Thursday, November 4, 2010

waste not...

want not!

saturday is supposed to be "d" day
on the lane...
the "d" cluttering of my house.

but, i always face a major "d" lemma
at times such as these:

what do i keep,
and what do i "d" lete???


i've heard it said that,
"if you haven't used it in 6 months,
get rid of it."

well, i haven't used my food processor
in over 2 years. but, i will need it
the next time i want to make
raspberry linzer cookies.
i will want it then
but will have made waste of it.

and, my favorite ralph lauren weekender-jeans...
they haven't fit for 3 years.
but, if i ever take off the extra 40lbs
i've gained, i will want them;
moreover, i will have to pay
3 times what i paid for them in 1999
to replace them, no?

then, there are the Christmas decorations
from our first years on the lane.
i haven't used them
since gold became "so last century".
however, when silver goes out of style,
i may just want to decorate my tree
in gold again!!!

finally, things (both seen and stored)
take up a lot of room in my house.
the problem is most of the things in my house
were gifted to me... i know i will feel guilty
about ridding myself of them.
further, will i be sorry one day that i have wasted
something away to the good-will which i will
want to have kept to remember the gifter?



"d" cisions, "d" cisions...

love and God's blessings,
dani xx