Friday, December 3, 2010

adding to my collection...

you are thinking pajamas;
aren't you!!?!?

well, you are partially correct, ha;)

i do have 2 brand-new pairs of flannels
awaiting my donning!



the collection to which i am referring
is my Christmas movie collection.

for the past several years in mid-november,
i've gone online and have ordered various
Christmas movies to add to my ever-growing
collection of vhs's and dvd's to enjoy
throughout the holiday season.

over the years, i have seen many of them
(and many of the classics, repeatedly).
though, thanks to internet i have found
a multitude that i have never seen at all..
never have i even heard of them.

this year i ordered such popular ones as:

Christmas in connecticut
holiday inn
a Christmas carol

a few with popular Christmas scenes:

meet me in st. louis
an affair to remember
love affair

several oldies but completely new to me:

the shop around the corner
it happened on 5th avenue
beyond tomorrow
holiday affair

a newer one i somehow missed along the way:


and last but not least...
the one, which i was thrilled to find:

truman capote's, a Christmas memory!


is there a Christmas movie on this year's list
of which you are particularly fond
(or a rare gem i am missing)?

if so,


love and God's blessings,
dani xx


the chauffeur said...

i saw neither christmas vacation nor the first two die hard movies in your list. get to orderin'.

Lisa said...

I think one of my absolute FAVORITE parts of the Holidays are snuggling up and watching Christmas movies. It just doesn't get better than that :)

Sally said...

Awesome! New/old Christmas movies AND pajama's - girl, you're on a roll and I love it!! ((((hugs))))