Monday, September 29, 2008

mosses monday IV

"she continued, 'you don't know me... 
but, i am lucy moss, 
and this is my husband, george.'"

when i met them,
there was an immediate connection.
they felt like mine,
i felt like i was theirs.

that was how it happened.
from that time on,
lucy and george were very inclusive of me,
and i was so blessed
they welcomed me into their fold.


church let out each sunday at 11:30. so as not to have to wait for a table, many of our fellow methodists hurried out of church in order to get to the local restaurants- before the baptist churches dismissed their congregations at noon.  

my mosses were NEVER in a hurry.

on the contrary, in those days, the mosses remained standing in "their" back pew. as the congregation filed out of the sanctuary the two offered kind words, warm embraces, firm handshakes, etc... to their fellow parishioners. after everyone made their way out of the sanctuary, mr. and mrs. moss joined suit. 

while mrs. moss and i waited at the side door of the church, mr. moss went to get his car. he drove his maroon fleetwood around to the side door of the church, got out, walked to the other side of his car, opened the door for mrs. moss to enter the car, closed her door, opened the back door for me to get in, and then closed my door. mr. moss was a gentleman. upon joining us, he slowly drove us to the court where they lived. their house (situated at the end of the court) faced 
the ohio river.

the moss' home had a distinct flavor of the 50's glamor...
 yet the warmth of "home".

sundays at the mosses consisted of soda, mixed drinks, and/or wine... chips, nuts, and/or popcorn (dodads). mr. moss always drank a "toddy" (bourbon and coke) and a half. 
popcorn was his fancy.

 mrs. moss' sister, nellie, and mr. moss' sister, buzz, always joined in the sunday ritual. i loved them ALL. they were so kind to me and treated me like part of their family too. we seemed to share a kindred spirit.

after "dodads" and "toddies", we slowly made our way to our lunch destination (usually ralph's but occasionally gene's, jerry's, hunan's, or the ramada inn). we shared stories of current happenings as well as those of days-gone-by while we dined and enjoyed the company.

oh, how i long for those days.
oh, how i long for my mosses!


(to be continued...)

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps you will find earlier entries in ascending order on my side bar entitled, "our love story".


Amanda said...

What wonderful memories you have shared today.
Mr Moss is a gentleman ~ how mamy men open not only a car door, but any door for a lady nowadays??!
Have a great Dani,
Amanda x

Amanda said...

OOps, spelling mistake! many not mamy:)

Tabitha said...

This story has me totally captivated ~ I love it ~ and your mosses so much!!
love to you Dani XXXXXX

SuzanSayz said...

How wonderful Dani to have such loving memories. We all experience perfect moments in our lives and it is a very wise thing to recognize and cherish them.

Jan said...

Your blog looks so cute miss dani.

Love your memories. What a gentleman. We always had popcorn to on Sunday nights. And watched the wild kingdom. So fun. You have such wonderful things to grasp onto that are so meaningful and good. Thanks for the share. I was glad to see you around today. :)

meganxxx said...

Oh Dani you would laugh but I woke up in the middle of the night last night and one of my thoughts was oh it is Mosses Monday for Dani today!!!

What a beautiful and intriguing tale- I don't want it to end but I want to know all about them too!!!

Take care


Anonymous said...

That's funny Megan...I thought about Mosses Monday today too.

I just love this evolving story of life Dani.

Thanks for taking us on this ride

Kellan said...

Such lovely memories and lovely words - well done, Dani!

Take care - Kellan

juz said...

Oh I laughed at the part where the Methodists hurried off to lunch to beat the Baptists! LOL! :) That's so funny!!

Ive been eagerly awaiting your installment this week and you didn't disapoint Dani!!


Tanya said...

Oh Dani such beautiful memories! no wonder you miss the Mosses so much! I love to read about men being gentlemen, opening car doors etc!!! just beautiful!!!

have a beautiful day :)

t. xxxx

Robin said...

Wow..This story reminds me so much of my grandparents. How I miss them! Thanks for sharing.