Tuesday, August 25, 2009

that man of mine...

this morning i wandered aimlessly into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee. on the counter i found an empty coffee can sitting next to my car keys. i guess that was john's cue for me to go to the grocery store and get him some coffee... you think???


while john was out of town this past weekend, i rearranged the family room furniture and began to paint the woodwork. when john arrived home, his only comment was, "hmmm, you been paintin'???"

so, last night we were sitting in the family room watching the tv over the back of the couch. "john," i said, "do you think you could move the..."

before i could finish my sentence, john said, "i knew it:/ " he continued... "my opinion is, 'no', i liked the room the way it was."

"well," i said... "it doesn't really matter to me. i had just seen a photo online of a room arranged like this with the tv placed in front of the windows..."

"i've said what i think," he interrupted.
(in other words, he had no desire to moved the tv stand, tv, cables, etc...)

"oh, ok, well, in the photo there was a big plasma screen like you have been wanting, and with the room like this, there would be enough room for one."


john's whole expression changed. "i'll think about it."

"think about it" my derriere!!!


john needed buttons sewn on a couple of pairs of his bermuda shorts; hence, he brought them to me. "i need you to sew some buttons on these for me."

"do you have the buttons???" i asked.

"no, but surely there are some buttons around here somewhere..." he thought aloud.

"i don't think you'll find any, dear, " i replied. "and, the new super walmart doesn't have a sewing center."


a few minutes later, john returned with my travel sewing kit. "you have buttons; it says right here on the box, 'buttons'," he proudly pointed to the word on the box as he handed it to me.

i slid the kit from its box and opened it. then i chuckled to myself. the "buttons" that were in the kit were shirt buttons (like a centimeter in diameter... like 1/3 the size needed for fastening his shorts, lmao).

"i don't think these will work; do you???"
i asked as i showed him the buttons.

i hated dashing his hopes;p

by the way, there are extra buttons sewn inside both pairs of shorts!!! and, when i get in the mood, i WILL oblige him. furthermore, HE HAS LIKE 8 PAIRS OF SHORTS just like the two pairs he brought to me to mend:/


God, i LOVE that man of mine:)))
(i really do... with all my <3)


love and God's blessings,
dani xx

Monday, August 24, 2009

mosses monday XXXIV...

later that evening the icu doctor explained that mosses had congestive heart failure and a bit of pneumonia in one of his lungs. further, he said that he had decided to give mosses a coma-inducing sedative so that his body could rest and he would not fight the ventilator. worried, i stayed in the icu waiting room that night.


the next morning, mosses' nieces, nephew, and jean joined me in the icu waiting room. there were designated visiting times throughout the day for visiting the critically ill. when the icu ward doors were opened, we went in to see him two by two. mosses was resting peacefully. i kissed him on the forehead and whispered that i loved him in his ear.

again, the icu doctor greeted us. he told us that mosses had had an uneventful night (which was a very good thing) and with a couple of days of rest and antibiotics he should be on the mend.

"thank you, God!!!" i thought to myself.


after receiving such good news, i decided to go ahead with our plans to leave for georgia... as our family had been preparing for our visit, katherine was so excited, and john assured me he would check in on mosses daily.

thus, i returned home, packed the van, and off we went.


john's reports for the first couple of days were expected. mosses was still receiving antibiotics and sedatives and was resting. however, when john called the third day, i detected concern in his voice. he told me they had completely weaned mosses off the sedative, mosses was flailing (fighting the ventilator, which he needed), and that he was restrained.

worried, i asked john if the doctor considered this to be normal. john replied, "i haven't seen the doctor, but...." he hesitated.

"'but'??? but what, john???" i asked.

"dani, when i went in to see him,
mr. moss' eyes were opened and fixed.
he was despondent."

my heart felt instantly heavy and my cheeks and ears began to burn. "i'm getting ready to pack, john; we will be home early this evening."

"ok," he replied, "be careful!!!"

katherine and i were packed and on the road home within the next 20 minutes.

for the next 9 hours, all i could hear in my head were the words
"he was despondent".

for the next 9 hours, all i could think was
"God, mosses isn't ready yet...
i'm not ready, yet..."


it was a long 9 hours.


(to be continued...)

