Saturday, October 10, 2009

a little fall break

last sunday morning john packed the commander to overflowing and waved, "good-bye", as i backed my jeep out of the driveway and onto the lane. i waved back to him.

carrying precious cargo, katherine, jacob, hannah, and darin (aka... the scooby doo gang;), i drove 6 hours from the lane to our destination, the great smoky mountains!!!

late sunday afternoon, we arrived at our chalet, which i'd leased for the week. it was really nice... three bedrooms/three baths, a great room with pool table, big screen tv, and fireplace, a hot tub, and even dolly parton rockers, ha!!!


the drive up???
not so much!!!

we decided that this would be a week of celebrations...

monday = halloween

we started monday off with the pancake pantry followed by photos in the village, a scary walk through the mysterious mansion, a ride up the sky lift, barbecued chicken pizza at the chalet and a scary movie!!!

tuesday = thanksgiving

we celebrated with a trip to ripley's aquarium, tepee pictures, and later at the chalet... relaxation in the the hot tub followed by turkey sandwiches... it was pouring rain, which meant no driving down the mountainside for me!!!

wednesday = Christmas

on wednesday we went to the outlet mall stimulating ralph lauren's economy and did a late lunch at tony roma's. we then went to the Christmas place in pigeon forge where we each bought Christmas tree ornaments for each other so that we could decorate a silk tree back at the chalet. what's Christmas without a little tree trimming??? after exchanging ornaments and decorating the tree, we finished out the day with brick oven pizza:P

oh... the scooby gang also happened upon a bear...

not to worry, after a call for help, i rescued them:/

(photo of said bear as we passed by it;)

thursday = new year's eve

we kicked off thursday's celebration with a trip to the log cabin pancake house. afterward, we headed over to pigeon forge for fun at magiquest, pictures at wonderworks, and cherry limeade at sonic. we returned to gatlinburg for old time photos, taffy, and fudge. after a nap, we ventured to corky's for barbecue nachos... then we returned to the chalet but not before stopping at food city for jacob's birthday cookie, sparkling cider, and a yule log for the fireplace... lol, none of this, however, to be outdone by the blow up babe we happened onto in the parking lot!!!

we've had a wonderful week;
i hope you have, too!!!

much love,
dani xx

ps. on second thought, i think i might should have entitle this post, "a LOT of fall noshing..." :P


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. The pictures are great and I can tell everyone had a great time. We did that once. The name of our cabin was Gramma's cabin and it was raining the night we got there. Once we got up on top of the mountain, we didn't want to come down. But come down we did. Had to hit all the spots you know.

Tanya said...

Dani, fantastic photos of a wonderful week! Loved your chalet, not so sure about the bear though :) The Scooby Doo Gang are indeed lucky to have had such a fun week, I'm just a little bit jealous :)

Love Tan xxxx

I bet Maggie is very happy to have you home.. xx

Lucy said...

Dani. Sounds like a great get-away. The Scooby Doo Gang are such a fun loving group and I imagine such fun to be around. Hope your are relaxing and taking it easy. That bear looks a little mean to me.
Love and hugs. XXXXOOO

SuzanSayz said...

Wow the closest to anything that wonderful, within a mere six hour drive would have to be the Seattle area at just under four hours. It always seems to me that the filler States, i.e. the ones not on the outer edges like Washington, have so many great places to visit within a days drive. Actually when I think about it, the Eastern Seaboard, Texas, Florida and all the rest of the corner and frame pieces of the big old jig-saw puzzle called the USA have more interesting places close by than us.

Dana said...

Wow! You should be a travel agent/event planner,D!!! Sounds fun!

Sally said...

You and the gang sure know how to have fun!

I'm SO glad everyone had a great time and arrived back home safely.

You totally rock, Ms Dani!! :)

Little Sweethearts said...

Hello Dani, I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful time up the mountain!

Whoever bought that hippo ornament: I think it's hilarious!

And may I compliment the Scooby Doo gang on their 'Far West' pictures... I love those.


linda said...

The one thing that sticks out most from this post is Fun, Fun, Fun! It sounds like you all had a blast and it's very apparent that you are a very generous host Dani! What fun memories you have made for those lucky kids!

Allikaye's Mama said...

What a fun mom you are!! Seriously! I love that idea of celebrating the different holidays on your little getaway! Genius! And those pictures are ALL great! That will be an amazing memory for the scooby doo gang!! Hugs to you girl!! xoxo

PhotoChick said...

Wow! You guys had such a wonderful time, and the pictures definitely showed it! I watched them go up on Facebook throughout the week, and there are so many good ones! Sounds like everything really went well :o)

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments you left me the other day! I really need to get some more posts up -- so much has happened over the last week (and more to catch up on too)!

The Fall Fest was almost entirely a rain-out (Sunday afternoon, Wednesday, & Saturday were the only half-way decent days) Perry, Liv, & I did manage to get down there on Wednesday, but the crowd was just ridiculous. I think it definitely had enough people to be the 2nd largest street festival!

I cannot wait for date night! Perry and I just keep talking about it :o) And I'll have to ask him about that episode of the Brady Bunch, since I've never seen any of the original episodes (No cable growing up, and not enough time now!)

Hope everything is going great for you guys -- glad you all had a fun time and made it back safely!

All my Love!

Bren's Life said...

Man you are the mom of all moms'! Letting her take 3 friens with her on vacation.. Man you rock and not like it was free for you huh?! What a great time and I love all the pictures...

Anonymous said...

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