Saturday, October 20, 2012

be still IV...

on the third day,
God's miracle for lane began...


"Oh dear Jesus my heart broke when Lane's Dr. came in and Lane smiled a big smile at him and said "you can't fix it any more". He then coughed and I couldn't hear all the words he said except "no cancer and cross over". I have never heard Lane use the words cross over so I know God is walking him through this!!" 
(wrote lane's mother, angie, on september 18, 2012)


that was exactly what God was doing...
but God wasn't ready for him yet.
lane had a lot to do before he would 
"cross over."

according to lane's mom,
lane was ready to go when God would call him home,
lane was not scared,
and he was not sad about leaving.

lane's only real goal in his last days 
was spreading awareness about childhood cancer.
he wanted people to know that 
there were more kids just like him who were battling
the same disease.
he wanted people to know and invest themselves
in something positive...
to push for more research,
to find a cure for childhood cancer
so that no other child would have to endure
what he and countless others
had and still were enduring.


through prayer and social media,
lane fulfilled his goal.
from september 14, 2012,
when lane was last hospitalized, 
until today,
lane's "prayers for lane goodwin"
facebook page alone
has generated awareness
to nearly 400,000 people globally!!!

tens of thousands of people have showed their support
in lane's "thumbs up for lane goodwin" campaign
from the usa to afghanistan, to haiti, to germany...
from canada to mexico, to honduras, to even countries
in asia and africa.

celebrities have joined as well...
from movie stars to nascar drivers,
to singers, to reality television stars...
from professional football leagues
to professional 
hockey, basketball,
and even baseball leagues...

speaking of baseball,
if you want to know how the cardinals
have comeback from being a wild-card team
in the play-offs...
it could very well be
their very own angel in the outfield.
(that's my opinion, and i'm sticking to it;)

all have taken notice as well as the time to show support
especially and most importantly those he championed...

and those who championed him...



if that wasn't all amazing in and of itself,
on october 3, 2012,

lane's mother wrote,

"This morning has been a little better. Lane is a lot more lucid & calm :) God is working really hard through Lane, us & others to bring awareness/funding/ cure to Childhood Cancer! We had a wonderful visit with Congressman Ed Whitfield, District Director Michael Pape & Field Representative Edward West. Lane was sleeping but he was excited to get the US Flag that was flown over the Capitol in Honor of him. We will have a big announcement this weekend :)

the announcement was huge;
it was just for what lane goodwin,
the selfless, 13 year old,,
had hoped!!!


(to be continued...)

love and God's blessings, 
dani xxx

ps. spread the WORD, and make others aware of the fact that childhood cancer research needs more attention!!!

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