Wednesday, September 24, 2008

boobs... UGH!!!

i never had them (to speak of), and i never wanted any more than what i didn't already have!!! so, you can only imagine my horror when i turned 35 and they started growing...

not only did they grow...

they didn't exactly grow to the same length:/

well, maybe they did intend to grow congruently..
it's just a couple of years prior, i had to have my left, top rib
removed because it was impeding my circulation.
my ob/gyn informed me the surgery
is what has caused my incongruence.

so, i decided to have a "boob job".
i checked around to find the very best doctor.
my ob/gyn referred me.
i sat up my appointment...

and, then...

at 2:30 am (6 hours before my appointment)...

at 2:30 am...
i called the plastic surgeon's office
(knowing i would get his answering service)...
(knowing i wouldn't be asked to reschedule)...

and i left a message cancelling my appointment.

so, now...
i'm back to my original dilemma.
i don't like i have boobs i never wanted!
i don't like they hang... LONG!
and i HATE one hangs about 3/4"
longer than the other!

what should i do?
what would you do?

love and blessings,
lopsided dani xxx


Jan said...

Sorry, but I am laughing out loud with that hilarious drawing. I love it. Yes those things can create big problems as we get older for sure. I have always wanted the decreasing size job. I have always been a bustier gal. Even when I weighed 105 pds. It's not easy or fun. I would follow your gut and what your husband would want. Men are usually fine with what we have really. If they are hurting you or creating a really bad self esteem issue, then maybe. Good luck.

Michelle @ A Happy Heart said...

How could I not click over to this post entitled "boobs". First, wow, a rib removed? THis must have been major surgery - heaven sakes. I hope everything is well now. 2nd, I know that your story is a bit funny when I read it, but I can imagine that this is a very real problem for you. I can't tell you what to do, but I will post my funny boob/bra story to suppport you in your quest. If you felt that relief when you didn't get them done, than you must have made the right choice. Take care Dani - I'll post my story in your honor soon!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh my you are too funny! I have the different sizes going on too now - mine is because of nursing! I have toyed around with getting "a job" done - so you better keep us posted! Maybe I will just live through you!! So funny you are!!!

Shannon said...

OH DANI......You are not alone.
I too met with a Doctor in Henderson and thought I would be able to get the special he was know two for the price of one. Well....I was informed that I was not a candidate for the two fer one...but needed a lift as well. Then he said Lollipop and you know what that means....
Thank goodness for push-up and padded bra's. Yeah... a little false advertising never hurt anyone.
Be happy with yourself and keep your Bra ON!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Oh Dani!! It's not an easy one, is it??!
Even though one boob is longer than the other, i'm sure it is only you that can really notice it. My boobs are too big and i would like to have them reduced ~ but even if i had enough money to get the job done, i think that i would chicken out too!!
At the end of the day it's only you that can decide what to do.
I suppose we should just be grateful that our boobs are healthy ~ even though they might be lop-sided or too big or too small etc...!
Good luck with your decision making.
Amanda xx
( i love the little picture! )

Little Sweethearts said...

Mine have never been huge. They've varied in bra size (due to various factors) from a Bcup to AA (yes, I know that's small!), but even though that AA made me unhappy at the time, I'm sure I'd never "do" anything about it. A good bra is a good investment and may make you feel better about yourself without without leaving any scars.

That's just how I feel about it of course, but I know you value our honest opinions.

Love and hugs,

Christy said...

I wouldn't stress about it. My right boob is noticeably bigger than my left, but I seem to be the only person aware of the problem.

Cheri and Jesse said...

You are so funny!! I say that if you have the money and the desire, GO FOR IT!!!!!!

Dana said...

GET 'EM!!!! And while you are at it have 'em lifted as well!!!!
Woo Hoo!

Ginny said...

You weren't asking ME, were you??? hee hee

linda said...

Darling lopsided Dani...such a dilemna...although a funny one at that! I think we all have this problem to a certain degree. I definately have one that is more "perky" than the other. What's a girl to do (besides surgery)!?!

Tabitha said...

Boobs eh??? Don't you just love em!!
I have now officially lost 4 stone (56 pounds) ~ and my boobs are still hanging on in there ~ everything else has shrunk drastically ~ but not the boobs ha ha !! They have not shrunk as much as I would have liked ~ and then there is the whole sagging part (I know ~ I will never be happy tee hee!!)
I think that I would have done the same as you and not gone ahead (my fear of needles doesn't help there ha ha !!). I think that you should do what ever you feel is right ~ and only you can make that final decision!! From the photos of you I have seen (and of course these photos do not include your boobs bahahahahaha!!!!) ~ you are just gorgeous and I think you are perfect just as you are!!
love and huge big hugs ~ from my heart to yours!! XXXXXX

Tabitha said...

