Tuesday, October 7, 2008



(tania with caitlin:)

when i started blogging, i did so
to keep keep up with friends
and to keep a record of this and that
for katherine.

however, not long after i started, i happened onto sheye rosemeyer's blog. there were several of us that commented each day as a way to support sheye in the loss of her beautiful super-princess, ava. it was there and then that friendships began to form.

one such friendship that was formed was between
tania (little sweethearts)
and me.

i can remember leaving her a comment (my first on her blog) about different activities she could do for her son's birthday party. several days later she responded.
i was thrilled!!!

we became fast friends:D

actually something clicked and 6 of us (tabitha (uk), amanda (scotland), tania (belgium), elise (australia), and tanya (australia)) became "fast friends"!!!

what a gift!!!

tania came up with the brilliant idea of us puting together

the "snail mail bunch"!!!

it has been so much fun sending and recieving
not only blogger comments and email

but also "snail mail"!!!

tania is a lovely, lovely person. she has a sweet, romantic husband...

(kenneth proposing a renewal of their wedding vows:)
and two beautiful children...

(princess caitlin and prince robin:)

she aslo has a heart of platinum;)

as she was one of the first to get on the nielson bandwagon
and donate from her etsy store
to aid in their recovery after an horrific plane crash
nearly took their young lives.

tania is all that, HONESTLY, and so, so much more!!!

i am so blessed to have the honor of calling her


please feel free to leave my dear friend
birthday wishes here at "give me...",
or go over and visit her,
or (even better yet) in both places!!!

love, knuffels (hugs), and blessings,
dani xx

ps if you visit tania's blog and comment,
you will be entered to win
a set of darling Christmas ornaments
she created commemorating not only her birthday
but also her 100th post!!!
good luck:D


Bren's Life said...

What a sweet friend you are. I love your tribute to her & how sweet your firendship has become.
Happy Birthday - Friend!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I love that you have formed real friendships via blogging.
It's a great post for your friend!
(And of course I am going over there--I mean anything Christmas......)

Little Sweethearts said...

Oh Dani, I have such a huge smile on my face right now, you almost wouldn't believe it!!!

Thank you SO much for your kind birthday wishes! Not only did you dedicate a post to me, but you also included my family (I'll have to show K. your post!) and the friends we have made (all thanks to a little super princess)!

Thank you so, so much my friend. I'm the one who has been blessed with so many new friends around the world.

Love & many, many knuffels,

linda said...

Happy Birthday Tania!!

Dani, Tania sounds like a wonderful person and friend! I'll head on over to give her my birthday wishes as well!

Amanda said...

What a sweet post Dani. I fell i have known you girls for a lot longer than i have. I would love to meet you all one day.
I have been over to wish Tania a Happy Birthday!
Amanda x

Tabitha said...

That is a truly lovely post Dani!
We are a great little bunch ~ us Snail Mailers!! I too feel that we have all been so lucky to find each other and you have all become great friends to me ~ also people who I feel I know (even though we have never met!!) ~ and trust!!
Happy Birthday to sweet Tania!!
and Thank you to you ~ for your friendship ~ may we all be friends for many many years to come!!
love and hugs XXXXX

Jan said...

Happy Birthday Tania.

That is a great story of how you all met up. So neat Dani. It is always nice to become aquainted with kindred spirits. We all need them in our lives.

Snail Mail. How cute.

SuzanSayz said...

I just love that I have made so many lovely friends through blogging. And it's funny because in my non-blogging life I am almost anti-social. I have several women friends but for some reason I never seem to go beyond the friendly talking when we run into each other. I'm really bad about following through with setting up lunch dates or any other kind of socializing. I am just so content with the way things are that I never feel the need for anything beyond casual friends. I do realize (my daughter Heidi, who is quite social and loves having a circle of friends lets me know all the time how weird I am that way) that I am way out of the norm but I'm just that way.
But ya know, blogging has kinda forced me to make friends and enjoy them. And I really do.
I guess this is my long way of saying I'm happy to have you for a friend Dani, and I love that you have made so many deep connections on line. And of course I need to say, Happy Birthday to you Tania!!!!!

Jenn said...

That's why it's called the WORLD WIDE web.

It's neat to have friends all over the world. Kinda weird when you think about it.

It's like old fashioned pen pals. Only better.

Tanya said...

Beautiful Dani! Happy birthday Tania! I feel blessed to have made so many beautiful friends via blogging, I love our little group of Snail Mailer's... I really do hope we have the opportunity to meet one day... here's to us & our friendships.. it's true what you say D. that something just clicked & well here we are & I'm beyond happy that it did :)

have a beautiful day :)

t. xxxx

Kellan said...

You all are great friends - I have been able to tell through the comments your leave for each other. I'll go over and wish her a Happy Birthday - thanks for letting me know.

Take care, Dani - see you - Kellan

clinka said...

Dani, What a beautiful birthday blog for Tania!


E and T said...

Hi dear Dani

What a beautfiul post for a beautiful lady.

How blessed we all are to have met through Sheye's blog. The super princess brought us together and for that I am so very grateful.

I hope Tania's enjoyed every second of her birthday and I bet she just loved this post of yours. It would have made her day.

Lots of love and big hugs

Cristin said...

What a sweet post...(I love that you've all become friends through blogging...all from different places...) Delightful!

dani said...

thank you ALL for your warm birthday wishes for tania!!!
much love,