Sunday, October 5, 2008

maggiepie and the rest of the story...

(maggie, 2 1/2 years later)
ok, well, after typing my post yesterday, my darling john returned from the hardware store and stated that the next time i needed to call the plumber as he marched off to katherine's loo...
from katherine's bathroom, i heard sounds of him working fervently to repair the damage.
such sounds as cursing, water spraying all over the place (BUT, no longer dripping;), doors slamming, and tools being dropped (and thrown) were streaming through the house.
i totally dig saturdays:b
finally, john came back into our room (where i was hiding) with a phone book in hand and requested that i call a plumber. being that it was saturday, i got mostly answering machines. i left messages of despair along with our telephone number.
no response.
a bit later, john returned (sweat dripping from his brow and nose). "did you get me a plumber???" he asked.
"not yet, dear (you gotta love the term of endearment i added;)," i continued. "i left messages; but, it IS saturday, and most places are closed."
"well, call another one," he quipped (angry at himself... not at me).
"all the other ones are septic people," i explained while looking again through the names in the directory. "there is ace plumbing; but don't you think that's just the hardware store???"
"call 'em, and see if they know of someone who can come fix this damn thing," my dear stomped out of the room.
so, i called. they actually had a plumber on call (YESSSSSSSSSS!!!). the operator linked my call to "bruce". bruce told me that he and his buddy were finishing up a job about an hour away and that he'd be on his was over after that.
"oh, thank you, bruce!!!" i could have hugged the stranger's neck.
that was at 1:30 pm.
at 5:30 we still had not heard from bruce; so, i called the dispatcher back to make sure bruce had our telephone number. the nice lady said that he did and should be calling soon.
at 7:30, my cell phone rang. "miss berrong, this is bruce. listen, i JUST checked with my supervisor, and i am not licensed to plumb in the state of kentucky. i sure hope you can find somebody to fix your problem today..."
what else could i say but, "ok, thank you"???
i knew john was going to love this. i quickly told him, he got totally pissed off, i left the room quickly, and he returned to his plumbing job.
i did get on the internet to see if i could help him. i was online less than a minute, when i figured out the problem.
"when you went to the hardware store this morning, did you buy a valve seat???" i asked.
"YES!!!" he answered.
"well, where is the original one??? it says that you should only replace it as a last resort because many of the new ones on the market don't fit..." i was such a font of knowledge.
"well, i dropped the bastard, but this new one should work," he showed me the new one.
not only did he drop the b&^$#%^d, he dropped it down between katherine's wall and the bathroom wall!!!
much longer story (it's still broken)... shorter,
i asked john to turn on the water main to the house.
we took showers, flushed potties, and went to bed...
while in katherine's bathroom...
there was still a "drip". ..

(the "DRIP")

(i had to capture this quickly and quietly...)

love and blessings,
dani xx


Ginny said...

I can hear him now! Is all the Makers gone??

dani said...

ha!!! he only drinks when we go out, which isn't often!!! he says it doesn't taste the same at home:b
oh, he was mad, tee-hee...

Jan said...

No way. That is horrible. I hope it all goes away. I am glad you got a shower, but to still have the drip. No. Things like this are so frustrating. And costly.

dani said...

i actually think i'm glad bruce didn't show, jan, for the costly kind of reasons!!! once john got "over it", i think he realized we could cope until monday:)

SuzanSayz said...

I don't know how, but we have, for the most part, escaped home repair hell. Don is pretty handy with most things but plumbing problems are one of those repairs that are best left to a professional.
You have my complete and utter sympathy Dani. Do you want me to pray for your bathtub?

Little Sweethearts said...

Oh dear, that doesn't look like a 'drip' at all! I hope you get a professional to fix it soon (sorry John, everybody has talents, but I'm not sure plumbing is one of yours - but don't beat yourself up about it - plumbing is just plain hard!).

Maggie still looks adorable Dani.


Bren's Life said...

Oh my... At least you have water
& can hopefully get a plumber Mon.

Tabitha said...

Oh my dear Dani ~ I am laughing again ~ not at you ~ but with you!!
The drip video just cracked me up!!
Get that passport quick ~ we may have awful rain and a storm over here ~ but the waterworks are fully functioning and there are no drips!!!
Hope you get it all sorted soon ~ bless your sweet John ~ at least he had a go!!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Oh that is just a bummer--at least you got a shower!
I hope it ends up being a cheap and easy fix :)

Hannah said...

...all I have to say is, it's a WONDERFUL thing that he's what he is (Katherine and I couldn't quite figure out what he does :P), and NOT a "repairman"!!!
He's reminding me of Cliff Huckstable...poor Dadday :/


juz said...

ohhnoo! Im sorry Dani but I have been laughing and laughing at your plumbing stories!!

Oh gosh I hope that you find one soon! But if you had no luck on a Saturday you have bucklies on a Sunday, dont you.....



Jan said...

I am a dork Dani. Sorry. But you have probably realized that over and over again.

Christy said...

Oh my god! Water is pouring out of your faucet! That is it - no more home improvement projects for John.

Tanya said...

Oh Dani!! poor John! I hope everything is fixed now! you would think that there would be a plumber somewhere on a Saturday! we have ones that are on call 24 hours a day! I hope John has gone back to his clam & gentle ways LOL!

t. xxxxx