Monday, December 12, 2016

mosses monday: LII...

this past friday morning
i was driving through
eastgate's parking lot 
toward the stoplight-controlled exit. 
as i was doing so, 
i noticed a 1980's model, 
burgundy, cadillac fleetwood 
across from and facing me.
there was a small-framed,
white-haired gentleman
sitting behind the steering wheel
barely tall enough 
to see over the car's dashboard.

my heart stopped.
it totally skipped a beat...
or two.
my head knew it wasn't mosses.
my heart,
which had started beating again,
 SO wished it were.


as i approached the exit, 
i looked up 
to see the street light was changing 
from yellow to red.
i looked across the through street 
to see the big, old car turning right.

"i'll never catch up to him,"
i thought to myself.

i sat there for what seemed an eternity.
finally, my light turned green.
my heart urged me to speed to catch 
up with the car, 
but, i knew i'd surely get a ticket...
as there is always a police officer 
sitting in his squad car
waiting to ticket speeders
on the other side 
the overpass,
which separated the two of us.

and, that was assuming 
he had not already 
turned off onto one of the side streets 
ahead of me.


when i reached the peak
of the overpass,
i spotted the car.
again, i fought the urge to speed
before quickly realizing
there was no need.
for, in no time at all,
i found myself right behind the gentleman.
i slowed my jeep to just under 15mph,
the rate at which he was traveling.


i smiled as my heart danced a jig.

looking in my rear-view mirror 
and seeing no one behind me, 
i pulled over, stopped, 
took out my phone, 
and snapped a picture.
i don't know why...
i guess i just wanted to capture
the moment
the joy i was feeling inside my heart.

of course, it wasn't mosses driving the car, 
but, it felt like a gift from above 
all the same.

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

ps you will find earlier entries in ascending order on my side bar entitled, "our love story".

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