes on my goal weight has been extremely difficult.

i supposed the 40 days of lent is going to be a really tempting time for me, too:/


katherine and i had a girls' night last night. we popped a big bowl of smart pop popcorn, cranked up her electric blanket, and watched the 3 hour season finale of the bachelor...


this season's bachelor has really been the best ever, in my opinion. HOWEVER, when all was said and done last night, i was pretty sure that the poor bachelor has some very real personal issues... he may not be the catch he has seemed to be.

by the end of the show, katherine nor i was rooting for him:/

if you watched, what did you think???


my family hasn't physically attended church for quite some time. i (having gone nearly 3 months shingles free) have been gearing myself up to return. so, yesterday after i picked up katherine from school, i mentioned returning.

puzzled, katherine looked at me and asked, "mom, i don't get it. why would you want to go back to church when the people there only judge you for believing IN GOD???"

(it is true that if you mention "born again", the HOLY SPIRIT, etc... many do cringe:?)
(though both are the essence of Christianity and VERY good things!!!)

katherine is a very black and white kind of thinker...

and, i had to think quickly (in black and white).

i responded (i think in a positive way;).

what would you have said??? (really, i am asking!!!)


i'm thinking more and more every day that we should have sold all our stocks the day the dow climbed back up over 10,000 the last time. i actually urged john to do so; but it fell on deaf, denying ears.

day in and day out, it feels like i'm watching a real-life episode of "deal or no deal" watching as people are holding out turning down a $50,000 offer from the banker only to take home the $5 case...

INTERNET, this is real life!!!

I AM NO GAMBLER; thus watching is just a little sickening.

thank goodness i have faith that GOD will provide... because i have a feeling there are many who are going to need His providence in order to survive this one!!!



the seven girl scout cookies i binged on last night after watching the bachelor were sooooooooo good, thank you, elizabeth kelsey:b i had 3 tagalongs and 4 samoas; i would have had 4 of each, but there were only 3 tagalongs left in the box. sometimes, i suppose, less is more in the big picture, ha, as i didn't add any pounds, whew!!!


"hello, americans"... i'm going to miss paul harvey:[[[[


wow, what i was sure was just going to be a trickle turned into a pretty steady stream, huh:)


this is dani berrong, GOOD DAY!!!

ps... love and God's blessings:D

Monday, March 2, 2009

mosses monday XX...

(first national bank of henderson)

mr. moss was raised in zion, kentucky (henderson county). most of the families from that area were either farmers or coal miners. mr. moss' father was a coal miner. and, one of mr. moss' favorite stories to tell was how he, too, intended to be a coal miner just like his father.

(i can still see him in his den on the court, sitting in his leather chair, sipping his afternoon toddy from a straw, throwing back a handful of doo-dads (chex mix), and occasionally looking out the window at a random barge heading up the ohio... i can still hear and recall his words, too:)

"dani," he would begin... "when i was a boy living in zion, i always figured i'd be a miner." shrugging his shoulders, cocking his head a little to the right, and lowering the sides of his mouth slightly, he would continue, "that's just what i thought i was supposed to do."

"so, when it came time for me to go to work, i got a job with the coal mine. after spending my first day down in that old, cold mine, i made a decision. i knew i was never going back down into that cold hole." he would chuckle. "i nearly froze to death down there!"

"golly, muggins, i knew i had to do something, though. so, i decided to walk to town and look for a job. and, i did. a really nice fellow, who owned a service station on green street, hired me."

"i worked there for a while, and then i got a job sweeping the floor at the grocery store making ten cents more on the hour. dani, i couldn't even imagine that my life could get any better. i thought i was rich."

"when i took that job at the grocery store, lucy and i started dating. i'd walk over to her house, and then we would walk to the movies." he would laugh. "i think we had a standing date to go to the movies for 10 years before i finally talked her into marrying me!"

"anyway, while i was working at the grocery store, i met a fellow from the first national bank. he always started up conversation with me, you know small talk. one day we were talking, and kind of out of the blue he asked me if i could count money. i told him i could: he hired me right then to come work at the bank for him."

mosses did go to work for the first national bank.
further, before he retired, he had served as both the president of the bank as well as the chairman of the board!!!

only in america:D


(to be continued...)

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps you will find earlier entries in ascending order on my side bar entitled, "our love story":)

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

ain't nothing like the real thing...

(no glitz nor glamor here on the lane)

i know that this last week's blogs have been pretty lame...
it's funny looking back that i actually did a "celebrity look-alike" blog when what was going on with me was quite the opposite:/

after having that spot on my back biopsied last week and following the directions very closely, i developed a funky rash that itched and burned like crazy:(

(very pretty, huh?)

i started the chemo cream treatment on my face last week as well. my face is just about as fugly as they told me it would be, ha!!! but no pain, and it's NOT cancer:D
so, i really can't complain about that...
on the contrary, i feel extremely grateful for the diagnosis i received!!!


after craving donuts for a full week,
on friday morning i went (for the first time since october)
to the bakery...


i was so craving a donut that i was at the shoppe literally when the baker unlocked the door!!!

i ate my donuts: i'm even pretty sure they were yummy:?

however, about an hour after i ate them, i started getting sick to my stomach...
the day was long; i was miserable!!! i don't know if it was food poisoning or a virus; but, at 1 am saturday morning i was so ill that my dry heaving busted blood vessels around one of my eyes leaving me with a black eye!!!

(as i said, no celebrity here!!!)


ain't nothing like the real thing, baby...

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps. i am feeling much, MUCH better today:)