PS ~ Just popped back over and noticed your new blog background ~ I love it ~ it's great!!
love and hugs XXXX

kristen said...


Bren's Life said...

Oh Dani you Crack me up!! I had a Dr tell me that everyone's left or maybe it was right boob is bigger. I'd have to go look in the mirror & it ain't going to happen...
So do what you think is best for you. You could always put one of those pads in your bra if you don't want the surgery.

rhonda said...

i'd go for it!! in fact, i WILL be doing it after we are finished having children!! these boobs are way too big, long, and heavy for my back!! i think i could probably have them reconstructed medically......

Tanya said...

Hey Dani, love the pic, so cute lol!!! it's not an easy one to answer! I have thought about many times over the years... & I would have chickened out too!! I know friends who've had them done, one went through so much trouble afterwards! Do what makes you happy, but what ever you decide, do it for you!!!

t. xxxxx

E and T said...

Oh Dani, I'm also in the uneven boob club and it is even more funny now that I am breast feeding again. My right boob has always been bigger than my left. But breast feeding has it's own special way of making the "uneveness" even more pronounced!

But you've got me thinking, now that I recently turned 35 I am wondering if my boobs will also get longer!!! Goodness knows what my boobs are going to look like after children. My thinking at the moment is that I wouldn't have surgery.

Good luck with your decision dear Dani.

I've missed popping by your blog. I find at the moment I can either write a post for my blog OR comment. I'm sure as time goes by I will again find more time in my days, but for the moment my time is beautifully filled with playing, cuddles and kisses with Sav and Blake.

Thinking of you often and sending love and hugs

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh Dani,

you sound so tormented! I say go for it. I'm an A cup really but wear a very padded B to make me look bigger and if we could afford them I'd be under the knife in a flash. I have to admit though I love the fact that I'm small busted because I've never had to worry about wearing a support bra for sport etc.

Don't get me wrong if I had a 'boob job' i don't want to come out looking like a playboy centerfold, it would just be nice to be a big b or c cup and be able to fill out a bikini top for once in my life.

If you feel unhappy with what you've got now and you think getting them done would make YOU feel better then get on the phone and book yourself in. ( I wish I could)

Love em

meganxxx said...

Oh Dani it must be the month for this topic-especially in my house!!!

My boobs are lopsided too (i too have heard this is normal) and after being hospitalised last week with very scary chest pains (long story am ok though) my dr suggested among other things a new brassiere may be in order! Well lets just say they are bigger than i thought they were and some weight loss is definitely in order!

To top it off my poor Maddy has been blessed/cursed with an ample chest however she is only 5 foot tall so they are waaay out of proportion. After shopping for bathers (and many tears later) she has decided she wants to have them reduced. So it could be the surgeons office for us soon too.

I say go for whatever makes you happy Dani-they are yours after all!
Much love

SuzanSayz said...

And then I met a man who had no boobs. LOL!

Honestly though Dani, I would bet that you are really the only one who ever notices that your boobage is a little lop sided. I get so nervous when I think of any kind of surgery so maybe I'm not the best judge, but I say if it's not really hurting you in any significant way then just go with what you got.

Anonymous said...

I'm so laughing WITH you right now. And I KNOW, what's with boobs? They can be so annoying.

I'm kinda glad you chickened out D. It makes me nervous when friends GO UNDER. I'm just chicken like that. I'd rather keep you than have you have perky boobs! Victoria Secret baby!

MoziEsmé said...

The age-old dilemma! Different details, maybe, but it seems we all have it!

Robin said...

Where you having implants or just having your boobs lifted?

Just do what you feel is best for you. I don't talk about this much but I had a boob job almost 3 years ago. Yes, I like how perky they are and they are a lot of fun here in Vegas ;-) but in general I'm not happy with them. The good news is that they look natural and not fake BUT my doc made them too big. I did my homework in picking my doctor but in the end, he just didn't listen to me AT ALL. I specifically told him I didn't want them large. Just lifted and back to my normal cupsize. Long story short = my shrunken and droopy 36A's went to a now 36 D's on my 5'0 frame. My plan was to back to a 34B.

Everyone tells me that they don't look too large for me but I know what I'm comfortable with and these just are too big for me.

Don't mean to scare you sweetie. Just a word of caution if you decide to go through with the surgery.

Either way, you're beautiful!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

This post got quite a response! :)
I'm just all for the "be content with what you have" theory. I think every woman has body image issues. We are so much happier when we just embrace who we are.
You are beautiful!