Sunday, December 1, 2013

entertaining the idea...

me: what if we tear this one down
and build a new one?
john: (silence)

several hours later...

john: were you serious earlier?
me: maybe...
john: what would we build?


the lane is more a part of me
than i am of it.
it is who i am!
i mean, really,
who am i
 if not


so, we've been entertaining
the idea
of tearing down our house
and building another.

at first,
it didn't seem economically wise.

when we began thinking
about the updates
our house needs:
a new roof
new siding
new windows
a new garage
new flooring
fresh drywall
plaster repair
new cabinets

it began to look
more and more feasible,
especially when we realized
even after all the repairs
and updates,
we are still going to have
a house that isn't
exactly ideal
for the years to come.


theresa: i cannot see you
EVER tearing your house
me: i think i could,
but it would be hard.
theresa: i just can't see you
actually doing it.
me: well, i think i could
if i were able to save parts
of it to put in a new one.
theresa: like what?
me: well, the hardwood floors for sure
and the double-dutch-doors.
theresa: i don't believe you could
do it when it came right 
down to it.



we are still
entertaining the idea;)

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx


Sally said...

Goodness gracious.
God bless you guys in making a decision.


Nibby Priest said...

I think it would be a wise decision. Location is perfect. Do it!