Friday, August 8, 2008

first date...

well, katherine went on her "first date" tonight...

"be home by 11 o'clock," i said. "that doesn't mean 11:05," i continued. "furthermore (i love that word;), that doesn't mean that you wait until the last minute and have to speed home. give yourselves enough time to get home safely."

"i'll be careful with her, dani b.," alfonso assured me.

"you better be," i got in the last word;)

at 8:25, i got out of the shower and put on my pajamas. i headed toward the den where john was watching the opening ceremonies of the olympics
when i heard someone talking???
about that time katherine and alfonso
rounded the corner from the kitchen.

"what are you doing???" i asked, "have you already been to the movie???"

"yep, we went to see the mummy movie," katherine replied.

"i took her to buy her book first," in chimed alfonso...
"by the way, dani b.,
are my shorts too tight in the butt???"

wth??? i thought to myself!!!

"huh???" i said.

"these guys in barnes and noble kept staring at my butt,"
he continued,
"are my shorts too tight???"

katherine was laughing hysterically!!!

in an attempt to change the subject,
i asked what they were doing home so early.
"did you miss me???" i also asked.

"no," katherine responded. "we are just hungry..."

wth??? i thought to myself, again.

i told katherine to go make frozen pizza and chocolate chip cookies.

alfonso replied, "but she's not very domestic..."



(i told you all alfonso has eyes.)

kat did manage to bake a frozen pizza. however, while i was taking some snapshots of the two, my darling maggie stole the last piece out of alfonso's plate!!!

alfonso was bummed until i reminded him that there were chocolate chip cookies yet to be baked. then he was all smiles. as i left the room katherine was putting the cookie dough onto a cookie sheet to be baked.

15 minutes later i smelled the cookies...
yep, she burned them, HA!!!

(burnt chocolate chip cookies;)

alfonso's learning quickly about my not-so-domestic-diva!!!


we (john and i) have katherine's "first date" behind us,

and all is well on the lane:)

love and blessings,
dani xx


Kellan said...

I'm so glad it went so well and this was such a cute post about this memorable occasion! You are such a good mom and I'll bet it's fun being around your house!

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Tabitha said...

That is very sweet ~ glad that the date went well!!
I couldn't stop laughing at the bit about Chicos shorts ~
Kat is in good company with me ~ as I am a pretty good cookie burner too ha ha !!
Glad all is well with you
love and hugs XXXXXXXXX

linda said...

Aaaawwww what a cute first date!
She probably did come home early because she missed her mama!

Another milestones come and gone...and it turned out beautifully.

Jan said...

He actually sounds like a really fun first date. Not to troublesome at all. What a crack up. That question about his shorts. Hilarious.

Well, at least they wanted to come home and be with you and eat. That is a very good sign. It was funny how well he knew your daughter and her domestic ways.

Weren't the Olympic's opening amazing. I was like my jaw was dropped a couple of times. It was awesome.

Have a good weekend.

Christy said...

I think it is neat that they love spending time together at your house. I always tried to get as far from home as possible on my dates!

Anonymous said...

Whew! 1 down, 1500 to go.
What a nice tribute to you and John that they'd don't mind spending some date time with you guys. Lovely

Little Sweethearts said...

Of course Kat and Chico had to behave: the whole world was "watching" ;)

I noticed that "domesticating Katherine" is probably going to be a book with many, many chapters!


dani said...

me, too, kellan; and, thank you:D i do try to be a good mom; though i must admit, i'm no super mom like you!!!
and, yes, it is usually pretty fun on the lane. i hope everyone has as much fun here as i do. i love my home:_
you have a good weekend, as well!!

dani said...

yes, tabitha, chico and his shorts debacle was pretty humorous. then again, chico is pretty humorous regardless:b
katherine assures me she's getting better at these things; but, so far, i'm not sure... tee-hee:D

dani said...

i think it turned out pretty well, too, linda:) whewee!!! i'm glad this first one is behind us...
have fun camping!!!

dani said...

the olympic opening was truly amazing, jan!!! i always love watching it. i actually like watching all of it:D
as far as chico's shorts... when he asked if they were too small, he had his hands in his front pockets and pulled them tightly when he turned around to get my opinion. HE IS A PIECE OF WORK!!!

dani said...

christy, i have always tried to make "home" a fun place to be for that very reason. i hope they will always rather be here. it saves a lot of worry and heartache in my opinion:)
have a great saturday:)

dani said...

jenn, as i just commented back to christy above, i love that they like to be here. i have alway tried to keep our home loving, warm, inviting, and fun... (for very selfish reasons;)!!!
i was quite surprised that they were home 21/2 hours early, though!!!

