Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the "i's" have it...

it's baaaaack, hehe!!!

something fun from jan:

i am- getting sleepy...

i think- all over the place most of the time, ha!!!

i know- i am a child of GOD:D

i want- one of those clap key-chain thingies, really!!!

i have- the shingles, again... UGH!!!

i dislike-

i miss-
my grandmothers terribly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i fear- loss of those i love:(

i feel- cozy in my flannel pjs and polo sheets...

i hear- crickets chirping on the lane:)

i smell- spring fresh downy...

i crave- DONUTS!!!

i cry-
very seldomly...

i usually- am one of the most laid back persons you will EVER meet:)

i search-
for my car keys on a regular basis:b

i wonder-
if our country is headed for another not-so-great depression:?

i regret- gaining 40 lbs over the past year!!!

i love- God and that He loves me so much to have blessed me with an abundant life rich in wonderful people:D

i care- a great deal about the elderly!!!

i always- shower, shampoo, and shave at least 2 times a day, tee-hee;)

i worry- very little except when john's riding his motorcycle:S

i am not- going to back down when i think i'm prayerfully fighting for a good cause!!!

i remember- most everything since i was about 18 months old.

i believe- when i die i will live eternity in heaven.

i sing-
alto because i'm a lazy soprano:>

i don't always- abide by the speed limit;b

i argue-
with my john about once a year (usually i have the need to get a couple of things off my chest, ha!!!)

i write- in mosly lower case.

i win- the lottery, never, because i gotta play to win:D

i lose- my keys on a daily basis...

i wish- i had all the answers.

i can usually be found- with my laptop on my lap:b

i am scared- of losing loved ones.

i need-
to lose 30 lbs, UGH!!!

i forget- where i put my keys...

i am happy- most of the time:)
How do you feel today?

Play along if you would like.
love and blessings,

dani xx


Tabitha said...

Yay ~ I am glad you re posted this ~ I love it!! I feel great today ~ thank goodness you didn't ask that yesterday ha ha !!
Hope your shingles will clear up soon ~ thinking of you.
love and hugs XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

dani said...

they always do, tabitha:) thank you!!!

Jan said...

I think you are a great I.

SuzanSayz said...

Cute, cute answers Dani. Quick quiz. Can you tell me where your keys are right at this moment????

Anonymous said...

that's funny that you type in lowercase. i never thought about it before.

cute "i" list. i'll have to do it when things settle down over here.

btw...i'm having a great day too.

Tanya said...

Hi Dani! glad you are ok after your visit from hurricane IKE! I love your "i" list... today I am feeling fantastic!! I hope that your shingles don't hang around too long! they are certainly not very nice!!!
Thank you for your beautiful words, they have really touched my heart, thank you.... Jaimie is doing great she is much stronger than her mama that's for sure!!

keeping you in my prayers, take care my beautiful friend,

lots of love,
t. xxxxxxx

Weith Kick said...

Dani... Wait! Did you say you shower, shampoo, and shave at least 2 times a day?

Bren's Life said...

You are too funny! Yuck that must be uncomfortable to have shingles. Never had it.
You do need a clapper for your keys.

dani said...

back to ya, jan:)

dani said...
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dani said...

i have no idea where my keys are right now, suz:b i do know that katherine was the last one to have them;?
ps i hope she put them where i can find them in the morning!!!

dani said...

yea, for a great day, jenn!!! i have typed in lower case for so long that i have to really think about it when i use caps:S

dani said...

tanya, you are so welcome; i'm thrilled you are having a fantastic day and that jaimie is doing well!!!
much love to and prayers for you and yours,

dani said...

i did; and i do, wk:b
i cannot help it; and it is one of only a couple of things about which i'm compulsive!!!

dani said...

shingles are pretty yucky, bren; and unfortunately i have them chronically on my chin:/
yes, i definitely want a clapper but haven't been able to find one locally!!!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

oh - a clap key chain thingy. That would be awesome! :) I always jooke about losing brain cells with each child I have birthed. By now I've lost quite a few and I am always losing things... :)

dani said...

hey, wendi:)
i am so buying the first one i find!!!

MoziEsmé said...

Arguing once a year?! Wow!

dani said...

that's usually about it, however, sometimes it's a doozy, HA!!!
ps we bicker like old people about nothing and all the time, though:b