Thursday, March 19, 2009


what IS wrong with this picture???
(lol, other than the dork who is modeling;)

well, i'll get to "the rest of that story"...


it is said of most of us who live in the state of kentucky
that we bleed blue...
that doesn't however mean that we are blue bloods...

(just ask anyone north of our border, ha!!!)


no, our blue blood originated with the birth of the kentucky wildcats men's basketball program (whose colors are (kentucky blue) and white) in 1903 at the university of kentucky, which has grown to be the winningest team in the history of college basketball in all-time wins, in all-time winning percentage, and also in leading the nation in ncaa (national collegiate athletic association) tournament appearances!!!

further, our team (most commonly referred to as "big blue")always has boasted a number 1 ranking in the nation in home game attendance!!! those in attendance are only a very small percentage of a tremendous number of fans known as
"the big blue nation"!!!


those of you who live abroad probably associate kentucky with...


no, seriously, either with fried chicken (kfc) or the derby, right???
well, here, in our state the aforementioned really pale in comparison
to our college basketball...

so, you can only imagine the outrage with the new (2nd year) coach this year
given that our team was not invited to the ncaa tournament due to very
poor performances by our team... (this is the 1st time in 18 years
that the university of kentucky wildcats have not been invited...
and then only because of violations not because of poor performance.)


two years ago, the uk fans ran then coach, orlando,"tubby", smith, out of the
state because of his "poor performance" as a coach.

in his 10 years at uk, tubby's "poor performance" included:

one national championship in 1998
a perfect 16-0 regular season conference record in 2003
six Sweet Sixteen finishes(ncaa)
four Elite Eight finishes (ncaa)
five SEC regular season championships
quickly accruing 100 wins (second only to adolph rupp)
AP Coach of the Year

anyway, tubby left uk and took a position as head
basketball coach at the university of minnesota...

minnesota was thrilled to have him...
given that in one year tubby took the "golden gofers of minnesota"
from a losing season of 8–22 in 2006–2007
to 20–14 in 2007–2008
to 22-10 this year!!!


in turn, the athletic department at the university of kentucky
hired dizzy billy gillespie...
to coach us out of our RUT(?).

well, mr. gillespie coached us to a (21-13) season
and dug us right out of...
("out of" something, alright; but it wasn't exactly our rut!!!)

being invited to the ncaa championship tourney:/


HOWEVER, guess who IS going to be there???

you guessed it;)

tubby and his golden golfers!!!


now, you know "the rest of the story"!!!
(pertaining to the above photo;)


love and GOD's blessings,
dani xx

ps. whose hat are you wearing during this madness of march???


Little Sweethearts said...

Actually I think the model looks pretty darn good!


Amanda said...

I have to agree with Tania!
Whichever team you follow, i hope they do well this season!
(ours should be the same colour as Milo!)

Tabitha said...

That is a great post Dani ~ and you look great in the picture (obviously I mean the one where I can see you ~ not the other one ha ha !!!).
AND ~ you are totally right ~ I do associate Kentucky totally with you ~
Love and big hugs Tabitha XXXXXXXX

SuzanSayz said...

Wow. Sporty Dani. Who knew? All I know about March Madness is that my son Donald practically forgets about politics in favor of Basketball.
Have fun with your B-ball watching, my friend!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

LOL I am watching the Gophers now--playing TEXAS ;)

I was surprised UK wasn't there either--you know, even though there is no UK tie, you could cheer for the Buckeyes, we are closer ;)

Anonymous said...

you look adorable!
Go Gofers!!!!

I'm wearing maroon for Texas A&M!!! Gig 'em.

Lisa said...

Yes, donald is in March Madness so much :)

Christy said...

When we lived in KY, our neighbor was always wearing a UK hat. We nicknamed him "Kentucky Blue."

Purple Teacup said...

You are cute!

juz said...

Ok - that was like reading another language! LOL! I mean I could kinda get it but most bits were waaaay beyond me!! (like the whole scoring bit!)

However - I got the gist and I think you look very cute and cheeky in the hats!!!

Have a lovely weekend Dani


Sally said...

hahahaha What a CUTE picture(s)!

Kentucky raises awesome basketball players. My dad was one! He played AllStar for the Navy, and then coached the Navy team here in FL. So, yes we are basketball happy people! :)

Have a great weekend, Dani!

Ginny said...

Go Louisville!!!!