Amanda said...

I'm glad the date went well Dani!
Did Maggie steal the pizza of Chico's plate on purpose?? haha! I'm sure that Kat is not that bad a cook, the cookies don't look too burnt!( i'm sure i would eat them ) Did Maggie have a cookie for her dessert too?!
Love Amanda xx

dani said...

you are probably right, tania... about the book:b lol, however, we can't seem to get past chapter I with my girl!!! she says she's trying, though???
talking about the whole world watching... chico wanted to know if i was going to blog about them just as soon as they walked in the door from their date. i think he thinks it's pretty funny when he gets to be the subject of my writing:D

dani said...

ha!!! amanda:D maggie definitely stole chico's pizza on purpose!!! that was the first time in 3 years she has ever had "table food"!!! my little, floppy puppy-dogger was licking her lips:b
no, she didn't get a chocolate chip cookie... though, she would have totally loved to have had one (burnt and all):) they were pretty black on the bottoms, tee-hee...
i'm glad their date went well, too!!! they are a pretty cute little couple:)

SuzanSayz said...

How wonderful that Katherine has chosen such a nice young man to do the first date thing with. I have to laugh about the "no eyes" thing. My youngest son Shawn is just that kind of smiler. When he smiles it uses up his whole face. Thats a good way to measure his happiness level, if you can't see his eyes then you know that he is one happy guy.

MoziEsmé said...

Sounds like a unique first date! Kind of stuff memories are made of . . .

dani said...

that's funny, suz, on shawn's happiness measure:) he seems to be a very nice guy... i'm just glad they had a good time and returned safely!!!

dani said...

yes, esme's mum, it is the kind of stuff from which memories are made:D i think of all the memories you are making for little esme in mozambique... now, THOSE, are interesting memories:)

Tanya said...

I'm so glad Katherine's first date went so well!!! D. you are right Chico does have eyes!! he sounds like a sweet guy!!

Glad all is well on the lane :)

Tanya xxx

Bren's Life said...

Too funny! I love your side bar comments... You are just too funny & you crack me up.
That was so funny about his shorts. I bet they had as much fun out on their date as they did being home with you. That's what it's all about.
How old is kat again? She looks so mature.

dani said...

hey, tanya:) he is a pretty sweet guy and pretty funny, too!!! he was totally, deliberately wide-eyed in those pictures, HA!!! the first four or five i snapped they were closed;)
i hope all is well, as well, on the gold coast!!!

dani said...

hi, bren:) i hope they have fun here because i really enjoy them being here!!! katherine will be 16 in december. we had always told her that she had to wait to date "date" until she turned 16, but john jumped the gun and let her go a little early.
she's always been very trustworthy (honor student, class president, etc...); as long as she remains
so, we will allow her to go and do:)
have a beautiful sunday!!!

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

What a good girl she is, I hope my Kitty grows up like her!


dani said...

i know she's mine, em, and i am biased!!! but she truly is a good girl, and i love her to bits!!! thank you so much for the compliment:)
your cooper and kitty will grow up to both be wonderful people as well, for they have wonderful, loving parents!!!

Robin said...

whew! Glad the date went well. He seems like a sweet kid :-) Did John have a shotgun and a shovel ready to go though just in case?! hahahahaha! :-)

dani said...

ha!!! robin!!! no...
as a matter of fact, john was the one who told her she could start dating??? she will be able to go out one night a week until 11... so long as she keeps up her grades and follows the rules:)

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

How fun! She's such a good kid! I remember how crazy my mom was about her when she was little! We went to Planter's to see you guys when K was playing the piano there. She's a true young LADY! Keep up the great work!

dani said...

thank you, christina:) she is a sweetheart, and we are very proud of her!!!

Purple Teacup said...

LOL you are such a cool mom

The Broken Man said...

Glad it went well! Lucky you on not having a "come home late-r"!

The Broken man

dani said...

shannon, i love that katherine makes it easy to be:) she's a pretty cool daughter!!!

dani said...

hi, broken man:) good for her, i didn't have a come home late-r!!! hahahaha!!!
i'm so glad you stopped by and commented. feel free to come back anytime!!!