Monday, October 22, 2012

be still VII...

they allowed the world
to see the miracle
GOD was working through
their little boy,
and they did this selflessly...


on wednesday evening
i sat in our den organizing
"thumbs up for lane"


i took a break,
grabbed a diet coke,
and checked my facebook account...

angie wrote,

"Lane is surrounded by lots of family. I am very thankful that he is not in any pain. His BP has dropped and his breathing is very heavy. We don't know if we have a few min or hours left and our hearts are Heavy but my biggest blessing in life is that God choose me to be his and Landen's mommy."


i prayed,
"THY will be done..."

i hoped,
"come on, GOD...
come on, GOD...
come on, GOD..."

then i remembered lane's prayer.
it was not for GOD to make lane better.
it was to bring childhood cancer awareness
to others that a cure be found.


then the news no one wanted to read came...

"At 7:53 pm our sweet Lane gained his Angel wings. Our hearts are broken but God has performed a World Wide Miracle through Lane over the past few weeks. Please continue to pray for our family especially Lane's little brother Landen."

when i reached the end of angie's update,
all i could think was

be still


lane's funeral service will be streamed live
today at 3:30 pm cdt.
for the link.

and please keep the goodwins
in your thoughts and prayers:)

love and God's blessings, 
dani xxx

ps. spread the WORD, and make others aware of the fact that childhood cancer research needs more attention!!!

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Sally said...

May God surround the family of Lane with peace and His love. I'll continue to pray all of them; losing a child-there are no words.

Thank you, Dani.