Saturday, October 4, 2008

john is plumbing...

and i need to potty (sorry, but i do!!!)...

brush my teeth, shower, shampoo and shave!!!
not to mention katherine does, too:o

two nights ago, i mentioned to john that katherine's faucet was dripping in her bathroom (first mistake) and i inquired if i could just turn the water off leading directly to her tub... as she uses our shower and not her tub, anyway.

"i fixed that," he replied.

those of you who read me on a regular basis KNOW that john (meaning well) tries hard but is NOT handy.

"well, i don't know when you fixed it," i replied, "but it is and has been dripping."

"i fixed that months ago," he continued. "i can fix it; there is no need to turn the water off leading to the tub. it's probably just a "whatchamacallit" that needs to be replaced." (he didn't call it a "whatchamacallit", by the way... i just cannot remember what he said needed to be replaced (maybe a gasket???).)

anyway, this is the current situation:

(a panel in katherine's room located directly behind her tub's faucets)

1. john has turned off the water main.
(there is no water leading to the house.)

2. john is gone.
(i assume he is at a hardware store somewhere in town.)

3. no water is coming from any faucet in the house.
(except, for some reason, the pipes (in the photo above) have a steady stream of water coming from them dripping straight down into the furnace room in our basement. AND the faucet in kat's tub is also STILL dripping???)

4. i did remove katherine's nightlight (in the photo above) from the equation since it was a gift from her great aunt.
(i KNOW john has a "snake light" for emergencies such as these somewhere in this house. i know he does because i bought it for him (second mistake!!!) .)

5. did i say that my sweet husband is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND???
(yeah, i thought so...)

anyway, that's my morning in a nutshell:/
how has yours been???

love and blessings,
floating eyes, stinky dani with a drip xx


linda said...

What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!! I hope you get to go potty soon!

My hubby is soooo not handy. We have to hire out for everything!

dani said...

linda, john just got home, came through, and said...
"next time, call a plumber..."

Christy said...

Weird that you posted this, because my husband recently "fixed" a leaky kitchen sink and now we need to call a plumper.

Jan said...

Oh no Dani. I am glad that he came through. Not the best of weekend beginnings for ya.

Happy flushing from this point on. :)

Amanda said...

Oh John! Maybe you should just stick to the day job?!
I hope your day gets better!
Amanda x

Bren's Life said...

Every time I read your stories about John trying to fix something. I always think of The Cosby Show & Mr. Cosby trying to fix the shower... Did you see that episode?
Good luck. You should of called & had someone come fix it while he was gone & then said John You did it! When he got home! Some how you fixed it!!!!

Tabitha said...

Oh Dani ~ I am still laughing!!! I hope that John has returned, and I hope that everything has stopped dripping and that you have been able to get in the shower!!
Sounds like fun on your side of the world!!
love and big hugs XXXXXXXXXXXXX

dani said...

christy, i'm feeling your pain!!! the plumber i called (3 hours ago) is still not here...

dani said...

jan, he didn't "come through" (as in he fixed it); he just literally "came through the room (as in "he walked in"), ha!!! it is still broken:(

dani said...

well, it hasn't yet, amanda!!! but, i'm thinking, "anytime now???"

dani said...

bren, i should have never even brought his attention to it!!!
ps he is VERY cliff huxtablish:b

dani said...

tab, i'm still unshowered... i have, however, relieved my bladder:), and we are STILL waiting for the plumber to get here!!!
do you think they'd let me on that jet to the uk without a passport???

Dana said...

ooooo. no shower yet??? How are you coping? Does the basement need a sump pump yet?

dani said...

it has two sump-pumps; thank you, GOD!!! no shower, yet... i may have to go stay at the holiday inn express, d!!!

E and T said...

Oh I hear you Dani. My darling Troy is so NOT handy either, yet he is always willing to try and fix something, he never gives up and wants to try this and that in order to fix something. However, it has taken four years, a few mini disasters and we have now reached an agreement that we will call in professionals for any handy job that needs to be done around the house. Troy, after his most recent bungle (if you will) now appreciates the value of calling in the professionals.

What good husbands we have for being so determined and having such faith in their abilities. I think it is admirable (and darn hilarious) that they just keep on trying to tinker around the house despite a string of not so successful outcomes.

Oh dear Dani, I hope you get your water back soon and that you got to use the potty.

Lots of love and hugs

Tanya said...

Oh no Dani!!! not a good way to spend a Saturday morning!! I agree just call a plumber LOL!!!! I hope your day got better!

t. xxxx