Thursday, August 7, 2008

thirteen things thursday...

lol, i titled this before i even counted to see if i have 13 things to tell you... at least i'm not going to bore you with thirty (i'm all about alliteration;)!!!

1. the only things i have left to do in "kat's quarters" are put up the new blinds in her room and den and hook up cable tv in her den:)
2. i am cleaning out all the kitchen cabinets tomorrow. (salvation army and dump, here john comes again!!!)
3. katherine is going on her first ever "real date" tomorrow night:S
yep, you guessed it...
with "no eyes" (aka chico)!!!
just kidding, but he's yet to open them (his eyes) for a picture;b
4. elizabeth katherine's school got their air conditioning fixed for 2 hours; it is broken again. (at least there has been no heat advisories nor ozone alerts
but it still needs to be repaired, PRONTO!!!)
5. there is still nothing under my bed:D
6. i am starting an 8 week diet tomorrow (only apples, chicken, and green beans).
7. i would love, love, love to lose 30 lbs;
hopefully, i will!!!
8. i found some awesome, all-natural breath treats for maggie; they are made with mint, rosemary, and parsley.
9. maggie's breath smells MUCH better:D
10. i have finally gotten all of katherine's school paperwork filled out and completed.
11. all of her school clothes have arrived with the exception of a box from hollister.
12. our 5 year-old cherry tree has cherries on it for the first time, but it is NOT a good thing as a cardinal who likes to look at himself in my side, rear-view mirror on the jeep has been eating them!!! UGH!!! you have got to love bird shit with pits:[
(my neighbor thinks the bird just might be her husband
(who was my dearest friend growing up);
thus, i cannot "get rid" of the bird:S)
13. i saved the best for last...

love and God's blessings,
dani xx


Anastácio Soberbo said...

I love the blog, excuse not write better. A hug from Portugal

dani said...

thank you, anastacio:) and thank you for stopping. feel free to stop back by anytime!!!

Weith Kick said...

Dani...Number 12 is the one that caught my attention. I had to read it twice to make sure I was reading it right, "my neighbor thinks the bird is her husband..."
What is this about?

dani said...

you read it right, wk!!! i'm not sure that she REALLY thinks that; but she did make the comment, LMAO!!!
right after her husband (one of my bestest friends ever) died, this cardinal showed up over at her house and started looking at himself in HER rear mirror and pecking at it... anyway, she said she thought it was her husband!!!
as soon as she got rid of her car (she can no longer see well enough to drive), the cardinal made his way over here. he's been looking at himself in my mirror everyday now for three years:?
until the tree bore fruit, there was no mess just a scratched mirror. now, i have both:S

Jan said...

I would say that is a pretty lucky 13 list. Love that your bedroom is still clean under there. Yeah for you on still cleaning out.

Let us know about the diet. That is a very curious one indeed. Never heard of such a combo.

Good luck with all you are doing ;)

Weird birds you have hanging around too. Funny

Tabitha said...

Hi Dani ~ I am very proud of you for still having nothing under your bed ~ I would have spoilt that one by now ha ha !!! I am glad that you will be a diet buddy for me ~ although I know diets are not much fun (believe me ....I KNOW!!!) ~ it feels nice to know that someone else will be there ~ starving along side me tee hee!!!
YAY for maggies fresh breath treats ~ now she will be a minty fresh poochie!!
Will make sure that I check in while I am away on holiday ~ take care ~ sending love and hugs your way ~ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Kat said...

Chico does have eyes, Mom!!!

E and T said...

Hi Dani

For the first time, my two cherubs are sleeping at the same time, so I have hit the washing machine and now it's blog time - yahooo!! I can't complain as Blake spends so much of his time sleeping, I love when he is awake as I get to talk to him and sing songs with him. He just gazes back with his big blue eyes - he melts my heart as does my Savaroo.

Alliteration is always a good stimulus for a blog post. You are the de-cluttering queen, first under your bed and now the kitchen. How on earth did you come across a this diet? This is one diet I have never heard of.

I am so happy to hear that the notorious D has received some good news relating to her health. That is wonderful.

Thank you for the update on Nick. What a wonderful, kind and empathetic man he is. I will continue to pray for this special man.

Lots of love and hugs

dani said...

hi, elise:) gosh, i bet it's really quiet at the e's... i really didn't "come across" this diet. my mom used to go to the "diet center". she could always lose quite a bit of weight there quickly. the "diet center" doesn't exist anymore; but basically she ate apples, chicken, and vegetables. for some reason, when i diet... if i eat the same thing every day i can stick to it and lose...
i have added weight i didn't need to add this summer as i had to eat to keep the iron from hurting my stomach after i became anemic.
now, i am well:) and i desparately want to lose about 30lbs. before we go to the beach for fall break... so, i am planning on trying and sticking to this.
we shall see how it works; oh, how i hope it works!!!

dani said...

hey, jan:) everything is a little weird here on the lane... HA!!! the bird is getting on my last nerve though:S
as i commented to elise above... the diet is a moderation of one the diet center used to have... i'm really hoping it works. with the weight i have put on from CHristmas until now, i just feel a little more lethargic than usual:b
i will let you all know:D

dani said...

yep, tabitha, so far so good on not recluttering:) we will be diet buddies; i have got to do SOMETHING!!! i am miserable, and nothing but my sweats and my pj's fit (now, that is not THAT much of a problem; is it;b)
have fun; i cannot wait to hear about the goings-on at your mums:D
love, hugs, and safe wishes...
dani xxx

dani said...

i know he does, katherine... but nobody on here has ever seen them.

Kellan said...

I love the one about the bird. Hope the date goes well for Katherine - WOO HOO!

