Monday, January 20, 2014

mosses monday L...

there is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity 
under the heavens
(ecc. 3 niv)


a time to laugh

seasons came,
and seasons went.
and by the grace of God,
mosses enjoyed
each for what it was.

a time to plant

when springtime finally arrived
mosses donned his
farming clothes,
his yard shoes,
a baseball cap
john had given him
to keep the sun out of his face.
mosses was ready to get
out of the house,
to breath in fresh air,
to work in his yard,
with a little help,
to plant and tend his garden...

from his outdoor-wheelchair
(which was half wheelchair/
half duct tape;)
he caged his
tiny vegetable plants,
he weeded around them,
he watered them.

a time to uproot


he reaped the rewards
of having done so.
he had a garden
and a harvest,
which was newsworthy!

and also that every man
should eat and drink,
and enjoy the good
of all his labour
it is the gift of God.

mosses shared his harvest.
most every afternoon
his family and friends
found on their porches...
plastic bags
of tomatoes, turnips,
cabbage, and green onions.
mosses loved sharing!

a time to love

he also loved receiving
calls of thanks 
at the end of the day...
not because he expected them
but because he loved hearing
the voices of his loved ones.
he loved talking about his garden
he loved hearing about
his loved ones' respective day.

mosses loved.


and a time to dance

(to be continued)

love and Gods blessings,
dani xxx

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