Friday, October 17, 2008

you've gotta love this boy...

i've become an avid facebooker...
(shhhhhhhh!!! john doesn't need to know
about my latest laptop addiction, though;)

anyway, a couple of days ago, i received a friend request on fb from chico (you know, katherine's sweet boyfriend).
so, of course, i added him to my friend list.
after we became "friends" via facebook, i went over to check out his fb profile and found this:

(chico at wyldlife)

i laughed until tears came to my eyes!!!
the photo didn't even look real to me...
like maybe taken from a staged production
or even from a 50's movie:D

but, it is real!!!
it is a picture of our dear chico,
who was a wyldlife counsellor last summer,
riding a bicycle toting another kid...

did it just tickle my funny bone;
or do you find the image freakin' hilarious, too???

have a fabulous friday!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx


Tabitha said...

Oh Dani ~ I had to laugh ~ before I read the post and realised that Chico was on a bike ~ I thought that he was being strangled by a giant in the photo!!!! It sure made me laugh ~ then I read the post and that explained it!!
Hope you are well on this wonderful friday (every friday is wonderful in my house ha ha !!)
love and big hugs XXXXX

Tabitha said...

PS ~ I am definitly getting a facebook account (again) ~ we should all get them ~ then we can all add that to our computer addictions (tee hee) ~ along with blogging!!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I just cannot do Facebook; I'd never sleep!

SuzanSayz said...

You are right about that picture Dani. It looks like he snuck into a wax museum and someone took a picture of him using their props.

Bren's Life said...

They've been dating awhile now haven't they?
Too cute!

dani said...

good on the facebook, tabitha:) tanya has one, too!!! that photo is priceless; i don't know who is funnier... chico or the guy on the back of his bike???

dani said...

lisa, when you have facebook and blogger friends all over the world... there are times you just have to fit in time for sleep, lol!!!

dani said...

exactly, suz!!! the background totally looks fake, too:) it's an awesome photo, though:D

dani said...

they have been dating for a few months, bren, and are sooooooooo funny, the two of them are:b

Tanya said...

Too funny!! you're right it does look fake... funny how some photos do look like that!! he is such a sweet boy!
Yay for Facebook :)

have a great weekend,

t. xxxx

E and T said...

Oh Dani, the fun and laughs that happen in your house. That photo is hilarious. I thought it was staged, but alas I was wrong! Chico seems like he is always ready for a laugh, just the type of person you'd always want to be around.

Katherine's teeth are stunning - what a smile. With, or without braces, Katherine has such a joyous, infectious smile.

Maggie is a star. How funny to see her stopping to smell the flowers. She is so adorable and I can see why you love this gorgeous pooch so much.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend.

Lots of love and hugs

Amanda said...

As i have said before, what a boy!!!!!!!!
I have never tried Facebook ~ although i have a BEBO page which i never use!

dani said...

hey, t;) yep, facebook is literally like having all your friends in your computer!!!
i hope you enjoyed your chinese and "a glass of wine or two":b

dani said...
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dani said...

hey, elise:)
chico is a lot of fun; he and katherine have a great time. he called me from school yesterday to see if i would make him spaghetti for supper last night... he's part of the family, for sure.
i thought katherine's teeth turned out great. the photo i put up was using my cell phone... they look better in person (would you like to come visit and see???;)
and, maggie is indeed a star... attitude and all, ha!!!
you have a great weekend, too:D

dani said...

hi, amanda, chico's a funny one; no??? i've never had a bebo account. kat used to... fb is really interactive in that it's more of a live feed... you should try it:D