Monday, January 27, 2014

mosses monday LI...

and a time to dance

mosses was past his dancing days,
but he still enjoyed the music
of days-gone-by...
the music, perhaps,
to which he once
danced with his beloved lucy.


"dani, does john like big band music?"
mosses asked me one afternoon
while katherine and i were visiting.

"yes, he does,"
i answered.

"well, golly-muggins, i was thinking
earlier i still may still have some old records
and mike's turntable in the basement.
do you think he'd like to come over
and listen to them with me
and have a toddy?"

"i think he'd love to, mosses!
if you can't find yours,
we have a couple of glenn miller's cds
at home."


a few days later
my phone rang.
it was mr. moss calling to say
 maryhis afternoon sitter,
had found his records
and player
and he wanted me to call
john at work to ask
him if he could join mosses
that afternoon.

i told mosses to expect john
unless i called back to tell him


when john arrived home
late that afternoon,
he came in grinning.

"how was mosses?"
i asked.

"oh, he was on cloud nine!"
he answered.
"mary had a toddy
waiting for me
and was making mr. moss'
when i walked in the door.
we drank, ate popcorn,
and listened to a couple
of records."

"glenn miller?" i asked.

"no, he had mary play
some benny goodman.
you know,
that old record player
of mike's sounded pretty good."


a time to keep silent...

"what did he have to say?"
i asked as i tossed our salad.

"not much while we 
were listening to the music,"
he replied,
"we pretty much just 

and a time to speak...

"after we finished listening
to the second record,
he talked a little about 
the big bands that used to play
over at the trocadero.
he said his favorite
was harry james."


that each of them
may eat and drink,
and find satisfaction
in all their toil...
this is the gift of God.
(ecc. 3 niv)

i smiled...

john grinned again, 
"he asked me
if i'd come back and listen
to some more with him."
he continued,
"i told him, sure.
i think he really liked that!"

i'm SURE he LOVED that!

(to be continued)

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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