Saturday, September 20, 2008

a tale of zin and miller

(zin and miller-all grown up taller) 

in 1976, "zin" moved from the country into town and started attending a new elementary school. the first person she met was "miller". zin was a chubby little girl with curly brown hair; she had a killer smile:) miller was a skinny little girl with straight brown hair; she had a killer sense of humor:b they quickly became best friends. 
zin and miller were inseparable at school...
as well as at home.

in the summers, they would awake every morning, ride their bikes a couple of blocks to the local market, dick's finer foods, and play ms pacman until their quarters were depleted (i have even heard on several occasions, when no one was looking, one would unplug and replug the midway game in order to rack up the "high score"). afterwards, they would catch up with hometown tennis legend, doc hosbach, and ride slowly along side him on his yellow tricycle to the local tennis courts, which were named for him. finally, they would make their way to the library and hang out until lunchtime before returning home...

for the most part,
that is how they rolled.

however, there was this one day zin was hanging out at miller's house playing atari(quarterless, they were deviating from their normal routine)- this was the day the duo "rolled" a little differently. miller's neighbor rode up on his scooter and offered the two a ride. miller hopped on behind her neighbor and moved up to make room for zin.

(zin's VERY strict mother had most definitely forbidden her from riding a "motorcycle"; but, she had never really said anything about a "scooter"...  no, she definitely had not.)

so, without much hesitation, zin straddled the back of the scooter, sat down behind the two, scooted forward (on the not-nearly-long-enough-seat), and wrapped her arms around millers waist. miller's friend gave his scooter gas and peeled away from the front of miller's house. as he did, he hit gravel throwing zin up from the back of the seat!

"HANG ON, DAN ZIN!!!" ame miller yelled.

zin dumbly hung on for dear life as the street's pavement began to eat the flesh from her knees and the gravel burrow itself into what little flesh left on zin's knees and shins...
(it was years before all that gravel worked its way out of zin's legs!)
when the short ride came to an abrupt stop (like before it ever even got started), zin had finally let go and was lying face-down on the street.  
she was hurt...
 more concerned about the wrath of her VERY strict mother 
than about the bodily damage she had sustained.

zin's concern quickly turned into EXTREME concern about the aforementioned wrath! so, she got on her own
(NON-motorized) bike and stiffly, painfully pedaled her way home. when she finally arrived at her house, she took a most tortuous shower and then club-footed her way to the den,  gingerly lowered herself into the recliner, and covered herself with an afghan.
zin was hoping... PRAYING
 her VERY strict mother would notice her injuries. 
after the VERY strict mother came in from work, after MUCH serious thought, and, lastly, after she realized she would be unable to walk to the dinner table without her wounds being noticed, zin confessed. 

zin's VERY strict mother must have realized zin had already more than learned her lesson...
for, zin only received a glare and stern, "i-guess-you-won't-do-that-again."

thank the VERY good LORD!!!

that was zin's LAST scooter ride.

it was, 
NOT the LAST antic in which 
she and her-best-friend-since-third-grade, 
involved themselves...

on the contrary, 
i hear the dynamic duo are still in cahoots today.

love and blessings,
dani xxx


Hannah said...

That Am----I mean...that Miller sure is a fun one :P


Tabitha said...

That is a great story Dani ~ I cannot wait for more stories of Zin and Miller ~ you should definitly write a book with all these stories ~ I just love them so much!!
Have a great evening ~ love and hugs Tab XXXXX

juz said...

You are a wonderful RACONTER I love your stories!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

(Im off to a meeting *sigh*)

dani said...

you are right, hawnz!!! that "miller" is about as funny as anyone i know:b

dani said...

hey, tabitha:)
thank you!!! my evening was great!!! kat went to hannah's, john and i ate clams (not on my diet), and we just watched a little saturday night live;) all is good on the lane, and i'm about to head to bed, yawn...

dani said...

thank you, juz:) have fun at your meeting!!!

Jan said...

What a tale of the Zin and the Miller. You have a great way of writing Dani. Did you take a course, or our you just a natural?

How are you doing anyways? Did the storm get cleaned up your way?


dani said...

good morning, jan:)
no, i've never taken a course; thank you, though!!!
we are fine after the storm; all the debris has been cleaned up around us. however, there are still homes without electricity. further, trees, utility poles, and structures are still down in some areas.
NOTHING like texas...

Anonymous said...

It sounds like zin and miller need to write a book or maybe make a movie. What an exciting life!

Have a great weekend Dani,
♥ Jenn

dani said...

hey, jenn:)
miller and zin would totally dig being radio dj's together... or so i hear, ha!!!

Tanya said...

You know I don't doubt for a minute that the tales of zin & miller aren't over by a long shot!! love your stories Dani, hope we get to hear many more!!

Jaimie is great, her surgery went so well she was discharged only 11/2 hours later! D. she is back from Melbourne for good, she got her job back with her old boss, so all is good! :)

dani said...

oh, tanya, i'm so happy that all is well with jaimie...
miller could totally write a 'best-seller'; i was usually just along for the ride (no pun intended;)!!!

SuzanSayz said...

Oh Dani, you're making me a little bit homesick for my childhood. Everything was so much different back then. You could go outside and play with friends all day long without parents needing to worry. I feel so sad for kids nowadays with their sanitized little play dates.

dani said...

i know, suz!!! i miss many things from my childhood for katherine...
she hasn't experienced hardly anything unsupervised... but, with times as crazy as these, it's better to be safe than sorry...

Little Sweethearts said...

I love your Zin and Miller tale as much as I love hearing about the Mosses!


Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Such fun times! :) I can only imagine all the trouble "those two" must've surely gotten into together... :)
Friendships are amazing. The kind that last through out life are priceless!

Shannon said...

Your right up their with Bob Park and his story telling.
Do you still have gravel in your knees?

Amanda said...

Is that you???! If so, what a rebel you are!
Mum's are always right tee-hee!!
Amanda x

dani said...

thank you, tania:) i hope you are having a great day!!!
love and knuffels,

dani said...

this friendship was/is definitely priceless, wendi:) together, these two were/are "something else"!!! ha!!!

dani said...

shannon, i don't know if zin still has gravel in her legs or not... HA!!! the last i heard, a piece worked its way out of the back of her leg not long after she was married (nearly 20 years ago;).
bob park??? wow!!!!

dani said...

who, me??? amanda, you are right mums are always right, HA!!!

MoziEsmé said...

Great story! Smart mother . . .

dani said...

ha!!! very smart, very strict mother, j:b