Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a klassy lady, a friend...

as owner and operator of klassy kids,
a local, high-end, children's, clothing store,
diana whitmore was not only a blessing
to her family
to our community,
she was a personal blessing to me...
to my katherine.


she became my touchstone
months before katherine was even born.
from the moment i told diana
i was having a little girl
until the moment katherine "outgrew"
klassy kids,
diana was our personal buyer.
more importantly,
she was our dear friend.

miss diana knew what i was going to love 
even before i did.
she knew if it wasn't soft...
extremely soft,
not to even bother.
she knew 
if it wasn't beautiful
or adorable, or precious
i wouldn't buy it.

miss diana introduced me to
sophie dess and house of hatten,
both companies produced
sweet, little, hand-smocked 
dresses and gowns
with a lot of attention paid to detail.
house of hatten
also designed
hand-sewn applique, nursery
bedding and decor.
they were both favorites,
katherine was a sophie dess girl...
so much so
miss diana asked katherine
to model sophie
each spring and  fall
for klassy kids.

each pre-season
when diana returned from market,
she was always so excited to tell
me about the things she'd ordered
with katherine in mind.
she was never so as excited 
as i was though.

for ten years
from sophie dess to sarah louise
to sweet potatoes 
to hartstrings...
when her shipments arrived,
diana called,
and i giddily hurried down to her
darling little shop on elm street.
in all those years
i can count on only one hand
the number of articles she chose
in which i was uninterested.
diana worked tirelessly
to do this 
(i'm sure)
for most of her customers.
she was the best
at what she did...

she was the best
at who she was!


in 1997
diana knew katherine and i
had had a particularly hard year.
our mamaw had died in august of that summer,
and katherine and i were so sad.
on the first day of december,
diana showed up at the coffee shop
with a smile, a hug,
and a gift for katherine.
katherine opened it to find a hair-bow
with her name sewn on it.
it was darling!
we thanked her
not knowing
it was only the first
of twelve days of miss diana's giving.

the next day
she came in with another gift
and so on
and so on
and so on...
on the tenth day
miss diana brought katherine
a pair of bobby-socks
with a maroon bows,
on the eleventh day...
another darling hair-bow,
a maroon and white one
with "hchs" painted on it,
and on the twelfth day
diana brought katherine 
a little-girl-sized
cheerleader uniform
that matched the high-school

diana whitmore
was endlessly thoughtful.

that was who diana whitmore was.

i say was because
miss diana died on sunday morning.

please keep her family
and our community
in your thoughts and prayers.
she will be dearly missed.

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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Sally said...

I'm so sorry. Prayers for all who love her.