Friday, September 12, 2008

this and that...

hurricane update...

as i type, the galveston/houston, texas area is getting whacked by hurricane ike, a storm literally the size of the whole state of texas.
jenn at half full life is hunkering down... as are many others (those who don't live in flood zones) who were asked to stay behind and ride out the storm.
those living in flood zones were told to evacuate or face "certain death" (that according to cnn). as of this morning there were still approximately 20,000 persons in those areas who had yet to evacuate!!!

please keep all of those living in texas in your prayers. ike is a monster storm!!!


i ate a chocolate chip cookie last night. the scales have stayed the same for the past two weeks. the one cookie didn't change that fact at all. 


changed plans... 

we were going to go to a winery for my brother's birthday and spend the night in french lick; however, the new plans are that we (adult family) are going to go to kentucky lake and bond in a cabin for the weekend. that sounds like so much more fun to me:D 



katherine has all a's on her mid-terms; YIPPEE!!! her year is off to a very good start. i was concerned when she signed up for the classes she did but so far... so good:) 


that's pretty much my week in words... 
it was i good week; 
i hope yours was too:) 

love and GOD's blessings, 
dani xxx 


Tabitha said...

Oh Dani ~ I will be praying that everyone in the affected areas will be safe and I hope it all passes soon.

I am sure that one cookie will do no harm ~ I would eat the whole packet ha ha ~ that is my problem!!!

A weekend in a cabin sounds like such fun ~ I am sure you will all have a great time.

Well done to Katherine on her grades ~ I am sure that you are very proud of her.

Hope your weekend will be a good one
love and hugs XXXXX

Christy said...

Mmmmm...chocolate chip cookie...mmmmm. One little cookie never hurt anyone.

What is a "Lick." We used to live near Grant's Lick. The name always baffled me.

Jan said...

These things hit more at home with me now that I have friends down there. It makes it more scary to me. I am praying for them.

Sounds like you had fun eating that sweet cookie. Glad the scales allowed that nibble.

Have a great weekend Dani.

E and T said...

Hi Dani

I have just come from Jenn's blog. Wow, she certainly has been so busy preparing for this hurricane. I am constantly thinking of her and her family (as well as the other people who will be affected). They are all in my prayers and thoughts.

I think it's better to sometimes satisfy a craving with one little taste of something sweet, than deprive yourself and eventually give in to the craving and end up over indulging.

Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate your brother's birthday. The idea of staying in a cabin by the lake for a weekend sounds wonderful.

Congratulations to Katherine. Straight A's is a fantastic achievement. You must be so very proud of her.

Lots of love and hugs my friend

Lots of love and hugs

dani said...

this is a CRAZY weather year, tabitha!!! the only harm my cookie did was make me want another; but i have been good since being bad, LOL!!!
i am so much more looking forward to the cabin... as it sounds like wine in pjs!!!

dani said...

you've got that right, christy:b i could eat a WHOLE batch tonight; thank goodness there aren't any here, ha!!!
the only definition i could come up with for a "lick" is: "A small watercourse or ephemeral stream. It ranks hydrologically between a rill, shown left, and a stream, shown right." lmao, a "french lick" sounds a little kinky, eh???

dani said...

it does me, too, jan!!! though i've always been concerned as i have family and friends all along the east and the gulf coasts...
this one is not sounding like it's weakening at all either!!!

dani said...

hey, elise:)
the weather is crazy.
i'm past ready for a cabin weekend with a few spirits and adult fun:D
unfortunately the cookie has left me wanting more (as i said, thank goodness there aren't any more around here;)!!!
and, i am very proud of kat; she has a tough schedule this year:D

Little Sweethearts said...

Congratulations to Katherine. She must make you very proud.

One chocolate chip cookie won't tip the scales, just hide the rest!


dani said...

thank you, tania:) school is GOOD so far; and there are no more cookies in the house... as i ate the last one:b

SuzanSayz said...

That is wonderful that Katherine is doing so well, good for her. I have been more worried about hurricanes this year than I ever have before because of the blogging buddies I now have. It sure seems to me though like hurricanes are a much bigger problem these last couple of years than I remember them ever being in the past. The cabin birthday does sound better. Spending time with family is not only fun but also uplifting. Good post Dani!

dani said...

thank you, suz:)
yes we have had TOO many storms over the past several years. i will be elated when el nina or whatever is causing them decides to lay off a bit!!!

Bren's Life said...

Thanks for clarifying that. I really just don't understand much about computers...
I am so glad Jenn is ok.. And I that is great that Katherine got all A's... Yeah for her.

Amanda said...

That's the problem with diets ~ they always leave you craving for the things you shouldn't have! But one won't do any harm!
You must be very proud with Kat! Well done Kat!
Enjoy your weekend away when it comes!! Sounds like fun to me:D
Amanda x

Robin said...

I've mooched off other internet signals in the past on my wireless...Guilty! :-)

Chocolate chip cookies are my kryptonite. Seriously! I don't think I could ever live without them..

Your family's cabin celebration sounds fab!

Yay, Katherine! Give her a hug from me!

dani said...

you are welcome, bren:)
and thank you!!!
thank goodness jenn and co. are safe and all is well:D

dani said...

i haven't been very good at all this weekend, amanda:( i hope to get my dietting act back together tomorrow, though!!!
we are proud of kat; i hope she will do as well at full term:b

dani said...

i have too, robin... i always try to pick up unsecured signals when i'm away from home:b
give kat a hug... next on my list:D