Tuesday, August 25, 2009

that man of mine...

this morning i wandered aimlessly into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee. on the counter i found an empty coffee can sitting next to my car keys. i guess that was john's cue for me to go to the grocery store and get him some coffee... you think???


while john was out of town this past weekend, i rearranged the family room furniture and began to paint the woodwork. when john arrived home, his only comment was, "hmmm, you been paintin'???"

so, last night we were sitting in the family room watching the tv over the back of the couch. "john," i said, "do you think you could move the..."

before i could finish my sentence, john said, "i knew it:/ " he continued... "my opinion is, 'no', i liked the room the way it was."

"well," i said... "it doesn't really matter to me. i had just seen a photo online of a room arranged like this with the tv placed in front of the windows..."

"i've said what i think," he interrupted.
(in other words, he had no desire to moved the tv stand, tv, cables, etc...)

"oh, ok, well, in the photo there was a big plasma screen like you have been wanting, and with the room like this, there would be enough room for one."


john's whole expression changed. "i'll think about it."

"think about it" my derriere!!!


john needed buttons sewn on a couple of pairs of his bermuda shorts; hence, he brought them to me. "i need you to sew some buttons on these for me."

"do you have the buttons???" i asked.

"no, but surely there are some buttons around here somewhere..." he thought aloud.

"i don't think you'll find any, dear, " i replied. "and, the new super walmart doesn't have a sewing center."


a few minutes later, john returned with my travel sewing kit. "you have buttons; it says right here on the box, 'buttons'," he proudly pointed to the word on the box as he handed it to me.

i slid the kit from its box and opened it. then i chuckled to myself. the "buttons" that were in the kit were shirt buttons (like a centimeter in diameter... like 1/3 the size needed for fastening his shorts, lmao).

"i don't think these will work; do you???"
i asked as i showed him the buttons.

i hated dashing his hopes;p

by the way, there are extra buttons sewn inside both pairs of shorts!!! and, when i get in the mood, i WILL oblige him. furthermore, HE HAS LIKE 8 PAIRS OF SHORTS just like the two pairs he brought to me to mend:/


God, i LOVE that man of mine:)))
(i really do... with all my <3)


love and God's blessings,
dani xx


Nibby Priest said...

Thanks for delighting me with you ways with words. You have a gift girl!

Sally said...


So, when is the new tv being delivered?

Have a wonderful day, Dani. ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Guys just sometimes don't like change I guess. I wanted to change the bedroom around and he said, "No I'll get lost in the dark." Lost going to the bathroom?
Gotta love um.

A Happy Heart Blog said...

Love all your stories - we all have them! The paint and moving furniture was exactly like Craig - so funny!

I'm still wondering why there is no sewing center in your walmart? Never heard of that!

Bren's Life said...

You are too Good!!! I love how you make him think... That cracks me up about the tv..

Lisa said...

ha ha! I love it! Men will do anything if you mention a plasma TV!

Tanya said...

Yep the plasma TV will get them every time!! Men. they'd be lost without us lol!

Tan xxx

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Ah, the lives and times of husbands and wives. :)

Thanks for the post.

Christy said...

Men! Crazy creatures. My husband is always pestering me to fix all of his clothes.

And what is the lure of the television? Men go crazy for new TVs. I don't get it.

Amanda said...

Boy's and their toys, eh?! I bet John will love the new T.V!
I can tell that there is never a dull moment in your home with John around! LOL!!!

SuzanSayz said...

I'm still laughing over here. It seems like no matter how old they get, men are still such little boys.
LMAO as well!

Jen said...

ahhh men. As always- your posts brighten my day.

Lucy said...

You have always struck me as a wonderful and beautiful lady. Now I have to add extreamly patient to that that list.
We can get around them every time if we play our cards right.
Love and hugs XXXXOOOO