Tuesday, September 17, 2013

my team...

(scott, dani, and tl)

a couple of months ago,
i received a text from my 
terry givens "tl".

"hey, do you know anyone
fresh out of college that would be
interested in selling contract work?"

i thought for a moment...
then responded,

"let me think about it."


i couldn't think of anyone right away
because the kids i know
are katherine's age
(with only 2 years of college under their belts).


a couple of weeks later
john and i were at tl's for a cookout.
tl's younger son, scott,
who now runs much of the business,
came over and knelt in front of me.

"dani, will you go out and sell for us?"
he asked.

i was taken completely by surprise!

"yes, you!  i want you to sell our services."
he responded.

"oh, scott, i don't know.
i've never worked in sales before...
what exactly are you selling?"
i was backpedaling.
i'd never even sold candy bars in school,
popcorn in baseball...
cookies in girl scouts.

"i'll be right back," he said.
he went to his truck and returned
with a piece of paper.
on it were two lists of 
facility management/staffing services,
"on demand and scheduled".

i looked at it and back at scott.

i had watched scott grow up!

"let me take it home and look at it,
and i'll let you know.  ok?"

"ok," he said.


i had to at least think about it.
you see i had worked 
for the givens consulting group, inc.
since 1988.

in 1988 tl taught me to drive a fork-lift,
to letter and paint banners,
to draw and label emergency maps.
it was the work i did for him
that put me on the 
occupational safety and health road,
which culminated in my osh degree.

over the years i had done quite a bit
contract safety work for tl
but no sales...


i thought about it over the weekend,
and on monday morning i called tl.
"ok, i'll tell you what i'll be willing to do, t-lee,"
i continued.
"i will get you up and running...
learn everything i need to know to sell.
i will go out and sell.
if it looks like it's not working for either of us,
i will help you hire another sales person
and educate them on the business."

"well, alright then!" tl responded.


upon beginning to learn the new part of the business,
the part i was going to be selling,
i started getting really excited
and more and more confident.

i remember the moment it clicked with me,

"i believe in this and in the team
with which i'll be working...
i can do this!"


after that epiphany,
i never looked back...
i knew i had to bring our group
in to the 21st century:
setting up a website:
a facebook account:
a twitter account:
and, yes, a blog:


selling our team has been
so effortless.
for, we provide services businesses need.

how could a business not want
a group to come in with:
a team who can smoothly transition!
a team with a flawless production
and safety record!
a team that the givens build up!
a team that takes pride in doing 
the best job they can do!


working with this group has always
been a blessing
it continues to be...


love and God's blessings,
dani xxx


Sally said...

Well, goodness Dani, you already sold me and I don't even know what you're selling! :)

Best of luck to you and the team! God bless.


Givens Consulting Group, Inc. said...

thank you, miss sally:)
love you, dxxx