Monday, February 3, 2014

mosses monday LII...

a time to refrain
from embracing...
(ecc 3 niv)

fall came.
john went often
to visit mosses,
to listen to mosses' music,
to share in an afternoon toddy.

for the most part,
i was only able to
talk to mosses each evening
on the telephone...
as i had back-to-back
bouts of shingles.

that was the first Christmas
in sixteen years
i was unable to celebrate
with mosses.


i know that there is nothing
better for people
than to be happy
and to do good
while they live.

although i was unable
to physically be with mosses
that Christmas,
john went to visit him.
he took mosses
a bottle of makers mark,
he took jean,
mosses main sitter,
a snow angel...
as we felt
 jean had been so good
to our mosses.

i, however, saved the gift
i had for mosses.


(there was the year
we gave him a whiskey bottle
hummingbird feeder;)

shopping for mosses
was always fun.
he had everything
he could ever want or need,
i was able to shop
for things
"outside the box".

this particular year
i had been shopping
when i saw a hooded sweatshirt
by the mossimo company.
was appliqued on the front of it!
it was such a unique
and perfect gift!

i didn't want to send it with john.
i wanted to take
it to mosses myself.
mosses and i set a date
for me to do just that...
for later,
for when i was well.

(to be continued)

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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