Tuesday, September 23, 2008

nie nie benefit sale today...

i cannot wait to see the outcome for the auction of this doll!!!

(nie nie doll auction HERE!!!)

what do you think the highest bid will be???
she starts out at $85!!!

click here to go to the sale:)

love and prayers for a great benefit!!!
dani xx

update: WOW!!! in 38 minutes everything has been sold except for three items!!!
what a blessing for the nielsons!!!


Amanda said...

I hope lots of money is raised for the Nielsons. This auction will also raise awareness of this terrible accident, hopefully allowing the great support to continue. My heart goes out to them ~ having 4 kids myself ~ i cannot begin to imagine what the family are going through.
The doll is lovely ~ it will be interesting to see what it goes for!
Hope you have a good afternoon :)
Amanda x

Little Sweethearts said...

I've been watching the sale as well Dani (I was hoping my items would sell) and it's amazing how fast everything went! I had to put Caitlin to bed first so I was 15 minutes late and everything was just flying out!!!

The NieNie doll is so beautiful. And the quote that goes with it too. My first answer was going to be 250, but I see someone just bid that. I'm guessing she'll go up still. Uhm,... 425 maybe?

Love and hugs,

dani said...

i think she may go for well over $1,000!!!

Amanda said...

$1000! I really hope she does!

Tabitha said...

That is great news Dani and for such a worthwhile cause ~ I wish the Nielson family lots of love and a good recovery X
love and hugs XXXXX

Cristin said...

Isn't that doll amazing?!
...such an incredible outpouring of love to such a lovely family...

Bren's Life said...

That is just too cute! I can;t believe how someone could do that.. Amazing!

Tanya said...

That doll is just gorgeous!! I had a feeling items would go very quickly, that's just fantastic news Dani, wow 38 mins... incredible!!!! My heart goes out to the Nielson family, sending all my love & prayers!

have a great day Dani :)

t. xxxx

Hannah said...

WOW! Over $1000? :D That really is great, and the doll's so sweet looking :]
I hope loads of money is raised!!


p.s. I tagged you over at my blog!

dani said...

she's up to $575 with a day to go!!! i hope people will continue to bid on her; you are all right the doll is gorgeous (not to mention one of a kind just like stephanie;)!!!