Sunday, October 26, 2008


by definition, procrastination is a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision.

my name is dani berrong;
and i am a procrastinator!!!

yesterday, i posted pictures of a going away party i had here on the lane 5 years ago this weekend. the anonymous d (bless her heart) co-hosted the party with me. i added "bless her heart" because she is NOTHING like me and yet she still loves me as i do her.

had the party been at her house (on the hill), we would not have been installing new blinds throughout her house, hanging lights on her deck, cleaning the oven, polishing the silver, and looking for misplaced tablecloths three hours before the party.

however, since it was on the lane instead of on the hill,
we were.

this is how i have lived my whole life...
until the last minute!!!
(see my blogger banner;)

because i waited until the last minute to clean my oven,
the anonymous d and i had to high tail it to church
to bake our part of the food
so that the nachos grande wouldn't taste like
nachos easy off!!!

because i waited until the last minute to find the tablecloths,
i was at walmart 45 minutes before the party buying fabric
to decorate the tables.

because i waited until the last minute,
i was stepping out of the shower when the first guests arrived
rather than greeting them.

i was quickly clean, dressed and ready to rock and roll, though:)
such is my life...

in the end,
the blinds all looked great
as did the deck lights and tables!!!
the food was awesome and didn't taste like oven cleaner!!!
the margarita punch was a knock-out
and looked fabulous in my shiny silver punch bowl!!!

and the party???
it was a huge success!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx

ps. are you a procrastinator, too???


linda said...

From one procrastinator to another...I hear ya sister!!

(It looks like the party was sooo fun and a complete success!)

Anonymous said...

OH BOY... were you actually writing about me? Sure sounded like me. Now I have one more thing to love about Dani. love-F

SuzanSayz said...

Am I a procrastinator? AM I A PROCRASTINATOR????????

I actually have a Masters in the fine art of Procrastination.

About the only thing I don't put off, is going to the bathroom. And sometimes I even actually do wait until almost the last minute for that.

So Dani my friend, as a member in good standing, I would like to officially induct you into the

Put It Off As Long As You Can Guild Of The Procrastinator's Society Of The Perpetually Tardy.

Yearly dues; 25.50

Don't worry about the dues though no one ever gets around to paying them anyway.

Christy said...

I am not a procrastinator. I tend to get things done early. And I hate being late. However, since Izzy's birth, I seem to be late more often than not.

Ginny said...

Is this one of those one word answer games? My answer is NO! But did that matter in the end, NO again! Let's blog about if you are a "late" person........Same answer here. Love you anyway!!!!!

Tabitha said...

Dani ~ we must we long lost ~ separated at birth SISTERS!! TEE HEE!!
Yes, I am just the same as you!!
Today we made it to the christening by the skin of our teeth ~ time just ran away from me ha ha !!
You are wonderful ~ just as you are and we wouldn't want you any other way!
love and hugs XXXX

Amanda said...

Yep, i tend to leave things to the last moment too and end up in a panic!
My motto is i'll do it later or it can wait till another day!
Glad i'm not the only one :)
Amanda x

Anonymous said...

It was an awesome party and it was a great learning experience for me!!! I learned that everything can come together in a matter of hours and not to sweat the small stuff!!!!

Thanks for being such a great friend!

Love you!!!!!
Anoymous d

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

My husband is a huge one--it drive me CRAZY!

avtcoach said...

New to your site and I love it! How clever you are with the Picturetrail! I bet everyone had a blast at your party irregardless of the set up...your blog spells fun and I bet you are too!

Shannon said...

I remember sitting at my parents house the day of the said party. Pete had just finished his first marathon in Indy and our plan was to drive the two hours back to your house...needless to say Pete was way too tired to do anything. We sure did miss seeing all of you. Thanks for posting pics. It's almost like we were there....almost:)

E and T said...

Hi Dani

Sometimes I wish I was more easy going. I tend to be a very planned and organised person - most of the time anyway.

I love that you can get to the day of a party and go about organising things three hours out. I would probably be a little frazzled if I was having a shower when guests were arriving.

Even though we are opposites in this respect, I would dearly love to spend time with you. Imagine the laughs we would have. You are so special just the way you are.

Lots of love and hugs

Tanya said...

Hey Dani you just described ME!!!! lol for some reason I seem to function better under pressure... most of the time!

t. xxx

Little Sweethearts said...

Some things I plan months in advance but because I have a tendency to change my mind I sometimes end up like you: scrambling to find the right stuff at the last minute.

Love and Hugs,

Bren's Life said...

Holy Cow! Christmas music & Halloween hasn't even passed yet...
I'm with ya on that. I am the same way..
Glad you all had fun though

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

I am a huge procrastinator. In fact, I am procrastinating right now. :)

Anonymous said...

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