Monday, September 8, 2008

mooching off the neighbor's internet so that i can share lovely lucy with you...

i've been experiencing internet woes... called to report it and got a recording saying that my provider is having problems in the area... noticed my wireless icon was active (my neighbor doesn't enable her security feature;)... so, i thought i'd jump on really fast.

this is mosses' monday; and, i promise that post as soon as MY internet is up and running:) in the meantime, here is a photo of katherine and baby lucy jane... you may remember my post about the mary janes i sent to lucy jane a couple of months ago...

well, i finally got to see her; and she is gorgeous!!!

don't you agree!!!

i cannot wait to get to see her again in november:D

love and GOd's blessings,
dani xx


Bren's Life said...

Too Cute!
Stealing your neighbors internet... I don't even know how someone can literally do that? I wonder if my neighbors do too?

Amanda said...

Lucy and Kat are both very cute:)
Hope your internet problms are fixed soon so i can read the next mosses' Monday!
Amanda x

Tabitha said...

Oh she is such a sweet baby ~ she has made my heart flutter!
Hope you are all sorted with the internet again soon.
love Tab XXXXX

Jan said...

She is darling Dani. I agree with you. You are so funny. You have to keep your peeps happy. Even if you mooch.

Anonymous said...

Dani, she is beautiful. And I love the name Lucy.

Little Sweethearts said...

A beautiful picture of two beautiful girls!!!


SuzanSayz said...

Oh, she is just so cute. Now you've made me hungry for some baby Elisabeth time.
Katherine looks just as sweet and pretty as little Lucy.

Kellan said...

They are both gorgeous!

Good luck with your internet - ugh!

Take care - Kellan

Christy said...

The baby girl is adorable:)

Cristin said...

she is darling...I love the cheek stage!

Tanya said...

Oh Dani Lucy is beautiful!! this is a gorgeous photo of Kat & Lucy!!!
I hope you get your internet problems sorted asap!!!

lots of love,
t. xxxx

Hannah said...

Aweh, she's adorable!!
(the baby ;])


Dana said...

That baby is darling! How long did you get Kat to hold her!!? thanks for the call yesterday, d. Love you!! l, d

juz said...

been worried about you - glad to see all is ok.

ROFLMAO at you stealing your neighbours wireless!! That is hillarious and very clever of you!

The picture is GORGEOUS btw!


Cheri and Jesse said...

What a pretty, pretyy baby!!!! Hope you get your internet up and running soon!

E and T said...

Hi Dani

This is such a beautiful photo of two gorgeous girls. Lucy's chubby cheeks remind me of Blake's cheeks(cheeks that were made for kissing).

Dani, I love the positive take you had on being in a rut. I've been in a few ruts. Prayer, meditation and time always led me out of them and I can thankfully say to a good place. I enjoy and appreciate the beauty life that I have.

Here's hopiong that you aren't without your internet for too much longer.

Lots of love and hugs to you my friend


E and T said...

Me again Dani, I meant to say: beauty full life that I have.

I should learn to proof read my comments BEFORE I publish them!!

Love and hugs

Jen said...

Both of these girls are so beautiful! I loved your post about being in a rut. I have felt those same feelings and they make me so mad because I feel ungrateful for all I have. I think we all just feel that way sometimes! I am waiting for your address when you get a chance.