Tuesday, September 2, 2008

there are signs...

that fall is on it's way to the lane...

september is upon us,
which means the days are getting shorter,
and the nights are getting longer.

john has shocked the swimming pool
readying it to be closed for the season.

further, when i was pulling out of my driveway today,
i noticed that a few leaves had changed
from green to crimson on my next-door-neighbor's

(i love the new colors of fall:)

upon returning home from picking katherine
up from school, i couldn't help but take notice
of the leaves again.

i had stopped and picked up katherine's dinner.
while she sat at the dining room table eating,
i grabbed my camera and maggie pie.
we went out so that maggs could potty
and so i could snap a few pictures of
nearly fall on the lane:)

when maggie and i came back into the house,
katherine asked me if i would finish
putting her new electric blanket on her bed
while she loaded the dishwasher
(she's getting better at the dishwasher, by the way;).

electric blanket??? i thought to myself.

(kat's blanket found plugged in and heating up on her bed)

there are signs that fall is coming...

but, it's NOT here, yet!!!

i mean it was 92 degrees farenheit
(33 degrees celsius), today,
for heaven's sake!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx


Jan said...

It's chilling in the morning and evenings here. I love it. I know most people love summer, but I am fall all the way. There are signs...

Bye Dani. Stay warm no matter what the weather :)

Robin said...

Hi Dani, thanks for all of your love and prayers for my dad. It really meant a lot. :-)

The lane looks beautiful. It's so pretty..


Purple Teacup said...

Fall is my favorite....

Tabitha said...

Wow Dani ~ I wish that it was still that warm here ~ there is a definite colder feeling in the air here and the leaves are already falling off some of the trees!!
I do love autumn though ~ it means Chrsitmas is not that far away (tee hee!!).
lots of love and big hugs XXXX

Amanda said...

Do you get cold winters in Henderson?
Our nights are getting longer too. I like it when it gets dark early at night, but hate the dark mornings:(
I love the pictures of the lane. Your street looks like a beautiful place to live.
Amanda x

MoziEsmé said...

I'm a little confused. 92 degrees and electric blanket?

Maybe I need to experience some northern hemisphere seasons again. :)

Tanya said...

Fall is a beautiful season, although ours are not that spectacular!! Well spring is here for us, I love Spring is such a beautiful season, even if we have been warned of some pretty terrible weather heading our way i still love Spring!! Love your photo D!!!! The Lane looks like a beautiful place to live!

t. xxxxx

meganxxx said...

What a beautiful place to live Dani!!

I love the change of season-the smells all evoke different memories. As Tanya said we are into Spring now and boy am i getting ready to shed the winter woolies!!!

Take care


dani said...

jan, we haven't had much cool weather, yet (i'm ready for some, however!!!) my girl must have just gotten cold drinking her dr. pepper, ha!!!

dani said...

hi, robin:)
i am thrilled that your dad is doing so well!!! that had to have been so scary for you and keith not to mention your mom and dad...

dani said...

mine, too, shannon:)

dani said...

hey, tabitha:)
yes, it is still very warm here!!! we usually have 3 or 4 months of extremely warm weather...
i love that fall is the introduction for the CHristmas season, too!!!

dani said...

yes, we do, amanda:) we really get the extremes of all four seasons, fortunately. our winter days hover around freezing temperatures. some days the temps fall waaaaaaaaaaay below (and the school buses won't start), and some days are milder.
as far as dark mornings go... here we have what is called "daylight savings time". we fall back (set the clocks back one hour) in the fall and spring forward (set the clocks ahead an hour) in the spring. that way it is not dark when the kids have to wait at the school bus stops...

dani said...

ha, j!!!
we usually keep our air conditioning set 70-72 degrees f. i think katherine must have gotten a chill while drinking her dr. pepper yesterday:)

dani said...

the lane is especially beautiful right now, tanya, and i do love living here:) i noticed all the spring colors and flowers over at jennifer's "precious pink pumps".
do your springs always bring volatile weather??? ours do (at least usually)...

dani said...

thank you, megan:) we love it here. i love fall and winter (so, long as i don't have to be out in the winter much;), but i'm always ready for spring, too... the dog woods, red buds, cherry blossoms, etc...

Cristin said...

...I love this time of year - the weather, the colors, the smells...

...my favorite

dani said...

me, too, cristin:) and i'm sooooooooo happy you are getting ready to enjoy them hurricane problem free!!!

Cheri and Jesse said...

Fall is my favorite season. Sweatshirts and shorts are my fave thing to wear! Not to mention that Fall means FOOTBALL!!!!

Little Sweethearts said...

We didn't even get to 33°C once during the entire summer!

I think your kitty kat should watch a movie with Heath Ledger ;)


Christy said...

Last week it was so cool and lovely in NJ. I thought that fall had finally arrived. But I was WRONG. It is HOT today. Yuck!

SuzanSayz said...

It's definitely getting colder here. And actually a lot sooner than usual. I guess that makes sense though because it also took summer forever to get started and that has never happened here before. Happy Fall to you and to Miss Dishwashing Katherine!

Anonymous said...

Yea! I'm so excited too! Fall won't arrive here until late Oct, but keep posting so I can love it vicariously through you please.

Bren's Life said...

I love all the trees. I wish we had lots of trees. I can't wait to see what it'll look like there next month.
An electric blanket! I can't even say I own an electric blanket.. Sheesh...

Anonymous said...

I love the smell of decaying leaves (seriously - I do)! And I love the sound of crunching leaves under our feet as we walk to school each morning.
Anonymous d

dani said...

cheri, i'm a sweatshirt girl, myself:) i wear them around the house all year long; but i cannot wait to have weather cool enough to need one outside!!!

dani said...

a movie with heath ledger might warm her up a bit, tania... lol!!!

dani said...

yep, i'll second your, "yuck", christy!!! enough is enough already. furthermore, i've had enough humidity, too:/

dani said...

how about my little dishwasher, suz??? she hasn't broken anything since my last post regarding the subject:)
yea, for cooler days; i hope you are enjoying them!!!

dani said...

i will do that, jenn:) just for you, i will throw in photos here and there!!!

dani said...

bren, katherine and i are "electric blanket queens"... as we like a cold house and a warm bed!!! but, i don't have mine on my bed... YET!!!
the trees are nice; and they are beautiful in the fall:)

dani said...

i like all that, too, anonymous d, and the smell of burning leaves in the county:) come on fall!!!

kristen said...

Ohh Dani you take my breath away.

I just saw my name on your prayer list and could have cried.

Thank you ever so much.
I feel soooo blessed at the moment as your prayers have worked.

I got news today that all is benign. I can't tell you the releif I feel.
Thank you again my friend.

juz said...

33 deg and K was putting the electric blanket on? LOL!!!!!!

I am so enjoying your memories posts - I can't wait to read the next installment.

Enjoy your Thursday Dani!


Jen said...

I know- I am so glad I now live somewhere where there are seasons! Will you send me your address? I have been waiting to send you Dreams of aa Super Nature. jenloumac@yahoo.com