Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pictionary, mancala, and connect four...

oh, my!!!

(please excuse the mess; it happens;)


on new years eve, katherine & co. were bored...
WTHeck??? right???
i jokingly told her to get out some old games for them
to play...

she did!!!

so, the four sat down at the dining room table.
first, they played pictionary then pass the pigs.
they actually played for a couple of hours:)

now, you know from earlier posts that katherine has
several gaming systems, all the new games
for which she has asked, as welll as gadgets (ie rock band, the sims,
the old/new guitar heroes... not to mention a new laptop, ipod,
a new tv, a new cell phone, and every hand held gaming
unit made since she was about 6. (by the way, i do not
mean to sound boastful here; (she has accrued these items
over years and years of birthdays and Christmases.
further, she, like her
mother, just never rids herself of anything;/)
i'm just trying to convey that they should NOT have been bored!!!)

since the beginning of the year, i have been pleasantly
surprised to find katherine & company sitting in the floor
playing other old games like mancala and connect four.


john and i went out to dinner with some friends last night
to celebrate st. patrick's day. later, katherine called
to ask if it was alright for chico to come over while we were
at dinner. i told her it was fine, but they better behave, ha!!!

not long after receiving her call, we finished our dinner
and returned home.
when we came in the door, we found katherine and chico
sitting in the middle of the den floor playing mancala
with the connect four game awaiting its turn to be played.

i don't know about you; but my heart sings...
when i see joy stemming from low-tech enjoyment
in high-tech days such as these:D

love and GOD's blessings,
dani xx

ps. do your children/grandchildren play board games???
what were your favorites when you were young???
mine??? i loved chinese checkers, clue,
monopoly (though i never finished a game),
tip-it, the dating game, mousetrap, checkers,
etc... heck, i think i may have loved them all:)

oh, and lastly, i wanted to share this...

(a pic of my girls from yesterday;)


Tabitha said...

I am pleased to report that Dan and Lauren do love their board games ~ aswell as all the high tech stuff that they have!
They love connect 4 too and give them a pack of playing cards and they will play snap and make up games!
I used to love Operation when I was younger and battle ships ~ not sure if you have those games over in the US!!??
Take care ~ love and big hugs Tab XXX

PS ~ the picture of your girl is wonderful xxx

Cheri and Jesse said...

My boys LOVE to play what we can "regular" games, almost (but not quite) as much as Wii, PS2, or the computer. They like to play Monopoly Jr., Sequence Jr., Uno, War, Zingo (like Bingo), and we also play a few games with dice that I have no idea what the names are.

As a kid I used to like to play Life, Operation, Clue, Monopoly (but also never finished a game, heck I think we'd still be playing), and that's all I can think of at the moment. But we sure had fun!

Glad to hear that Kat's generation is bringing out the "regular" games again!!!!


Amanda said...

My favourite game as a kid was Cluedo ~ i used to play it all the time with my big sister.

My boys are at their happiest when the can go outside to play ~ that's what they are doing right now! tire themselves out before bedtime :-)

Your girls are beautiful!

Amanda x

Sally said...

Awwww, this post really conjures up wonderful memories~before my grandson passed away, we played Monopoly a lot; he loved it and loved cheatin' his grandma. He had all those other gadgets too, Dani, so like you it made my heart swell that he liked the old traditional games as well.

Your daughter is beautiful. :)

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

Cute picture of her.

We love board games too. And pass the pigs is one of them. Love the simple things about it. And I love watching them land in weird postitions especially. I got the hardest one only once. I squealed Hee hee

Hannah said...


I've come to the conclusion that Pass the Pigs is one of the most epic games in the history of man-kind. Why? Because it's the most pointless game ever. Hahahaha. So fun, though.

What was my favorite when I was younger? Hmm.... Well, I played mousetrap with Maggie and my cousin, Sarah, when I would come up here from Austin almost every Christmas, and they would always get mad at me because I LOOOOOVED playing house with the mice. Don't ask me why. But, when I lost all of the mice, I was banned from playing it. Fun, eh? Hahahaha

ALSO! My favorite, favorite, FAVORITE of all time (and still is!!), is CLUUUUEEE!!! AH! I adore that game to pieces! My board is split into from playing it so much, though :/


SuzanSayz said...

Dani I can't even concieve of anyone thinking you are bragging. I think you are one of the sweetest, kindest and most humble people I know.
I love playing board games with my family.
Over the years my grandaughter Abbey and me have become "Sorry" buddies. We both love that game, and since it's almost always just us two playing we play double Sorry where we each take two colors. I can't think of a better way to bond with the people you love than sitting down to a good board game.

Jae said...

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MoziEsmé said...

Love the green!

And I'm hoping Miss Esme will love the bored games. We'll see!