Thursday, April 2, 2009

fickle, flannel, and facebook...

"fickle" is not a word i would normally choose to describe myself. i usually make a decision and stick with it.
"steadfast", that's me!!!

however, last week after his performance on american idol, i wrote about the very talented adam lambert. he had me after his rendition of tracks of my tears, which was A-MAZ-ING.

i was sold on him!!!


kris allen sang "ain't no sunshine" on tuesday night...

sorry, i couldn't find a clip of his live performance.
american idol and itunes must be cracking down on the copyrights:/

anyway, i jumped adam's ship for kris'!!!
currently, however, in my little cove (if you will),
these two "boats" are tied together and anchored.
so, it won't be a big leap for me to jump back and forth week-to-week.
and, with that being said, i just may;)


like mother... like daughter:)

we are expecting storms here again today and showers tomorrow. so, i told katherine to go ahead and get her things packed for florida last night. (i thought i'd load a little at a time as weather permitted.)

about 10 or 15 minutes later katherine shouts to me from her room, "mom, if i pack my pajamas, i won't have any room for my clothes!!?!?"

i laughed to myself...
(combined, we have literally over 70 pairs.)

"katherine," i shout in return, "you don't have to take but a couple of pairs.
the condo has a washer and dryer!!!"

the next thing i knew, said daughter was standing next to me... suitcase in hand. "ok, i just wanted to show you..." she flung her suitcase up on my bed. " i'm taking this, this, this to go with that... yada, yada, yada... and, i don't have room for my pajamas:/
can you pack my pajamas with yours???"

"yes, dear," i replied grinning sideways. "i will take a whole suitcase filled with just pajamas and toiletries, ok???"

quite satisfied with my answer, katherine placed all her clothes she had taken out to show me back into her suitcase returned to her room.

we two ARE the pajama queens!!!


the "new facebook" appeared a couple of weeks ago. i wasn't sure if i liked the changes at first; but, after a little tweaking, the new is growing on me. for a little entertainment (i'm easily entertained, really), there are a bazillion little quizzes that the site offers that gives a little more insight into the taker of the quiz's inner being.

the quizzes have always been there, however, the new facebook allows in real time it's users to see the quizzes and results friends are taking. i just think it's fun to compare.

thus, i've taken several over the past few days. though i don't put a lot of stock in the results, some have been interesting, some funny, some not so accurate, and some quite thought provoking.

i've been enlightened...

what mother are you??? i am june cleaver...
(i'm pretty sure it's solely based on my stay-at-home status!!!)

what philosopher are you??? i am søren aabye kierkegaard.
(now, this could be pretty accurate... as he was not only a philosopher but a great theologian.)
after taking this quiz, i think i'd like to read some of his work.

who were you in a past life??? i was gandhi.
(i need to watch the movie; then i'll get back to you on the accuracy of this one:?)

which shakespearean character would you be??? i would be viola.
before taking this quiz, i'd never heard of viola???
hence, before publishing my results, i read about her.
then i read the play, the twelfth night,
(the first shakespearean piece of work i'd read since college)
she was a good and decent character
(one never knows with shakespeare at the pen):
i clicked, "publish".

further, i learned that my aura is yellow, i am the character, clairee, from steel magnolias (i do endeavor not to gossip quite as much as she;), i'm VERY conservative, and amongst several other epiphanies... that if i were a shoe...
i'd be a chuck taylor:/

(chuck taylor, converse all-stars)

i sported a pair just like those when i played girls' basketball for the jefferson jaguars in 1979-80!!!

well, maybe NOT "just like those"...
mine were actually white with no tierra:/


love and God's blessings,
dani xx


Hannah said...

I'm definitely an Adam/Kris/Allison fan :D
I was routing for Anoop for a couple of weeks, but if he keeps singing Usher, MJ, etc...I'M OUT.

Have fun in FL, and take LOADS of pictures?
K? K! :D

I'm also a FB quiz fanatic ;)
I think they're the perfect way to pass time :D


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Have fun in Florida! It sounds divine. I woke up to snow this morning. :(

My girls get pj's for Christmas from my mom. She sews them a pair for every day of the week. It is a cherished gift, very well used too, I might add. :)

Anonymous said...

I've missed so much, you blogging mama!
I'm catching up on all the posts I've missed.
Have fun in FL!!!

And Gahdhi? You rock girl!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Kris is so great. I love his whole attitude.

Have fun Dani and you better soak it up for all of us in a winter jacket :)

Tabitha said...

I just love that you are taking a whole suitcase packed with PJ's!
You two certainly are the PJ Queens ha ha !!
I love all the quiz answers ~ I must look into facebook ~ I used to have an account, but cancelled it as I just did not have the time to go on it tee hee!!
Take care ~ love and hugs Tab XXX

Ginny said...

I'm in that boat with you!! Can I be Julie McCoy, your cruise director??

I went back and watched Kris again from my tivo. HOT!!!!

I still like Danny too!

SuzanSayz said...

Danny, Chris and Adam. I don't care what happens in the next few weeks, they are the BEST!
I've been away for longer than I thought. I almost decided to quit blogging even and then I thought about you and some of my other blog buddies and realized that you all meant too much to me to give up.
Thanks for letting me be a part of the group Dani!

Bren's Life said...

I love the pink high tops... I want some!

Lisa said...

I am an Adam Lambert fan...100%!!!!

Amanda said...

I hope the bad weather predicted for your area doesn't happen ~ the weather reporters aren't always correct!

Have a great time in Florida ~ you lucky thing!

Glad you are enjoying the new facebook ~ i can't seem to find the time to really "get into" it :o)

Amanda x

MoziEsmé said...

This pajama thing is starting to grow on me! I'm going to get myself a couple more sets... I'm tired of slumming when I go to bed at night.

Shannon said...

Whew Whee!!!!
ARe you planning to post while in Florida?

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I have shoes just like those--but no tierra :)

have so much fun in FL--Texas is freezing (literally) today!