Sunday, August 24, 2008

well, hey!!!

(just me checking in for my diet report;)

if it is true that "you are what you eat",
then that would definitely make me
a granny smith with tail feathers!!!


after dieting just a little over two weeks,
i have dropped 10 lbs:D

thirty more pounds to go in 39+ days!!!
i can honestly say that i am getting
a little tired of chicken and apples.
but, that is good because i am eating
less of each now than when i began.

i cannot tell a lie, though...

i have cheated a little here and there:S
i have eaten bread occasionally...
and i have eaten melons and grapes
instead of apples several times...

not TOO bad of a cheat; do you think???

i hope all you other dieters out there
are having luck as well!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx


Amanda said...

Way to go Dani!!
Hi 5!!
I wish you luck with the next 39 days ~ you can do it :)
You are looking just great in the picture:)
I have just left comments on your previous posts ~ i have been so busy and have fallen behind.
Amanda x

Tabitha said...

That is just brilliant Dani ~ 10lbs off is just fantastic ~ I am so pleased for you. I must say ~ from the photo I cannot see where the other 30lbs is going to go from ~ you look great!!!!!
I was trying to work out what 30lbs was in stones (as that is how my head works!!) ~ and it is 2 stone and 2 pounds ~ and would you believe that I need (want!!) to lose another 2 stone and 11 lbs!! So we have the same left to lose! I have given myself to Christmas ~ as it seems to be slowing to about 1 ~ 2 lbs a week now!!
Keep going ~ you are doing just great ~ and grapes and melon are hardly cheating ha ha !! I haven't touched any carbs at all (bread pasta etc) for the whole 14 weeks ~ if I had a bite of bread I would eat the whole loaf ~ buttered ha ha !!
You are just wonderful my friend

Ginny said...

You go, girl!!! I went to the Y 5 times in 7 days last week! (yes I actually exercised-I didn't just people watch! hee hee) Just got to cut the Starbucks out. They appear to offset each other! You have more willpower than I do! heart, gin

Jan said...

wow. That is an impressive number for 2 weeks. Way to go Granny Dani. That rhymes. How fun.

Hang in there for the duration. You can do it and will. Happy dropping. You are beautiful by the way.

Have a great day and thanks for the diet inspiration. I am still a zuchinni.

dani said...

thanks, amanda:) i don't know about 30 lbs in 39 days though??? i was really hoping to lose more than 4 the first week...
don't be too busy to take the time to smell the roses, my dear friend!!!

dani said...

thank you:) i am very pear shaped. believe me i have 30 more to lose (i'm just sitting on part of it;)!!!
it will be awesome to lose these pounds/stones together:D

dani said...

hey, gin:)
exercise??? what's that??? really, that is awesome!!!
i know, i have to incorporate that at some point; but that requires the energy to do so... what are you doing at the y (since you are not just watching, HA!!!)??? and do they make a skinny (skim) version of what you like at starbucks???

dani said...

hi, jan:)
fanny dani rhymes as well, lol!!! i just hope it doesn't stick:S
thanks, zuchinni:b

linda said...

Congratulations on losing your 10 pounds...way to go girl!!

I need to take some inspiration from you and get going on a little diet myself. I'd be a happy camper if I lost 10 pounds.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

You could also be a chicken with an adam's apple! LOL.

Congrats. Looks cheating hasn't hurt you at all!

SuzanSayz said...

Dani, 10 lbs in two weeks??? That is incredible! If it starts to feel too restrictive I think you should go ahead and eat all different kinds of fruit. Nobody ever gained weight from eating peaches, nectarines, grapes, oranges (which btw are in the grocery stores right now curtesy of Austrailia and they are GOOD!!!!)as well as apples. You are doing great in my book. Promise to put up a picture of a full body shot when you are done, because I can't imagine you looking better than you already do.
Good thoughts to you, Sista.

dani said...

thanks, linda:)
good luck if you decide to give it a go!!!

dani said...

hmmm, adam's apple sounds a little roostery to me, HA!!! you are so funny, jenn:D

dani said...

as i told tabitha, i'm carrying at least 20 of the pounds i need to lose below the waist!!! i've got booty and legs, unfortunately...
thank you, suz:)

Christy said...

I am trying to lose weight too, but I am not on any special diet. I am just trying to snack less often.

Congrats on the losing the first 10 pounds!

rhonda said...

30 lbs in 39 days?? is that healthy dan?
anywho - i didn't know you were doin' the apple chicken diet!! never heard of it....although i did see some apple chicken baby food at walmart this week!!! hahah!

dani said...

thanks, christy!!! and, good luck:)

dani said...

r, there is probably no way i can lose all 30 lbs in 39 days. but, that was the time-table i made for myself when i needed to lose 40 lbs in 56 days. HA! my days have caught up with me;)
ps the apple and chicken diet is basically the old "diet center" diet.

Tanya said...

WooHoo Dani that's fantastic!!! i don't think you've really cheated though, it's not like you had chocolate or anything!!! I must say i've had to tighten my belt being unwell certainly has kick started my weight loss!!! & seeing as next year is a big one in so many ways it's a good thing!! Are you sure you need to lose another 30lbs (what's that in kilos?) you do look sensational! I've always thought that!!! I've been a very slack blogger too many things going on!! Anyway you look fabulous Miss D!!! love that you're my friend.. i now you will succeed!!

lots of love,
tanya xoxox

Little Sweethearts said...

I think the apples would be coming out of my ears by now! You're doing really well and melon and grapes are a healthy welcome addition to your diet.


Shannon said...

Keep it up!!!!!!!

Sending you willpower as soon as I find it!!!!

dani said...

thanks, t:)
no, no chocolate!!!
i really hope you are feeling better and SOON... that is not how you want to lose weight. i don't think i will be able to reach my goal in the days alloted, but whatever i'm able to lose is a good thing:D
take care!!!

dani said...

hi, tania:)
the variety was definitely a welcome addition. i was getting quite tired of apples:S

dani said...

shannon, who needs will power when you exercise as much as you do!!! plus, you are tiny:)

Weith Kick said...

Good luck Dani. Sounds like you're doing well. I could stand to lose a few pounds myself. Soon I will start a new exercise and diet regimen. Soon, but how soon? I don't know.

MoziEsmé said...

Congrats - you are doing great!

dani said...

thanks, wk:)
low fat, high protein, and roughage seems to be working pretty well... so far!!!

dani said...

thanks, j:)

Purple Teacup said...

Yea! You are doing great! I love Granny Smith apples, but in moderation....=) cute pic.

Michelle A. said...

I am so happy form you Dani! It must be exciting loosing that much weight - is it only apples and chicken you are eating? You are amazing if that's all your eating! PS, cheating is the best part of dieting!

dani said...

hey, shannon;)
thanks!!! you are right about moderation... that's why i've been eating melon and grapes, too!!!

dani said...

thank you, michelle:)
for the very most part... yes, chicken and apples (as well as green veggies). it hasn't been soooooooo bad; thus, i haven't cheated but a couple of times. further, those cheats were only bread for a chicken sandwich and other fresh fruits (besides apples;).