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps you will find earlier entries in ascending order on my side bar entitled, "our love story":)

Friday, August 21, 2009


i've always had vivid dreams. most, along the way, have been the normal... (it's the end of the school year, i cannot remember my locker number, the book i need so that i can study for my final is in my locked locker, it has been right there all year, hence i haven't studied all year, i need to make a passing grade on the test in order to graduate, etc...)

as well, i have had many weird dreams and a few nightmares (but not many).

however, the dream i awoke from this morning was just plain funny... one i MUST share!!!

i dreamt that john and i were lying in bed watching a movie. i had my head on his chest and fell asleep (yes, i fell asleep in my dream). when i awoke (in my dream), i noticed that john's chest hair had gotten thicker and it smelled really odd... further, he was snoring to beat the band.

at about that time i REALLY awoke to find that maggie had wiggled her way up between our pillows. she was snoring, and i had my face in HER belly, which didn't smell odd (for maggie) at all;)


love and God's blessings,
dani xx

Saturday, August 15, 2009

happy birthday, elise!!!

as our day is coming to a close
here in the states,
it is only beginning for you,
i hope it will be a wonderful one...
full of fun, food, family, and celebration!!!

i love you, my dear friend
and shall celebrate God's gift of you
all the day long:D

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

if you'd like to wish elise a happy birthday,
you can do so here or visit her at her blog,
inspiration surrounds... creativity abounds.

Friday, August 14, 2009


a: is for algiers... where my aunts and i got lost while in new orleans. if you ever see an exit for algiers, DON'T TAKE IT!!!

b: is for break-up... katherine and chico broke up on tuesday night:( the story is personal; but, we will always have a big place in all our hearts for katherine's first REAL boyfriend.

c: is for chocolate... last night, in my pj's (well, it was bedtime), i took a friend a big chocolate bar. chocolate is the consummate cheer-upper, no???

d: is for diprivan... did you know they found diprivan in michal jackson's rental mansion??? (i had never heard of diprivan, but i have, now.)

e: is for everything... everything is going to be alright:)

f: is for 40... i hope my 40th year gets better for EVERYone!!!

g: is for ginny, my bff from college, who brought a welcomed, super-fun getaway to this crazy time in my life:D

h: is for heather... she is currently battling brain cancer. she was diagnosed a month after her husband, pat, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. (see "p") i love her and pray that God will keep her comforted in the palm of His hand.

i: is for inappropriate... i can say some of the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times.

j: is for john... have i told him lately that i love him??? why, yes... yes, i have:)

k: is for katherine... she started her junior year in high school a little over a week ago and has barely come up for breath.

l: is for lousianna... don't EVER plan a trip to louisanna in the summer!!! it's about the heat and stupidity... i mean humidity:/

m: is, of course, for my maggiepie... she's avoiding a haircut right now by pretending to be asleep under my bed:)

n: is for nutella... i gave in to it. now, i'm giving it up!!!

o: is for my brother, oj, who finally got a new job, yay!!!

p: is for an old, dear, young friend pat, who lost his battle against pancreatic cancer last week... he was a very remarkable, gentle, and precious man.

q: is for quickly... time goes by so quickly. i really wish it would slow down a bit.

r: is for rick pitino... who knew that such a seemingly stand-up kind of guy, coach, mentor could turn out to be such a pig!!?!? i'm glad louisville has him.

s: is for sam... my sweet little guy is going to be spinning pizza dough on jimmy kimmel next month. i hope to be able to fly out to la and see it live!!!

t: is for thai cuisine... it's interesting.

u: is for underwear... if you want it for pretty, victoria's secret/if you want it to not ride up your crack, hanes:P

v: is for voluptuous... i'm feeling rather voluptuous these days... i think it's also called fat, ha!!!

w: is for weather... the weather here on the lane is beautiful, today. i think i shall grab a diet coke and my iradio and go float for a bit:)

x: is for xxx... many hugs for all!!!

y: is for yo-yo... good luck to will this weekend. he will be competing at the 2009 world's!!!

z: is for zebras... i love that they are so black and white:)))

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

these have been the best of times...

and the worst of times.

i know i have been very hit-and-miss this summer;
but such has been life on the lane.

despite a few bumps and bruises, we are all doing well. i have a lot to tell but don't really know where to begin. sometimes "much ado about nothing" is easier to convey than "much ado about a lot". i think i'm overwhelmed and don't know where to begin. however, i will soon:)

thank you all for checking in with me; you are the best!!!

take care:D

love and blessings,
dani xx