Have a good Friday, Dani - see you soon - Kellan

dani said...

the bird and katherine dating are getting the best of me this week, kellan:) she's "woo-hooing", too:S

Bren's Life said...

I liked the book a lot. Man do you live in the country or something?? You can't get the book?
I can't wait to hear how the date goes & if the eyes & ears stay at home..
Good luck on the diet. Ugh - I hate diets. I even say the word & my body wants chocolate..

dani said...

ha, bren!!! no, we don't live in the country:b it is just sold out at our local barnes and noble and at books-a-million??? i don't know what the deal is...
i am going to order it online if they still don't have it tomorrow.
alfonso is taking katherine to barnes and noble before going to see a movie...
when i sat my mind on doing THIS diet, i had a chocolate craving like nobody's business. so, i ate some.
now, i'm officially an hour and 5 minutes into this diet that is going to continue for the next 56+ days... i can do it... i can do it... etc...

Amanda said...

Good luck with the diet Dani. Maybe i should try doing the same eating plan with you!
Wow, Kat has a date with Chico?!
Were are they going?
Can i have some of those fresh breath treats for my Mum's dog when he comes over to visit?!!! His breath is honking! haha!
Love, Amanda xx

Amanda said...

Oh, Dani, thats great news about Dana!

Tanya said...

Hi there my best friend in the States :) #12 is too funny! how strange is that cardinal!! & now you have mess too! Great news about Dana, yay!!! I hope Katherine's date goes well :) good luck with the diet, I'm sure you will succeed, I really must do something about my weight, spring is just over 3 weeks away, so as I say goodbye to winter i'd like to say the same to the extra weight!!! have a wonderful Friday :)

Tanya xxx

did you change your blog again?

dani said...

hey, amanda, katherine and chico are going to see the new mummy movie... and they are going to see if "breaking dawn" is in yet. it has been sold out locally.
i thought it was great that dana got good news as well:D she and curt flew from florida up to johns hopkins in baltimore to see one of the best rheumatologists in the nation. so, the news comes from high-authority:)
have a nice afternoon, and give andrew a big hug for me!!!
dani xxxxxx

dani said...

hey, tanya:) my background is different again... i was afraid with the flowered wallpaper that it was hard to read??? i tried several other layouts but couldn't settle on one i liked... so i went back to a plain one.
i think the bird and i are going to fight if he doesn't take a flight, ha!!! however, after 3 years, i don't think he's going ANYWHERE!!!
the diet is going so-well-so-far, tee-hee. but, then again, i'm only 7 hours and 20 minutes into it (and i never eat breakfast:/). i'll definitely let you know if it works.
i loved that d got good news. she sounded really good on the phone yesterday (she called when she got out of the dr.'s office;), yea!!!
sleep tight and sweet dreams:D

Anonymous said...

She thinks it's her husband? Tell her to clean up after him!! ha.

Love your 13 list.

I love a 1st date. At least they're already friends

Cheri and Jesse said...

You will have to keep us all posted about this diet. Can you give us an idea of your typical menu for the day? I'm still not quite sure what you will be doing. I wish you the very best of luck. Lord knows that I have to do something myself.

dani said...

ha, jennifer!!! she cleaned up after him for nearly 60 years... i wouldn't do that to her.
yeah, i'm happy to already know her first date as well... i hope they have a great time:D
have a lovely evening!!!

dani said...

there will probably not be much of a menu... i am just going to keep granny smith apples around for snacking. i am going to bake boneless, skinless chicken breasts and then have cans of green vegetables (green beans, asparagus, spinach, etc...)
it won't be pretty, but if it works, at this point, i don't care!!!

juz said...

I love your title! lol! I think Im going to have to steal that for next Thursday!!

Im love alliteration too!

Goodluck with the weightloss. Tabitha seems to have spurred us all on! lol! I am starting a diet next Monday, joining a weight-loss group at the local YWCA. I dont care what I lose as long as it's something. Anythings gotta feel better than this~!

Have a great weekend
PS - just read your comments -wow about the cardinal!

SuzanSayz said...

Dani, what a cute post! Hmmm, apples, chicken and green beans?!? Interesting. Keep us posted. Also big congrats on the continued cleanliness of your room. Does Katherine going on her first date make you a little sad, seeing her so grown up so fast?? I'm also so happy to hear that little Elizabeth Katherine's school is working hard on that darned AC. I have actually been thinking of her.Oh and last but not least, good for you to not bring any harm to your neighbor's husband in his new form:D

dani said...

hey, suz:)
those two weren't gone long enough to make me sad, lol!!! (see my most recent post;)
and how about that blasted cardinal??? crazy bird. i took the jeep and washed it (intending to come home and cover up the mirror). darn it, i forgot to cover the mirror, so the jeep already needs to be washed AGAIN!!!
have a great night:D

dani said...

hi, juz:) you are more than welcome to use my (alliteration) for your blog title!!! tabitha has been very inspirational in her weight-loss efforts. good luck with yours too. i have a whole day and a half in, and (so far) it hasn't been awful. i eat a lot of chicken anyway, it's just that i really feel the need to cut out the junk!!!
ps yes, my cardinal is a real character, LOL!!!

MoziEsmé said...

Are you serious about that diet?! Best wishes if you are!

dani said...

i'm serious about the diet!!! 2 days down 54 more to go:)
i think i can do it. i am not limiting my vegetables to green beans, but i will try to stick to green vegetables.
i really hope i can do it. i know that it will be much healthier than what i've been eating. i already am starting to feel like i have more energy. so, we'll see:D

Purple Teacup said...

Can't wait to read about the date.

dani said...

shannon, don't you just love instant gratification, HA!!!