Tuesday, April 29, 2014

remodel: chapter III; slowly but surely...

slowly but surely
our lane transformation
is taking place!!!

(a sneak peak;)

come friday,
phase I of our remodel
should be completed.
phase I has involved
the building
of two new closets
in our master bedroom,
an update of our master bath,
and a conversion
of our master walk-in closet
to a new laundry room.

all this phase
lacks at this point
is another day
of laying floor tile
in our bedroom
and the utility room
and the installation of
shoe molding,
shower hardware,
new shower doors.


i'm starting to get really 
excited about phase II!
phase II will entail a complete 
remodel of our den.
currently, our utility room
is right off our den.
once our washer/dryer
are moved to the new
laundry room
(off our master suite),
we will tear out those two walls
increasing the size
of our existing den.
we are
not only going to tear
out those two walls;
we are also
going to tear out 
an exterior wall where
a french door unit
currently exists.

we will replace the french door unit
with a new fireplace
ceiling-to-floor windows
on each side of it.
a new paint job,
it will be time to move
to phase III...


stay tuned!

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx