Friday, March 6, 2009

i'm BENIGN!!!

(my girl on our way to dinner:)

i picked up katherine from school yesterday afternoon, and we went out for an early dinner... as john was going to go watch our high school's regional basketball game an hour away from home. we were eating and talking when my cell phone rang.

i don't usually take my cell phone into restaurants with me unless i am expecting an important call. well, yesterday i was. i had waited all day for the call from my dermatologist about the excision she had done on my back a couple of weeks ago.

i answered, "hello???"

"dana?, this is (insert name) calling from owensboro dermatology." (it still makes me go :/ when people mispronounce my name.)

"yes???" i said.

"i just wanted to call and let you know that the doctor..." (this was where she started reading what the doctor had advised me to do in regards to the places on my face...). after reading these directions to me, she reminded me that i have recheck appointment in two weeks.

then there was silence...

"and what about the place on my back???" i inquired.
(that WAS the reason for my call-in to the doctor, yesterday:?)

more silence...

"oh... it's benign," she finally answered... like, 'no big deal...'.

it wouldn't have been a very big deal to me either except that the last time i had had an excision, i had to return for a re-excision...
as the results had NOT been benign.

i was immediately beyond thrilled that i didn't have to go back to the office for anything more than a recheck:D

"ok, thank you." i said; and then i ended the call.

thank You, GOD!!! i thought to myself:)

after i told her my news,
katherine gave me a high five;
and we finished our meals:b

love and God's blessings to you ALL, too,
dani xx


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

WOO-HOO! Have a great weekend!!!!!

Amanda said...

Can you hear me breathing a big sigh of relief?!
I'm so happy for you ~ that's a huge weight lifted of your shoulders.
Have a wonderful weekend now.
Love and Hugs,
Amanda x

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Very very good news Dani!!
So glad to hear this.

Hannah said...


Cheri and Jesse said...

YAY!!!!! That is the way to get the weekend off to a GREAT start!! I'm beyond thrilled for you!!

Hannah said...

OH! I just got your comment on yesterday's post.

Oh, jeez.... Losers.
Jacob may have given up MSN (for I haven't seen him on ALL week), but I've seen him on FB. So, who knows?

Okey dokey :) I probably won't start it until I get my English done, which will most likely not be until the middle of March (I have to do 4 whole chapters of grammar and then read Julius Caesar and Antigone). So, I suppose take your time ;P

My tutor came Tuesday (as I said in my post), and she had my PLAN scores with her. She looked over them with me, and told me that my composite score was 20 out of 32, which was average, and then she continued to review with me. She then came to my mathematics and science scores, and saw that my math was a 17 and my science was a 19, both of which were on the below average end of the scores.

Let's just say after that it wasn't pretty.

I mean, I get that the tutors don't know exactly why you're on home hospital, but about harsh.

Tabitha said...

High five indeed Dani!!
I am beyond relieved that all is ok with you.
So so happy to read this post.
Love and big hugs Tab XXXX

Tabitha said...

Me again ~ forgot to say I LOVE the new look ~ XXXXXX

SuzanSayz said...

Dani that is such wonderful news. I can't believe she would have acted that matter of fact. She must be earning minimum wage or something. You know the type,"you can make me do the job I'm being payed for but don't ever expect me to care." She can't even get your name right? Lame. Totally lame.
And I want you to know just how MUCH I love seeing my precious girl's pictures on your sidebar. You would think I would be somewhat immune to their sweet little faces, but no, I still smile every time.
I also LOVE the new look. I would like to find fabric in that print!
Happy Weekend to you my friend!!!

Jacob said...

chyeah!!! glad to hear dani b.

now I need to go look up what benign is hahahah :P

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

I love your new D in your profile. Very cute and goes great with the new background Dani.

God has your back. Literally :)

Lucy said...

Dani that is indeed wonderful news and very relieving news at that. Katherine looks just so beautiful in that picture. Love the new look as well.
Love and hugs XXXXOOOO

linda said...

Dani, you just made my week!

"Thank you Lord for Dani's good report from the Dr. today. Thank you that we can come to you with our burdens and our prayers...and that you not only hear them, but you answer them!"

E and T said...

Hi Dani

Benign - the. best. word. ever. I am so thankful and beyond happy that this was the news you received. What a HUGE relief.

Lots of love and big hugs
Elise :)

Jae said...

really good yar ur website... superb... do the best.... wen happy visit too yar...

MoziEsmé said...

Wonderful! I'm so happy you don't have to worry about that!

Do you have this in pink? said...

Dani, you must be so relieved it's not sinister. As you know I've been away so long and am now catching up on sooo much.
I had no idea Katherine has been so sick, has she missed alot of school? And you had shingles, wow, they are meant to be terrible, just shocking. I hope your feeling normal again now.
As for the dresses they are all gorgeous, I especially love the first one, it's like every little girls dream princess dress. Too pretty, Can't wait to see your Kitty Kat in it!

Em xoxox

Little Sweethearts said...

B-E-N-I-G-N. Such wonderful news!!! high five !


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

I am so happy! Sorry I haven't replied sooner. I kind of took a break last week. So glad to hear the good news though. :)